Teaser Trailer Comprehensive Hacks: What-is, How-to-make & Essential Tips

Last Updated: 2021. 06. 24

Briefs: For most of us, teaser trailers are untouchable, luxury items that belong to big studios, film factories, and rich game companies exclusively. Today, we'll break the curse and talk about teaser trailer for small business & personal use. You'll know what a teaser trailer is, how to make it freely & use it for promotion, as well as essential tips - Anything you want to know about teaser trailer, you'll find them here.

If you love watching films in a movie theater, you must have watched a goldmine of blockbuster teaser trailers. Hollywood trailers, Marvel trailers, and hot action movie trailers are very cool hypes that successfully lure you into purchasing a movie ticket. - Effective teaser trailers are actual deal triggers.

YouTube: SPIDER-MAN 3 - Home Run Teaser Trailer Concept (2021) Tom Holland, Zendaya Marvel Movie.

If you want success for video or game promotion, try creating a teaser trailer!

Part 1 - What Is Teaser Trailer?

According to Wikipedia, a teaser trailer is a short video segment related to an upcoming film, television program, video game, or similar, that is usually released long in advance of the product, so as to "tease" the audience.

From the definition, we can learn that teaser trailer is an engaging short cut video (15-60 seconds), it's used to turn up audiences' interests with short mixing video cuts and let them anticipate the releasing product.

Beautiful Teaser Trailer

Action Teaser Trailer

Part 2 - How to Make An Engaging Teaser Trailer?

Making an engaging teaser video is extremely easy, as long as you've picked a right video editor. Prepare below things in advance, then you can make your teaser trailer quickly:

  • Your Video(for game, TV, film, etc., finished or unfinished),
  • A teaser trailer editor. (Here, we'll use FlexClip - flexclip.com.)

FlexClip is a professional online video editor, allowing all-level users to create a stunning video in only a few clicks. Compared with many mainstream video editors, FlexClip is easier to navigate and more suitable to make a teaser trailer. It has many features for a teaser trailer, such as, trimming, recording voiceovers, adding images (logo or memes), texts (scripts) & transitions. In addition, FlexClip provides a large quantity of royalty-free music, images, and video resources for your easy use.

  • Step One, Register a free account of flexclip.com . On editor page, click [Start From Scratch] and select a ratio. (If your target clients are mobile users, pick [1:1] or [9:16]; and if your teaser video is made for computer or tablet users, go [16:9]. )
  • Start from scratch and choose a ratio for your teaser trailer

    Image: Start from scratch and choose a ratio for your teaser trailer.

  • Step Two, Go [+ Storyboard], find [Add Local Media] under "Add Basic Storyboard" tag to upload your video.
  • Upload video clips to make teaser trailer

    Image: Upload video clips to make teaser trailer.

  • Step Three, Trim/cut your video to several teaser trailer storyboards.
  • Step Four, Upgrade your teaser trailer by adding effects, transitions, and voiceovers/background music. (FlexClip offers a large number of cool effects, transitions, and music for search. It's trouble-free to customize your own teaser trailer, even if you have absolutely no previous editing experience.)
  • Edit transition for teaser trailer

    Image: Edit transition for teaser trailer.

  • Step Five, Preview and download your teaser trailer when it satisfies you.

Part 3 - Q & As, Dos & Don'ts for Teaser Trailers

Whether you want to make a teaser trailer for game, TV, or film, you may have some questions and unknowns. We've curated common Q & As, and Dos & Don'ts for you, hopefully you can benefit from them:

Q & As for Teaser Trailer:

Q1: How long a teaser trailer be? (The length of a teaser trailer)

A1: A teaser trailer is usually around 15s-60s, but there is no strict rule. So, you can make it longer or shorter.

Q2: What contents to cut for your teaser trailer?

A2: Make use of breath-taking, furious, terrifying moments, and include these cuts in your teaser trailer.

Q3: Can I have only one teaser trailer or more teaser trailers?

A3: You can make a series of teaser trailers and release them at different times. You can reveal more details in the teaser trailers closer to the first run.

Q4: How far can a teaser trailer release in advance?

A4: In most cases, film trailers are released 120 - 180 days in advance of film first run.

Dos Tips to Make a Teaser Trailer:

  • Speed up/pace up your teaser trailer, so that audiences can feel the tension and rapid pace. Vary teaser speed will help keep viewers alert and engaging.
  • Adjust the speed of a video storyboard

    Image: Adjust the speed of a video storyboard.

  • Make your teaser trailer short, engaging.
  • Add voiceovers/soundtracks to make your teaser video more engaging.
  • Use videography tricks to upgrade your teaser trailer.
  • Use cool transitions to add visual impacts.

Don'ts Tips to Make a Teaser Trailer:

  • Avoid revealing too many video contents in your teaser trailer. - Remember that the teaser trailer purpose is to pique audiences' interests and provide clues/hints for audiences to guess and prove.
  • Don't be too conserved. - You won't want to reveal too much, but at least you need to feed some content to your audiences.
  • Don't make your teaser trailer too plain - It needs to something striking, breath-taking, or impressive.

Part 4 - "End Game" of Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer is not the specialty for wealthy producers. With right resources prepared, anyone can create a stunning teaser trailer to share. FlexClip.com happens to be one of the easiest trailer makers online that anybody can easily navigate.

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