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Ultimate Tips to Make Family Videos (Your Best Ever)

Forewords: Follow our ultimate tips about how to make a family video. You'll have a free family video maker to create a family video shortly. We share family video editing skills and shooting skills. Knowing these tips, you can make a better family video.

Express your love to children, parents or grandparents, family video will also be an excellent choice to share your love.

In family videos, what matters the most is how family members spend time together. Memories are the sweetest sugar for audiences.

Unlike recreational videos or other commercial videos, family videos demand a lot less on shooting skills or video stories, but there is no harm to make a high skilled family video.

Believe it or not, anyone can turn out a lovely family video without any hassles. At least, some extraordinary shortcuts and methods can make an outstanding family video:

  • 1.Find video merger to stitch cherished video clips and pictures.
  • 2.How to make your family video?
  • 3.Use some basic family video shooting skills.

Part 1 – Find Your Family Video Editor

With or without design skills, you will need a video clip merger to combine awesome family clips and family moments.

For professional designers, it can be Adobe Premium, which can take hours to render an excellent family video in every detail.

When it comes to the majority, we suggest a much simpler family video maker. For instance, the free video editor online – is a more accessible option.

Part 2 – How to Make Your Family Video for Free?

Add Grandparent Pictures to Your Family Video

Grandparents may not have many video clips in their youth, while they certainly have dozens of pictures when they were young. That's what you can make use of in your family video. Paired with memes or love words, your family video will turn to a fun video or a touching video.

FlexClip is the online tool to help you turn grandparent pictures to a memorable video instantly. It offers an option to upload family pictures as family video storyboards - You can go [+ Storyboard] > [Add Photo].

Make family video with grandpapa photos.

Image board: Make family video with grandpapa photos.

Zoom in Naughty Moments of Little Brothers or Sisters

Your family videos shouldn't miss your naughty brothers or sisters. Highlighting naughty moments, you can try zooming-in methodology. In FlexClip, it's simple: hit [ZOOM 100%] to adjust zoom degree, drag the graphics to move the focus to your naughty brothers or sisters.

Make family video with naughty brothers.

Image board: Make family video with naughty brothers.

Kitten, Dog or Other Pet

If there is a kitten, a dog or another animal friend in your house, you won't want to exclude your best animal buddies in your family video. Most of the time, their meows or barking won't "rhyme" with the family video.

To make pet video free from the animal voices, you can select the storyboard, go Volume icon > turn down the clip volume or simply mute the clip.

Mute pet video clip.

Image board: Mute pet video clip.

Insert Introductory Words in front of Each Clip / Storyboard.

Enter Title Here Inserting introductory words in front of the storyboard will function like a warmup. Words like "I thank you, Mom" in front of the mother clips, "The moments we spent together" as the first family video frame,…, will make your family more impressive.

Insert introductory words.

Image board: Insert introductory words.

Cut out Video Parts Not Wanted.

When shooting family video clips, we can shoot insignificant moments along with the best moments in one clip inevitably. To edit out meaningless parts, in FlexClip, you can select your wanted parts as storyboards when adding a video.

FlexClip allows you to add the same video clip for multiple times. Therefore, you are capable of including all beautiful memories.

Utilize Voiceover to Express Love.

Like printed words, voiceovers are another element that we can make use of to make a better family video. With heartfelt words recorded, family video becomes more touching.

Part 3 – Family Video Shooting Skills

Who doesn't want to shoot family video much better? Especially, family videos are to capture our best times. Here, we've rounded up some basic shooting skills for family video.

Skill No.1, Avoid Strong Lights:

When shooting family travel videos, you won't want to shoot directly to strong lights. If you had ever done that, you must have found that it only returns dark family views – You can hardly see the face of families.

Skill No.2, Don't Shoot Family Video Clip Vertically:

When we take pictures, we often use the vertical angle, which won't affect the beauty of photography most of the time.

However, shooting a family video vertically is no good option. When watching a video vertically, audiences can feel something wrong, which renders a bad user experience. You won't want your family video to appear strange, will you?

Skill No.3, Place Families in The Joints of 3 x 3 Frame Segments When Shooting:

In videography world, 3 x 3 composition rule is critical. This way, family members appear the most natural and pleasing to the eyes.

If you like to know more about 3 x 3 framing rule, feel free to check the resource: Beginner Videography Tutorial: How to Make An Excellent Video? - Full Tips >

For advanced shooting skills for video storytelling, you can read it here: Shooting Skills for Storytelling Video >

Skill No.4, Leave Some Space in The Head Top:

When it's closeup shooting for a family member, i.e., a family interview, it's suggested to leave some space between the top and the head.

Pay attention to these shooting tips. They will make your family video look much better.

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