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Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Foreword: Want to make money from YouTube or home? There are many hot YouTubers have achieved their moneymaking goal via their YouTube videos. So can you! This article summarizes 3 YouTube moneymaking strategies, and it presents you methods to create/reproduce videos and win views and subscribers.

Based on hundreds of studies and researches, the book "Financial Freedom, How to Create Wealth and Hold onto It", written by doctor Rainer Zitelmann, tells us that rich people don't accumulate their wealth from their daily work, while truth is their 85%+ wealth are made from their own investments and businesses.

Consider making extra money in your free time? Making money from YouTube is an approachable moneymaking strategy!

Part 1 - Top 3 YouTube Moneymaking Strategies

If you do your part well (Focus your YouTube on one thing: Food, Makeup, Travel…), you have a good chance to win views and subscribers for free by building and shaping your channel. Like the majority of hot YouTube channel owners (Zach King, Learn English with Rebecca, to name a few), you can expect to earn big and get a high ROI:

Strategy 1. Upload Quality YouTube Contents, Earn Money By Joining YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Partner Program is YouTube recommended moneymaking strategy, officially launched by YouTube team. Once you are in the program, you can earn from ADs playing before your videos, as well as YouTube subscribers watching your videos.

According to the explanation from YouTube Monetization Strategist - Stefan, you are required to meet the requirements to enroll YouTube Partner Program:

  1. Your YouTube video contents must follow YouTube community guidelines.
  2. Your channel must have 4,000 watch hours in previous 12 months.
  3. The number of your channel subscribers must hit 1,000+.
  4. You must apply for YouTube Partner Program. (YouTube will let you know their auditing result in about a month.)

Strategy 2. Build Your Own Business, and Promote It on YouTube.

If you have your own brands, or think of building your business, then it's even greater. This way, you won't rely on YouTube platform to make extra money, but you only utilize it as a promotion path.

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Strategy 3. Join Merchant Affiliate Program, Review / Unbox Their Products.

For most people, building your own business is impractical. And you may feel unlucky sometimes: It's possible that a group of real subscribers like your channel and subscribe it, but your channel fails to meet the thresholds of YouTube Partner Program. (Or, it gets rejected after several applications.)

When cases above happen to you, you can turn to some trusted affiliate platforms and search for related businesses. And earn some commission by making a YouTube video to review and recommend excellent commodities for your subscribers.

Most subscribers are open to review videos or unboxing videos, and you can expect a commission from creating such a video.

But NEVER recommend fake or below-quality commodities - Being honest and responsible for your audiences is key to all business success. Don't let your audiences down!

Part 2 - How to Make Viral YouTube Video Contents? [TWO METHODS]

METHOD ONE-> Re-Use of Already Viral YouTube Videos to Produce Yours:

2.1.1.What Is Creative Commons License? What Can We Do with It?

Creative Commons license is an agreement that allows people around the world to re-use, share creation and work without infringing owner copyrights.

When a video is under Creative Commons License, allowing others to produce another video with it, then you can use any segment in your video (on the condition that you must share original video link in the description of your reproducing video).

Original creator can decide to publish their work as Creative Commons or not.

We've studied Creative Common License, and if you prefer to take a quick brief overview of the official statements and terms, you can land CC official page: Jump to "The Licenses" part straightforwardly (by keystroke Ctrl + F). Click "View License Deed", you will read a short version of related terms and how to re-use by the book.

2.1.2: Should You Take Advantage of YouTube Creative Common or Not?

Since Creative Common videos emerged on YouTube, the debate of "Should YouTubers use Creative Commons or not?" never ends.

How to find creative commons video in YouTube to reuse

Image board: How to find creative commons video in YouTube to reuse?

It's mainly because there are many a fake "Creative Commons" video:

-A group of dishonest YouTubers infringe copyrights and re-produce their videos from videos tagging no "Creative Commons" license. However, they publish and share their re-production videos as "Creative Commons" videos.

Re-using fake "Creative Common" videos may put your channel in trouble - Once original video creator discovers it, your channel will face demonetization or close up.

But, there is no strict answer to the question!

2.1.3: Trouble-free Alternative Solutions to YouTube Creative Common - Copyrighted Libraries:

Sometimes, you lack several right footages when making up your own video. If you don't favor YouTube Creative Common methodology, then you turn to many copyrighted video libraries.

For instance, the free online FlexClip video maker has extensive professional authorized videos that you can search for and re-use them in your video.

Make use of extensive authorized videos and photos

Image board: Make use of extensive authorized videos and photos.

METHOD TWO-> How to Create Viral YouTube Videos of Your Own?

By shooting and making your own video, you will never have any copyright problems. In this part, we share the tips to shoot and create your own from the ground up.

1) How to Choose Video Contents for Your YouTube?

It's 100% safe to create videos with your shoots, without copyright issues! Like all other dedicated YouTubers, you need to focus on producing your own contents.

What will make people spend hours on your YouTube? - It's high-quality contents that THEY NEED.

If you study something very deep in a specific field, then it will be an optimal strategy to record and share these videos to a keyword-rich channel.

For example, if you cook well, then you can create a YouTube channel, with a name like "Prepare Your Foodiet with Jenny"; and then upload your food videos to it.

2)How to Shoot Videos for YouTube as a Beginner?

Well, if you master the skills of shooting, then it works for your YouTube. If you are new to video narration, then you can refer to our previous learning articles, such as, "How to Make Your First Videography?", "How to Make Your Video Story?", "B-Roll and A-Roll Tricks", etc.

3)How to Create YouTube Video by Merging Footage?

There are various ways to create a YouTube video by merging footage. And navigations for different video mergers vary.

There are professional, free ways to merge footage to a natural video. About this trick, you can refer to the article "Professionally Cut A Video in Easy Ways".

4)What's The Optimal Resolution to Upload to YouTube?

Check a large portion of popular YouTube videos, and you'll find out 1080P is a resolution they all get. (Here, we are not discussing the low-resolution but renowned videos in 1800s or 1900s. )

5) Avoid Common YouTuber Mistakes When Making Your Own YouTube Videos

  • Don't upload different category videos into one channel.
  • Don't overuse "video stunts": Adding too many transitions, or using lengthy YouTube intro do no good to achieve a better audience response.
  • There is no need to buy all professional video equipment.
  • Don't leave video noise in your final video production. Regarding this, you can refer to the tip of "How to Remove Video Noises with Top 3 Noise Removers?"
  • Simplify your video and only leave the must-have part.
  • Don't buy subscribers online. Win your own subscribers by high-quality video contents.

Part 3 - Final Words

This article of making money from YouTube is made up of two parts. You can refer to part one and decide your way to make money from YouTube. In part two, we elaborate on how to create videos for your YouTube.

Hope you are satisfied with this moneymaking YouTube guidebook. Your Facebook share or retweet of this article will help more people who want the very tip, which will also encourage us to bring out more insightful articles. Thanks!

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