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7 Great Ideas to Make Your Best FUN Videos!!

Forewords: DIY funny videos for fun? Design a fun video for commercial or for product promotion? Sharing great ideas to make your best fun videos, this aritcle has everything that you are looking for.

DIY fun videos.

Image board: DIY fun videos with us.

Who doesn't love fun videos? Fun videos, streaming on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube or other places, have won billions of views and laughter!

Fun videos are the irreplaceable media to attract people and gather them around naturally.

*For businessman, fun videos have a huge potential to promote business to next levels, or even grow business exponentially.

*As for average joes, fun videos bring happiness & laughter to daily lives. Watching fun videos, we temporarily forget about troubles and enjoy the comforts.

Besides, doctor has ever said that laughter helps relieve stress, improve immune system, and even relieve pain.

So, why do you hesitate to make your own funny videos? It shouldn't be difficult to make a fun video for friends, families, babies or other people.

Part 1: Find Your Free Funny Video Maker

Without doubts, you need a funny video maker to make the process easy.

Searching throughout the Internet, we've found that many a software vendor advertises their funny video makers to be free and easy. From our tests, these lines are not all true. That's the very reason we present you the few funny video maker –

  • *Real free to use online (only for Chrome) and for Windows.
  • *Cutting and compositing your funny videos is only a few clicks away.
  • *Fully support recording funny voiceover to any funny video clip.
  • *Insert funny pictures anywhere you like.
  • *Allow adding funny memes to create a fun video.
FlexClip helps make fun videos.

Image board: FlexClip helps make fun videos.

Part 2: The Best Ideas for A Funny Video

With a handy tool ready, you need to focus on the topic of your fun video content.

For any of your interests, refer to videography tips and shoot better.

You can playback the raw videos that you've recorded, and try to find out some fantastic ideas that can make a fun video via clipping and merging.

1. Funny Animal Video Series

Hundreds of funny videos about cats and dogs have won 10,000+ views in YouTube, many of them spread like the flu:

Dog fighting for nonsense, cat dancing on the floor, cat wearing a sad face, dog falling to asleep, etc. Those are real cases and brilliant ideas to make a funny animal video that people love.

Dogs and cats are human close buddies, and we've already grown affection for these furry friends. Therefore, funny cat videos or fun dog videos easily attract millions of pet owners.

2. Silly, Stupid Videos

TikTok is rapidly growing to be the largest streaming giant with thousands of silly videos that people love. In the complicated world, people really need to consume stupid video contents and leave a moment for themselves.

So, if you are considering making a fun video, it cannot be a terrible idea to merge silly moment clips and make a dumb video for fun.

3.All Kinds of Fall Videos

Baby falls, young mom falls, handsome cute guy falls, to name a few, I promise you that any audience would like to take time to watch such a video and laugh hard.

Fall fun videos always impress people with a strong contrast. Handsome / beautiful posture contrast with a casual, sudden fall.

4.Funny Baby Series Videos

Funny babies ideas include: Baby acting like an adult, Baby crying for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, Baby eating lemon (and hating it), Baby pronouncing some words seriously but only to render awkward sounds.

Cute babies are the most innocent creature on the earth. Their funny videos touch the adults deep down, and laughter burst out.

5. Tricks & Pranks

April fool videos or prank videos are another type of fun videos. People love most of prank videos as much as they love April Fool.

When you go this path, put safety first and never overdo it, or something really terrible happens: You won't want to hurt people and get in trouble. - Terrible prank videos have no fun.

6. Parrot, Bird Videos

The big head bird – Mr. Parrot, is always the main character in fun videos. Mr. Parrot speaks and talks like a human, which has a strange sense of fun. Besides, their walks are distinctive.

If we add some memes to the video, it surely can be a funny masterpiece.

7.Wired Costumes

If you adore the fun TV drama - The Big Bang Theory, then you must remember the wired costumes that Howard and Shelton wear for Comic-Con fair.

Wired costumes attract attention, and soon laughter burst out. For a fun video, figures in wired costumes is a plus joke.

Above ideas are what we've collected and learned from popular funny videos across popular video streaming platforms. But this doesn't mean you must follow these ideas to make your fun video. It just offers some ideas for you.

Part 3: Fun Video Traps & Alters

Capture fun from real life is important.

For YouTube owners or pet lovers, you can just grab a piece of advice from the best ideas above and make your funny animal video. Another tip, what makes people feel funny is those strange moments capturing from real life. Therefore, manufacturing a fun video on purpose may fail you, as humanity is a critical factor for most fun video.

Where to add your business product matters a lot.

As for business purpose, above tips won't be enough. You shall consider how to add your business to make the fun video, and how to make people remember your product without only remembering the fun story.

For commercial video, it's best to reveal your product in the climax of the fun story. It's proven that introducing your product in a fun video elsewhere other than the peak might not be good for business. Audiences can remember the fun but not your product.

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