Marketing Video Maker: How to Make Gripping Marketing Videos for Free?

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Briefs: Creating a marketing video doesn't have to be high expenses, time cosuming, and requirements of design professionalism. Check our free marketing video maker to work out a captivating marketing video. Also, you'll find related design & promotion tips.

A brand will lose a lot of marketing shares & edges, if the brand fails to deploy marketing promotion via videos. Marketing videos are the most straightforward way to connect with potential consumers. Creating videos to the taste of buyers is effective to increase sales greatly. 3 elements are imperative: engaging audio, captivating animation video & impressive ad words.

The first thing is how to create a marketing video. You need a design tool to make marketing videos that's suitable for you.

Part One: How to Make Your Marketing Video in A Snap?

For most clients, marketing video makers used by professional designers are not the least easy-to-navigate. If you have limited budgets and can't afford any professional video designers, our video maker - FlexClip can take you there to freely create a stunning marketing video you desire.

What's FlexClip marketing video maker? is an all-in-1 video editor online for everybody's use. It has massive marketing video templates that are searchable and customizable. There are a lot of gadgets for you to choose from and make your marketing video unique.

  • Step 1 Search for a video template for your marketing video, or you can start from scratch.
  • Upload and make your marketing video.

    Image: Upload and make your marketing video.

  • Step 2 In the design interface, personalize your marketing video with texts, graphic elements, music & sound, and so on. Besides that, you can use advanced editing functions, like filters, speed changes, etc.
  • Edit your marketing video.

    Image: Edit your marketing video.

  • Step 3 Preview and download your marketing video to 1080P, 720P, or 480P.

Part Two: 8 Types of Marketing Video You'll Need

  • Ads/Branding Video
  • Demo/Product Releasing Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Interview Video
  • Event/Campaign Video
  • Case Study Video
  • Review/Open Box Video
  • Educational Videos

#1.Advertising/Brand Video:

Advertising videos are among the most popular videos, designed to build product or service awareness. Examples are TV Ads, YouTube Ads videos, etc. Advertising video will be played everywhere publicly. It'll need creativity, freshness and uniqueness to catch people's eyes. Successful Ad video tells an intriguing fun/Wow story and let auidences remember a brand/service/product simultaneously. An Ad video should connect a feeling/spirit with what it brands(a brand/product/service).

Shoe Ad Video

Glass Ad Video

#2.Demo/Product Releasing Video:

A demo video will demonstrate how a product/service works. Different from review/unbox videos, demo video is more concise and focusing on functionality. Always a demo video looks more cool and futuristic. Examples are videos for newly releasing TVs and smartphones.

#3.Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are videos in Ebay, Amazon or website About page. Explainer videos focus in details, introducing a product or a company.

Company Presentation Video

Technology Company Video

#4.Interview Video

Interview video is another type of marketing videos. The video of interviewing CEO or product manager will help share the company vision, spirits. Interview video is also used to attract venture capital investments.

#5.Event/Campaign Video

Big companies hold events and campaigns to attract potential buyers. Often, an event/campaign video doesn't require high-skill video editing. The purpose of this kind of videos is to share happiness and joys.

Black Friday Promo

Christmas Promotion

#6.Case Study Video

Case study videos provide proofs or results from authoritative tests. It reflects facts, or unreils something people don't know yet. Case study video shares charts and real data.

#7.Review Video

Ask some influencers or experts to review your product. These review videos will bring buyers to your product.

#8.Educational Videos

Educational videos can teach audiences something useful and professional. Such educational videos can help viewers and let them know your expertise.

Part Three: 8 Essential Tips & Ideas to Make An Effective Marketing Video

  • Get to Know Your Audiences & Potential Buyers - No one can you make a marketing video resonating with audiences without knowing them.
  • Make Video Introduction Short & Outstanding - The first 5 seconds of marketing videos are essensial for retain audiences.
  • Short, Descriptive & Stimulating Topic - Find a short topic that describes & briefs your video content.
  • Fun, Humor, Entertainment - Happy mood is good for marketing and sales. Fun, humor or entertainment are great media to set up a happy mood.
  • Informative - Try to explain something professionally that audiences may be interested in your specialty.
  • Focus on What Users Concern - Video is to service audiences. Helping audiences is helping your business & brand.
  • Target Video Content - Don't try to put too many things in a single marketing video, or audiences will feel overwhelmed.
  • Check Video Data & Feedback - Video data from YouTube or Facebook always tell you something new & inapparent about marketing.

Part Four: Ways to Promote Your Marketing Video

As long as you've created a marketing video, you will want it go rival. There are some ports you can utlize to boost your marketing videos:

  • Newsletter Videos - If you have newsletter, use it to promote your marketing video.
  • Streaming/Live Videos - Live streaming marketing video is a new, hot way to promote your product.
  • Social Media Marketing Videos - Social channels are great places to promote business and product, such as, FaceBook video, Twitter video.
  • YouTube Marketing Videos - YouTube is the top 1 video platform. You can either promote your marketing video in your brand channel or though YouTube adversting.
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