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How To Make An Effective Marketing Video? [Begin Your Video Marketing]

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Forewords: Get to know the essential tips to make an awesome marketing video! If you have troubles in navigating software to make a video production, then the online tool - FlexClip video editor will walk you through this easily.

Video contents have become the top consumable materials these days: Videos tell visual stories, and people love stories since we were babies.

In 2006, the smartest company - Google had foreseen the increase of video marketing and bought YouTube at $1.65 billion. At present, it's time for you to take an action and consider marketing your business via streaming videos.

Nobody can make a video production with bare hands. So, why not grab a handy tool?

Let FlexClip do the works of editings and creating marketing videos for your business. For the record, it's free and super easy:

FlexClip helps you with marketing video creation.

Image board: FlexClip helps you with marketing video creation.

With the tool settled, you just need to focus on your video contents for marketing. In the following parts, we've compiled the steps and essential tips for making a compelling marketing video.

  • →How to Decide Your Video Marketing Content.
  • →Judge whether Your Content Is Effective or Not.
  • →5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Marketing Video.
  • →How to Promote Marketing Video?

Part 1: Decide Your Video Marketing Content

Before making a decision on your marketing content, ask yourself:

  • *What is the best way to express your product?
  • *What would the target audiences really like to know from your videos?

For example, for coffee marketing videos, answers can be:

  • *The best way to brand your coffee is to tell a relax story and share peaceful & enjoyable moments in a marketing video.
  • *For coffee drinkers, they would love to enjoy a good taste, take their time, and know your coffee is fresh, healthy and eco-green.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and loyal clients, and then think about your selling points. Only this way are you in the right approach to make the effective marketing video.

With knowing what you like to share in your marketing video, you need to do case studies. About this, there are a ton you can do:

  1. In your business fields, collect top-brand advertisements. Find out what you can learn from these videos.
  2. Search your competitors in search engine and learn from their hot videos.
  3. Check if your competitors have promoted their brands on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Try learning from their successful videos there. ( Some comments under marketing videos are worthy of your research.)

Note down what you just figure out. Then, shoot, edit and make your marketing video based on them.

Part 2: How to Tell Your Marketing Video Is Effective or Not?

After making the marketing video, then you should test if you've made an effective marketing video.

1.Examine your video by yourself, and check if it tells a moving and consistent story for your business.

2.If you can simplify the video once more, do it.

3.Share it in a related Facebook group, and ask about their thoughts.

4.Join communities of the related and ask about their advice (likes and dislikes).

5.Find a practical title for your marketing video, and attach addresses/links to your services.

Check the points above, and make sure your marketing video has equipped with the basic requirements to be an effective marketing video.

Part 3: 5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Marketing Video

Want to upgrade your video content to the next level? Some tricks can render a richer user experience and a better audience reaction. Let's check them out.

Method 1, Drawing or Cartoon Style.

Learn from Starbucks drawing and cartoon marketing videos.

Image board: Learn from Starbucks drawing and cartoon marketing videos.

Starbucks is the king who masters drawing and cartoon techniques and plays well in their marketing videos. By mixing the commercial product in a drawing painting, such a painting style always creates some sort of amusement, which makes people happier and more at ease with themselves.

Method 2, Word by Word Story-telling Style.

Storytelling video tricks.

Image board: Storytelling video tricks.

If your product helps people solve tricky issues in a much simpler way, then story-telling marketing video is the best strategy to pick. Use 2-3s frames to show the troubles your audiences may face daily, and then TA-DA, bring out your product, explaining how your goods ease the task with explanatory words.

Method 3, On-site Interviews.

Interviewing the employees and customers in the shop can help show the real side of your brand. This way, audiences know your company for real and get as much as information they need.

Method 4, Show Details.

Details reflect how careful and serious you are with your business. Sharing workflow details in your marketing video lets your audiences have confidence in your brand and know what they can buy from your services.

Method 5, Try Finding Some New Ways to Play Your Product.

People are passionate about innovative ideas and love to try new things. If you find a creative way to play / enjoy your product, why not share the great idea in one of your marketing videos? Such a video has the full potential to spread like a virus.

Part 4: How to Promote Marketing Video?

With the effective marketing video upgraded, the final question comes – how to promote the marketing video?


YouTube is the largest streaming platform on the earth with the largest groups of audiences. If you don't build a channel and share your marketing videos there, you've missed a huge chance to gain your customers and promote your marketing content.

Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media That Support Sharing A Video

Marketing videos may perform well as long as you share your dedicated marketing video with the right group of audiences.

-What does "a right group of audiences" mean? How can you find them?

-Easy! They are the groups of people who need your services and look for your service. But they may not know the terminology for the services they are searching, so instead, they can use some keywords in search or join some groups of related.

Search Facebook group that fits your brands and services, and share your video there. As for Twitter promotion, post your video link and @ someone who has a big influence and may be interested in your video at the same time.

Besides sharing your videos on yourself, you can ask for the help of other methods. For example,

Invite Affiliate Promote The Video.

You can utilize affiliate system to your products, and invite online salespeople and affiliate webmasters to join the affiliate program and promote the video.

Search for Those Account / Page Owners Who Have The Same Interests.

Share your marketing video to someone who also finds it interesting or useful, then you get a high chance to get his / her help for promotion.


Lastly, we have to mention online monetization approaches to share your marketing videos. They are the fastest and most straightforward to get your video content consumed. Google ADs, YouTube ADs and Facebook ADs are recommended.

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