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Troubleshoot Top 7 Mistakes & Errors That Beginner Video Creator Makes

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Foreword: Check top 7 mistakes and errors made by beginner video creators with us. Ensure you enjoy video creation without degrading your very first video with any of beginner mistakes.

Watching videos on YouTube and TV is entertaining. That makes many of us want to create a delightful video of our own. However, when getting started, we beginners seem to have problems in 3 phases:

In Phase 1 - We are surprised - it's NEVER easy to film a beautiful scene with a camera/smartphone.

In Phase 2 - With a lot of hard works, we get some not-so-bad shots. Unfortunately, those professional video editors let us down soon - We can barely use an editor to make a video production!

Tip: In this case, we suggest you an easy-to-navigate video editor online - to merge any clip for free and really fast!

FlexClip fast merges clips

Image board: FlexClip fast merges clips.

In Phase 3 - Finally, we've finished our video production. Somehow, something in our video doesn't feel right!

That's the very reason we compile the article of "Troubleshoot Top 7 Beginner Mistakes & Errors On Video Production". Hope it will help you walk through the toughest time and enjoy video creation.

In the article, we break down the top 7 beginner mistakes & errors in 2 parts:

  • Part One - 2 serious video mistakes that you should avoid.
  • Part Two - 5 video editing mistakes will level down the quality of your video.

Let's dive right in:

Part One - 2 Serious Video Mistakes That You Must Avoid.

NO.1 Serious Mistake - Video without A Topic

Nowadays, uncountable users are crazy about making a travel video out of journey shots, especially with picturesque locale shots and interesting place shots.

If you decide to make a scenery video without a topic (only because it's beautiful), then it can fail badly. Audiences will feel much confused - They can't figure out what your point is.

Study has shown that a video has 5 seconds to explain itself: If it fails to brief outlines in the first 5s, audience will turn impatient and jump out.

How to Resolve The Issue of Video without A Topic?

Figure out what you most want to share with your audiences, find a topic based on it, and set it as your video topic. Cut out the irrelevant clips, even if they are fantastic views.

For Instance:

If you want to share beautiful sceneries of a travel place, then you can make a review video for the place. Examine all of the clips and voiceovers: Are they reviewing the travel spot? Delete those clips and voiceovers with a "No" answer.

NO.2 Serious Mistake - Video Lags, Out-of-Sync Issues

Another severe mistake that we often see, is video lagging problem, which is also called out-of-sync error. It happens, when a creator uploads his video clips and sounds but forgets to place them at the correct time.

Remember those close-up films with opening mouth, but voices come after the mouth movement.

How to Troubleshoot Video Lagging Issue?

To fix the issue, you need to download the sounds and sound-free video separately, and re-assemble them at the right points on the timeline.

Firstly, download the sound from the video. Upload your video to YouTube, copy the URL and download mp3 from YouTube.

Second, mute the video. Go to free FlexClip in Google browser - Chrome, or Windows FlexClip. Upload video out-of-sync and mute the sound.

Third, correct the sounds in sound editors. Turn to FlexClip, upload right sound to the video and adjust it right.

Flexclip mutes incorrected sounds and adds correct sounds

Image board: Flexclip mutes incorrected sounds and adds correct sounds.

Part Two - 5 Video Editing Mistakes Level Down Video Quality.

Besides those 2 critical mistakes, we also find 5 video editing mistakes(No.3-No.7) that can make your video achieve less.

NO.3 Video Editing Mistake - Video without Sound

No matter what kind of video you are creating, without any sound, it will turn out to be a strange video. Subconsciously, people expect to hear some opinions when watching a video.

Fixing Video without Sound:

You can either record a voiceover to the video, or upload light music as background music. In FlexClip, it's only clicking away.

NO.4 Video Editing Mistake - Footages Don't Match Song Rhythm

In Vlog videos and travel videos, beginners make unsynchronized video - Slow music pairs with fast motion, which makes audiences dizzy and uneasy.

How to Correct Footages Mismatching Music Rhythm?

Edit shots and make them pace with the music: Slow down the speed of footage when music plays slow, and speed up the frame rate when music is fast.

NO.5 Video Editing Mistake - High Volume/Pitch Music in Transition

Another mistake that we often see in multiple YouTube videos, is using a high volume/pitch music in video transitions, while the main video content will be in a relatively low volume.

It's a bad user experience:

Audiences often turn volume down when playing the high pitch transition, and it will play the main video in relatively low volume. That way, audiences fail to receive sound information clearly, and what you are trying to explain in the main video won't be that important.

How to Solve High Pitch Music Transition Problem?

1)Upload your video to the free video editor -, and make transitions as separated storyboards.

2)Turn down the volume of transition storyboards. Go voice icon, move Volume slider to get a lower volume.

3)Preview and re-edit the volume, until it has the same volume with main video content.

Turn down transition volume

Image board: Turn down transition volume.

NO.6 Video Editing Mistake - Shaky Videography

There are many videos online with shaky frames. That always makes audiences feel dizzy and unwell.

How to Deal with Shaky Videography?

Grab a stabilizer, videography will appear a lot better. When you try to film something, find some static objects as your filming fixations.

NO.7 Transitions without Explanatory Words

Many a video creator loves to insert fancy transitions in their videos. But those transitions are merely special effects - It's more like video break and irrelevant to your video topic.

Solution: Add 1-2 Sentences to Introduce The Following Contents.

Have you ever thought of utilizing transitions to retain audiences? Yes, transitions can perform as a perfect media to arouse viewers' interests:

Think of some words that viewers would like to know and that can brief your next video content simultaneously. Add the words as video texts in the transition. Your transition will work for your topic.

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