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How to Advertise on Youtube with AD video, without Losing Money?

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  • How to Advertise on Youtube with AD video, without Losing Money?

Foreword: YouTube AD videos are becoming the most effective advertising method. Let's find out how to work out a YouTube advertising video quickly. Also, we share you how to set up your YouTube ADs, along with the best YouTube AD strategies.

Consider running profitable YouTube AD campaigns to boost your business? Indeed, if you've done it well, it's an easier shortcut to increase sales and make money from YouTube advertising video.

However, YouTube ADs are just like many other ADs: They can be a money burner when you fail to customize them thoroughly! There are some basics and restrictions (to ensure AD ROI). Violate them, you likely will lose money. And, we'll discuss how to avoid losing money in YouTube ADs in part 2.

Firstly, in order to implement commercial YouTube ADs, you need to create an engaging AD video. An easy video maker (free or paid) can greatly simplify your video creation.


  • Lack the experience of creating a video? We don't recommend you Pro video editors, such as, Blender editing software.
  • The Reason: Professional shooting equipment won't bring you a good video. (How you understand and compose video frame matters the most!) The same case: A complicated video editor doesn't guarantee you an effective AD video for YouTube.

Grab our free & user-friendly FlexClip video editor, and follow principles below to make your YouTube Advertising video:

1st You need to narrow down what to sell, advertise and promote.

2nd Study user requirements: What audiences need most. How your product can help users accordingly, etc.

3rd Search top keywords and hot search phrases. Find your YouTube AD targets from them.

4th Make your YouTube AD video with above 3 tips in mind.

Part 1 - How to Make Your YouTube AD Video Online without any Experience?

Step 1 Open, and register yourself a free account.

Step 2 Upload your shooting videos, and change their order in a sequence to make sense.

When you render your YouTube advertising video, these 3 tricks will ensure you a better advertising video:

How to make YouTube AD video online?

Image board: How to make YouTube AD video online?

  1. Put the most attractive shooting in the first frame/storyboard, and let audiences receive the information that they want or will intrigue them.
  2. Abstract/fetch a video title with necessary information. Such as, "X-brand makes TASK easier!".
  3. Use the first 15 seconds to brief your reasons and video highlights. (The first 15s is non-skipped YouTube ADs, so you must try your best to ensure user retention here.)

Step 3 Search visual aid videos and outros in FlexClip, and use some to upgrade your YouTube ADs.

Step 4 Preview and download your very first YouTube advertising video.

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Part 2 - How to Set Up YouTube AD Video and Avoid Burning Money on YouTube?

After creating an engaging YouTube advertising video, you need to focus on YouTube ADs setup.

In the Billy Willson "2019 YouTube Ads Tutorial" above, he explains everything needed to run a YouTube AD. Here, we won't repeat all tips, but mention some points that are worth your attention:

  • a. Run YouTube advertising campaign, you must register a free YouTube account (to upload your advertising video). Then, link your YouTube account with your Google AD account.
  • b. Choose "YouTube channels" in Placement, so that it will be a YouTube AD campaign.
  • c. You must uncheck "Disable interested-based ads" option for your advertising video on YouTube. Or, your YouTube AD will never show up.
  • d. Take advantage of "Event snippet", "In-stream ad", demographics, etc. They will help you control the expense on YouTube ADs.

Part 3 - The Best Practice & Optimal Spending on YouTube ADs

Now, you've made an effective YouTube advertising video, and you've finished customizing it to a YouTube AD already. Question comes: What's the best strategy to run a YouTube AD and get the highest ROI?

ADs can burn much money, but the reasons that we run YouTube ADs is to get more revenue! Next, we'll compare various YouTube AD strategies and select out the most cost-effective strategies for your consideration.

  • No.1 Plan: Among many creative YouTube AD setups, the wisest YouTube AD expense is to stream YouTube ADs in alternative/competitive product videos.
  • You want market shares. Regardless of whether you've successfully won their customers or not, you share your products and brands to your competitor's clients(targeted audiences). It's already a win.
  • No.2 Plan: Another proven, high-conversion YouTube advertising is to set up your YouTube AD running before "How-to" videos.
  • When people search for a solution, they have a high hope for finding/buying a better solution.

You can set restrictions based on the 2 plans above. That will largely cut down your YouTube advertising expenses.

While, if there are more budgets, you can try other YouTube commercial ADs and monitor their ROI. It's suggested to try out YouTube ADs one by one, and turn down those ineffective ADs immediately.

Part 4 - Wrapping It Up

This article studies how to make money from YouTube. We've divided the article into 3 parts - How to make an effective YouTube AD? How to set up a YouTube commercial campaign without spending too much? And the best-proven ways to advertise on YouTube with a good ROI.

Let us know if you find this article useful or have different opinions. Hope you like the tool -

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