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5 Best Video Trimmers: From The Simplest To The Most Professional

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Whether you are a businessman or a movie keeper, you will find a handy video trimmer here.
We've collected the best video trimmers from the simplest to the most professional, from free software to freemium & paid software.

Videos are too long or contain Ads? Get a video trimmer to make it right!

- Commercial videos always cut the best sections of their videos and merge them into a short period video clip within 2 min. According to the study of human attention, less than 2 min is a suggested length for a trailer or a commercial video.

- You've downloaded a favorite movie online, but it contains Ads...The best strategy to remove Ads and save your favorite movie is by making movie clips and joining them together.

# 1 FlexClip – The Easiest Video Cutter for Commercial & Personal Use

Online for Chrome & Windows 10(100%-Free in Microsoft store)

Steps: [Storyboard] > [Add Video] > [Trim Video]

Input Video Support: MP4, MOV, WEBM and M4V

Output Support: 480P, 720P, and 1080P MP4

Time to Make a Clip: 3-4 min

Clip a video in FlexClip easily.

Image board: Clip a video in FlexClip easily. - free video cutter, allows you to clip multiple videos and merge them all at once effortlessly: Uploading a video as a storyboard, it will ask you to trim it to a video clip in a length no longer than 1 min. Anybody is able to clip a video at fingertips with it.

As an easy MP4 cutter, FlexClip performs video-trimming tasks efficiently: Cut an assortment of handpicked videos as storyboards, move storyboards forward/afterward, and then export the video as one in MP4. The player lets you check video changes on the go.

In commercial videos, people like to use pictures and words for explanations. FlexClip supports uploading JPG, PNG, ICO, SVG, BMP, GIF and WEBP image as a video storyboard. (Or, you can search its library if lack proper ones.).

The available options of [Mute] and [Music] are much helpful when you need to apply another background music instead of video original music. Music file uploaded supports MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, M4A.

#2 iMovie – A Powerful Video Trimmer & Video Editor, 4K

Mac OS 10+, iOS, 100%-Free

Steps: Add a video to a track > click & drag the front/back of the video

Input Video Support: MP4, no DRM-protected files

Output Support: MP4

Time to Make a Clip: 10-30 min

iMovie crops videos for free.

Image board: iMovie crops videos for free. - As Apple movie editor, iMovie has excellent performance to take snips of any video with the fastest speed. It's easy to put your favorite videos together, compiling them, adding titles and music.

The highlight of iMovie is that it has a wide range of professional video templates and top-notch images to merge trimming videos. If you lack visions, you should try it. Another thing is its support for wireless work among Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Unlike other mainstream video trimmers, iMovie doesn't back you up to trim to those videos in a format of WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, etc.

#3 Shotcut – 4k Video Trimmer

Windows 7~10+ & Mac OS, Open source, 100%-Free

Steps: [Open File] > Select Trimming Parts on the timeline> [+] Append to current track

Input Video Support: Standard video formats including MP4, MPEG-2, etc.

Output Support: 4K, 1080P H.264, MP4, WMV, MPEG-2, flash, etc.

Time to Make a Clip: 10-30 min

Shotcut video trimmer.

Image board: Shotcut video trimmer. - Shotcut is a rigid video trimmer allowing you to add tracks instead of storyboards to trim videos. Users choose to pick the video parts to cut.

Wearing a black interface makes the inactive features hard to be recognized for a first-time user. Unfortunately, it takes minutes to figure out how to use it.

Unlike FlexClip, it doesn't limit the length of a single clip, so you can add a track that's long enough. When clips from different tracks overlap in the timeline, later track clips prevail. Filter gives users rights to change color effect.

For those who like to add images to a new video track of your project, they are free to add standard pictures in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA.

It offers dozens of output options for users to choose from: hover over an output item on the left, it will show explanations.

# 4 Lightworks Free – A Powerful Video Trimmer

Windows, Mac OS & Linux, Freemium

Steps: [Create a new project] > In mark [←] > out mark [→] > place it into target sequence [↓]

Input Video Support: WAV, MP4, MPEG4, H.264., and many more, etc.

Output Support: H.264/MP4(Free); AVI(Pro), MPEG-4(Pro), MOV(Pro), MXF(Pro), WAV(Pro)

Time to Make a Clip: 30 min+

Lightworks Free video trimmer.

Image board: Lightworks Free video trimmer. - Lightworks Free is a freemium & professional video trimmer with a steep learning curve.

Lightworks allows you to clip videos in batch, change the speed of the playing speed, add effect to a video clip in VFX or edit audio sounds in a high-energy interface. There are several ways to make frame-accurate cutting: you can either edit out a video clip or use the yellow selecting bracket.

Lightworks free is very limited in exporting formats and resolutions (H.264/MP4 720P 60FPS, YouTube, Vimeo). Its Pro edition supports 4k output and various high-resolution videos.

# 5 Adobe Premiere Pro - Ultra 4k Video Cutter & Video Enhancer

Windows, Mac OS

Steps: [Create a new project] > [Media Browser] and click a video > [Ctrl] to create a sequence > drag the last frame and move

Input Video Support: All video, audio, picture formats

Output Support: All video formats

Time to Make a Clip: 1 hr+

Adobe Premiere Pro - Ultra 4k video cutter & video enhancer.

Image board: Adobe Premiere Pro - Ultra 4k video cutter & video enhancer. - As the most critical video editor, Adobe Premiere Pro wins the title of the most professional video trimmer with the cinematic capabilities. Whether the goal is to crop YouTube video or Hollywood blockbuster, Adobe Premiere Pro is functioning well with all kinds of ultra-high-resolution videos, lossless cut videos.

It has tracks for videos & audios, and it will remark picture clips in a pink rectangle, sound clips in a green rectangle, video frames and audios in a blue rectangle.

The real Pro transition library is even more helpful, users can easily click and drag a transition into any position in the timeline. Just click the transition you've applied, you will find the options to customize it.

In video effect controls, the fx and restore tools are convenient to check and remove a single effect. The Rate Stretch tool (R) can help to speed up a video clip or slow it down.

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