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What is a Title Card? How to Make a Video Title Card for YouTube

Last Updated: Jun. 21, 2021
What is a title card in a video? How to make a YouYube title card or add one for your music video? Find your answers here.

Title cards are essential to establish what viewers are watching, whether it’s the topic of the video, the name of the movie, or even the dialogue between the characters. Besides, you can also use a title card to start or end your video project, whether it's a YouTube video or short movie.

The title card plays an essential part in reaching the viewers in video production. FlexClip Video Editor makes it pretty easy to make the title cards for YouTube, music videos, or short movie, and more.


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Part 1 What is a Title Card

The term title card (also known as intertitle) comes from the old days when people would place a literal card in front of a camera and start filming. In the silent film era, title cards were the primary means of conveying dialogue between the characters and making sense of every scene. So the title card is a mainstay of silent films, especially when the movie comes with sufficient length and detail.

As time goes by, that practice is no longer the method used, but title cards themselves are still very much used for artistic effect. Now you can use the title card as an introductory scene that is superimposed over the clip, and it will appear before the video to tell the viewers what the topic or title is.

Broadly speaking, title cards are what they sound like - they are clips of stylized text that you can add to the beginning or end of your project or between the clips within the project.

Part 2 How to Make Video Title Cards Online Free

Is there a quick way to make video title cards?

Just turn to FlexClip right now! Unlike Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Adobe, which may take hours and have a steep learning curve to add a title card to your video, FlexClip allows you to add title cards to a video in minutes with great ease.

FlexClip provides your with diverse text effects, various fonts, and stunning text animations to help you make the professional Title Cards for YouTube, music videos, or short movie.

Besides, FlexClip is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editor with a variety of tools to level up your videos. You can add transitions, emojis, filters, voice-over, music, overlays, and other effects. What's more, it comes with ready-made templates with title cards that you can customize freely to make your own YouTube title cards.

Free Video Templates with Title Cards

Proposal Preparation
Proposal Preparation
Use This Template
Youtube Intro Sale
Youtube Intro Sale
Use This Template

Inspired to make your own YouTube title cards? Just click the Get Started Now button below and follow the simple steps to start making a video title card for your YouTube or music videos right now.

Step 1
Upload Your Video to FlexClip

Begin with a template or go to the Media option to upload your video to FlexClip's video editor directly. You can also get some video clips from the extensive media library of FlexClip with Stock Media option.

Add Media

Add Media

Step 2
Add the Title Card

If you want your title card to stand separately from your video, add a background first. Go to the "+" icon to Add Background for your title card, and you can also change the default color black to another one you like, then go to the Text option to pick a text style you want, you can choose a basic one or dynamic one.

If you choose a basic text effect, you can get more options to customize the text with different motions to make the animated title cards as you wish. While a dynamic one itself comes with the animation effect.

Add Title Card

Add Title Card

Or you just need to put an intertitle on the clip directly, simply go to the Text option and pick the desired text style for your title card.

Step 3
Customize the Title Card

Once you picked the desired text style of your title card, you can double click the text box and type whatever text you want, then customize it on the font, position, size, and color. etc.

Customize the Title Card

Customize the Title Card

Also, remember to define how long you want your title card to last. This way, you need to check out the Adjust Time feature in the top right of the screen to time the title card to appear and disappear as the video plays.

Timing the Title Card

Timing the Title Card

Now, you've got the title card for your video, and you can preview the final result and save the video project with intertitle to your computer and share it with others.

Final Words

That's all for the title cards in video media. Hopefully, you have better understood the title card and mastered how to add intertitles to your video project using FlexClip video editor.

Turn to FlexClip right now and have fun making new title cards for your videos, films & YouTube!

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