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The Whole Guide: Facebook Video Advertisements

Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2021

Summary:This blog solves any question about Facebook video ads. It gives you guys 3 main reasons why you should post video ads on Facebook. This blog also helps you to figure out how to set up a video ad on FB and how to get the highest views.

Video Advertisements?

As the name suggests, ads in the format of video are posted on Facebook instead of typing words or uploading an image. Lively videos are able to attract more audiences' attention. Facebook video ads can allow you to customize your content, audience, and even budget.

Part 1:Why Post Video Ads on Facebook?

1.Advertising on Facebook is very cheap

Ads met its lowest cost on Facebook in history. According to Moz Brian Carter, the cost per 1000 impression(CPM) is only an average of 0.75$, far cheaper than that cost in traditional media.

comparison ads cost

Image board: Moz Brian Carter - cost to reach 1000 impression (source: Moz blog)

You can also manage the budget of video ads on Facebook. If you'd like to spend 1$ per day on Facebook video advertising, your ads would reach around 4,000 audiences that don't know your business before, so it's a big potential demand marketing.

2.Audience on Facebook

There are 2.38 billion monthly active users. These all your potential customers. They have logged on Facebook during the last 30 days. The reason why it's worth advertising video on Facebook is also that it would be generated 22 billion ads click per year.

facebook audience

Image board: Number of monthly active users on FB

Lookalike Audience

It is also noted that Facebook is able to search for those who have a similar interest and taste to your followers and fans, so you can customize your ads' descriptions to match their demands.

Surely, target these audiences with customized video ads can be more possible to get a higher response, and they may get converted to potential customers. In this situation, you can post a corresponding advertisement in front of them to increase the conversion rates.

3.Video Ad -- A Strategy

According to WordStream, Facebook witnessed around 1.5 million small/medium-sized businesses post videos in 2015, September, and the data would surge up 50% in 2019. Advertising Video is a strategy to engage the audience and convert web users across plenty of social media!

Part 2: How to Create an Facebook Video Ads (including cost control and recommended specs and aspect ratios)

After knowing the importance to post video ads on Facebook, you may wonder how can I set up my Facebook video advertisements. It's not as tough as you think.

Step 1 Select the button of ‘Create' and click ‘Ad'.

create ad

Image board: Depict Image: Create a video ad

Step 2 Select Video View

If you have already run a Facebook ad, what you only need to do is go to ‘Objective' first and select ‘Video View'. As I mentioned, you can even optimize your budget.

get video view

Image board: Go to ‘video view'

If you don't have an ad account before, set-up one.


Image board: Set up an ad account

Step 3Customize your audience.

Literally, you can even target Donald Trump by location, language, connection, interests, etc., so make the most use of the targeting capabilities to define your audience.

optimize audience

Image board: Define the audience

Step 4 Choose a budget schedule, control your cost.

For one thing, You're able to choose the different optimisation plans for ad delivery (including set the average cost per ThruPlay/ 2-Second Continuous Video View).

For another, you can set daily-budget or lifetime-budget plan to control your cost.

Moreover, if you click into the advanced options, you can schedule your ads for special hours or days and there are selected options which determine when you pay for your ad. Go create a Facebook video ad and check out the details!

budget plan

Image board: Select a budget plan

Step 5The aspect ratio of Facebook Video Ad 2019

Last but not the least, optimize your video ads information such as the aspect ratio, the video format and resolution, then upload your video.

(Source from Facebook Ad)

Video Recommended:

Recommended length: Up to 15 seconds

Recommended aspect ratio: Vertical (4:5)

Sound: Enable with captions included

Video Specification:

Format: mp4, mov or gif

Required lengths by placement:

Facebook: 240 mins max

In-stream: 5- 120 seconds

Instagram stories: Up to 120 seconds

Instagram feed: Up to 120 seconds

Rewarded video: 3-60 seconds

Resolution: 600 pixels min width

File size: Up to 4 GB max


  • Starting August 2019, fewer lines of primary text will show on mobile News Feed. Facebook stated not only 3 lines can be seen, after which people will be prompted to click to view more text.
  • Maximum media height for video and photos will reduce to 4:5 on mobile News Feed

Part 3:The Best Facebook Video Ads Creator -- FlexClip

1.Although Facebook provides some templates, but the limited templates may stifle your inspirations.

If you wanna find more stunning business video ads' templates and different styles of clips, or use your own footage to show your products best, and create an attractive video ad, you can try the best free video ad maker FlexClip (including photo-to-video slideshows ).


Image board: “An example of video ads made by FlexClip

It allows you to edit video professionally even you are a green hand. You can change the aspect ratios and video resolution, record and add the live sounds into your video, add dynamic text animation, sound effects (background music) and logo image and watermark to catch customers' eyes.


Image board: Edit your video with FlexClip

Provided you don't have an professional logo image yet, try DesignEvo logo maker to create yours.


Image board: DesignEvo logo maker

2.Create a video ad by Facebook

Facebook offers a few templates to help you to create a baby video ad, and supports you to upload photos to create a slideshow.


Image board: Templates and slideshows offered by Facebook

Part 4: 5 Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

1.Catch Attention Early

In new feeds, there are too many distractions around, so how can you grasp the audience's attention before they click away is very important.

The first 3 seconds matter most. Firstly, you need to give your brand right away. Get the brand name out, win users' brand awareness of your business.

'Facebook business' offers the following graphics to show different time audiences spent in different types of video ads. It shows the major consumption is very fast, but it gives a chance to have a deep connection with users.

how consume video ads

Image board: How long users spend in different experience (source: Facebook business)

Therefore, next, you are required to get your message as soon as possible to catch the viewers' attentions, which decides whether they will stay or drop off.


Keep your video ads short. Facebook recommends 5-15s for in-stream videos and 15s or shorter for standalone. It's showed that shorter videos have a higher completion rate.

3.Sound off & Auto-play

Never forget that anyone in a business environment would turn sound off. Add captions to make easier for viewers. Facebook states ‘video ads with captions can increase by around 12% of video views.'

To avoid the distractions on news feed, the best way is to automatically play your video, so that you can grasp your viewers' eyes in the multi-tasking scroller.

4.Appropriate Format

Get vertical or square? There are some specific recommendations for video aspect ratios and format-choosing on Facebook, checking and previewing it before you upload the video ad on Facebook.

screen ratio

Image board: Video recommendations from Facebook

5.Optimize the Title and Description of Your Video Ad

You are required to type an engaging text including your title and description of the video ad to appeal to audiences tp actually watch your video. And make sure you highlight relevant keywords to stress your video content.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is really a good way to promote your business. Take an action to set up your video. Follow the Guidance to create your Facebook ads and make an extraordinary video ad to get the highest engagements and views!

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