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List of Top 8 Affiliate Programs for Marketing (Merchants, Publishers)

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Foreword: For you, here is the list of top affiliate programs for merchants & publishers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketing manager, these best affiliate programs can be effective and helpful to find incredible businesses of various kinds.

Affiliate programs are very practical media to make extra money, no matter you are running a business, or looking for some business opportunities.

In this article, we break down the list of affiliate programs into 2 parts:

  • Part One. Top Affiliate Programs for Merchants, Advertisers and Business Owners (desktop software, SaaS, sports, clothing, or other goods)
  • Part Two. Best Affiliate Programs for Publishers, Affiliates and Commission Earners.

Before moving anywhere else, we introduce 3 online services for affiliate marketing. With them, you can effortlessly render various kinds of graphics and video contents for affiliate businesses:

* - free video editor online that has 1,000,000+ Pro videos & images.

->With FlexClip, you can DIY an engaging product explainer video for affiliate businesses at fingertips.

* - free logo maker with 9000+ logo templates.

->DesignEvo is born to upgrade your logo design, or to create a brand new one if you prefer.

* - free collage + image editor + graphics designer.

->In FotoJet, you can deal with all most all commercial images (i.e., product posters, promotional flyers, editing, etc.).

With other things prepared, let's get into the review of the top affiliate program list for marketing!

Part One. Top Affiliate Programs for Business Owners, Advertisers, and Merchants

If you are a creator or a producer and provide desktop software, SaaS services(online subscription services), sports wearings, or other products, installing an affiliate program will bring you at least 2x profits than without an affiliate network.

You don't have to pay any wages for these affiliate partners, but you get more hardworking "salesmen" and build more "chain stores" via an affiliate network! - That doesn't mean affiliates promote your sales for free:

When a sale transaction happened, they'll get paid by a proportion of the sale amount. Also, the affiliate platform that you deployed will demand its transaction fee.

You can build your affiliate network by registering in one of the top affiliate programs below. Also, be aware, it's required to deposit some money as both the entrance fees and pre-deposited commissions:

#1. ShareASale Affiliate Network


Occasion- Physical & digital stores, online business affiliate cooperations.

shareasale affiliate program

Image board: ShareASale Affiliate Program for Merchants & Affiliates.

ShareASale is one of the few comprehensive affiliate networks, which is endorsed by Reebok, DesignEvo logo maker, and many more brands with a big reputation. It supports affiliate works on both physical stores and online digital stores.

For new affiliate network users who want to promote brands and businesses of their own, ShareASale provides a button - [I WANT TO BE ONE OF THESE MERCHANTS].

ShareASale feels more like an open affiliate platform that supports merchants searching potential affiliates for cooperation, and simultaneously, allows registered affiliates to look for brands and services.

#2. CJ Affiliate Network


Occasion- Both online and offline affiliate cooperations.

CJ affiliate program

Image board: CJ Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

CJ is another widely used affiliate network, which is endorsed by groups of SaaS Providers. Also, it's an old affiliate network with rigid restrictions on affiliate publishers - commission earners. CJ suspends those affiliates who don't send traffics within 30 days. Because of that, CJ merchants get a high chance to expand brand reach.

To register to be a CJ merchant, you are asked to fill a form and wait for CJ letter for the next move. It's more complicated than some other affiliate networks.

Likewise, CJ has great functions to search for and contact publishers to create new partnerships.

#3. Avangate/2checkout Affiliate Network


Occasion- Online affiliate cooperations.

2checkout affiliate program

Image board: Avangate/2checkout Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

Avangate/2checkout is another widely used affiliate program - Tons of Windows software producers has chosen Avangate/2checkout for nearly 10 years, including Iobit defender, PearlMountain Collage, Winx DVD Ripper, EaseUs backup, Backupper, etc.

It's an efficient affiliate network. In 2checkout, publishers can easily find coupon codes for selling products, or explore more affiliate opportunities to sell items and earn commissions. It gives publishers more freedom, and as a result, it has as many affiliate publishers as possible.

#4. Impact Radius


Occasion- Both online and offline affiliate cooperations.

Impact affiliate program

Image board: Impact Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

Impact Radius is another affiliate platform that's chosen by great brands, like, Lenovo, Iobit, etc. It offers affiliate networks for Saas, Cloud, and Web services.

For merchants, they can manage their partners, influencers, and product publishers easily.

#5. ReferralCandy


Occasion- Ecommerce online, Integration of Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, MailChimp, etc.

referralcandy affiliate program

Image board: ReferralCandy Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

ReferralCandy is a welcome affiliate network for ecommerce businesses online. Merchants can easily find partners here, which attracts thousands of ecommerce store founders and expand their businesses.

By integrating powerful services, for instance, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, MailChimp, etc. you will find doing online businesses with great ease.

Part Two. Best Affiliate Programs for Publishers, Affiliates and Commission Earners

If you are a skilled writer with influence, or run some niche sites with great contents, then you can consider to be an affiliate publisher of related services, and earn extra money.

We've compiled 5 sites. They are all active affiliate networks with millions of sale items to cooperate. On any of these platforms, you can try and assess some items that will be helpful for your readers, and then judge whether to be the affiliate and introduce the subject to your readers.

The 5 affiliate networks for merchants above can be good choices to register to be an affiliate.

Exclusively, only ShareASale allows you to sell products offline, such as, open a real chain store. Other 3 affiliate networks are for the cooperations of digital product and ecommerce.

Besides the 5 affiliate networks in part One, we've collected other 3 affiliate networks that are good for publishers.



Occasion- Software affiliate.

mycommerce affiliate program

Image board: MyCommerce Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

If you are a geek and share tech tips, Mycommerce can be one of your choices to promote really cool digital products that are made by others and to make your money simultaneously.

Mycommerce is an old affiliate platform, and have relatively a large number of software cooperation options. And it's much easier to apply to become an affiliate, since most of the merchants on Mycommerce set no limits on affiliate approval.



Occasion- Ecommerce affiliate.

clickbank affiliate program

Image board: ClickBank Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

ClickBank affiliate network is one of the most popular affiliate systems among many ecommerce partners.

Even without registration, you can easily search for services and products that merchants provide. It's fast to glance at the selections and make your decision.

#8. Amazon Associates


Occasion- Amazon affiliate.

amazon associates affiliate program

Image board: Amazon Associates Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace, and Amazon Associates is Amazon official affiliate network.

In Amazon Associates, you get a variety of items for promotion. If you've registered to be an Amazon affiliate, you can not only get a commission from the product that you promote, but also get a commission from other buys from your traffic leads.

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