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4 Movie Credits Generators To Create Opening/Ending/Rolling Credits

Last Updated: Oct. 15, 2021

As we all know, lots of people are involved in the production of one movie. Aside from the actors, those who were behind the cameras also deserve compliments and acknowledgment.

A movie credits maker is what you can rely on to generate decent movie credits easily and effectively. They can save you from countless hassles. Here are some programs that you can use. Whether you want to generate the opening/ending credits or rolling credits, they can all be helpful. Check them out!

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Part 1. Best Opening/Ending Movie Credits Generators
Part 2. Best Opening/Ending Movie Credits Generators

Part 1. Best Opening/Ending Movie Credits Generators

#1 Opening/Ending Movie Credits Generator - FlexClip

FlexClip helps you put excellent opening/ending movie credits easily and effectively with numerous fonts and styles. No matter what your movie is about, the credit would always be an integrated and amazing part of the movie. It is also worth to mention that it is free to use FlexClip. No subscription, no download required, and no tedious watermark.

Film Credits
Film Credits
Use This Template
Movie Credits
Movie Credits
Use This Template

#2 Opening/Ending Movie Credits Generator - Biteable

Biteable is an online video editor that helps you to create awesome movie credits. It is quite easy to catch on. This program provides movie credit templates. With only a few clicks, a movie credit is done. Texts, fonts, colors on the template are all editable. Easy, free and efficient!

Top Movie Credits Maker - Biteable

Top Movie Credits Maker - Biteable

Part 2. Best Opening/Ending Movie Credits Generators

#1 Movie Credits Generator - iMovie

If you happened to be a Mac user, then iMovie is also a good option. However, it might be quite complicated when using it as a movie credit maker. You might need to choose a variety of transitions, effects and text styles in this program. It is also possible that you can use it to add music to the movie.

Due to different versions of iMovie, the movie credit editing process can vary. On my Mac, here is how it works.

Step 1 Launch iMovie, go to the Titles tab. Here you can see a list of titles with their animation.

Step 2 Find Scrolling Credits on the Titles, it is especially for movie credits.

Step 3 Drag this title into the timeline and play it around.

Step 4 Drag the background music to the timeline and adjust its length same with the title.

Top Movie Credits Maker - iMovie

Top Movie Credits Maker - iMovie

#2 Movie Credits Generator - HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is an advanced video editor for Windows. You can use it to create excellent rolling credits with it. It might be somewhat complicated to use it, but worth a try.

Step 1 Launch HitFilm Express, launch a project with the right configuration like width, height, frame rate and etc.

Step 2 Go to the Media section, import the video and add it to the timeline.

Step 3 Go to the Effects > Generate > End Credits Crawl. Drag the effects to the timeline.

Step 4 Customize the specifications like scrolling speed, numbers of elements, width and more.

Step 5 Download the video as the right format.

Frequent As & Qs about Generate Movie Credit

Q: Which font should I go?

A: There is no specific font for movie credit. The best movie credit should match the theme of the movie. For instance, you are making a movie about antiques, the movie credit font used in it should be formal and display your solemn.

Q: What should be included in movie credits?

A: Actually, there is an order for the movie credits. The opening credits and ending credits are different.

As for opening credits, the order is: Distributor, Producer, Film Maker, Film Title, Lead Cast, Supporting Cast, Casting Director, Music Composer, Costume Designer, Associate Producers, Editors, Production Designer, Director of Photography, Executive Producer, Producer, Writers, Director.

The movie ending credits order is, Director, Writers, Producer, Executive Producer, Lead Cast, Supporting Cast, Director of Photography, Production Designer, Editor, Associate Producers, Costume Designer, Music Composer and Casting Director.

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