Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms For Merchants & Top Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Foreword: Here is a list of top 8 affiliate platforms for both merchants and affiliates. Whether you are a fresh market manager or an experienced, the 8 trusted affiliate platforms will perform effectively to help you find incredible business partners. For affiliates, top 8 platforms are perfect places for you to find thousands of great affiliate services and programs to promote. For beginner affiliates lacking experiences to choose what to affiliate, we've shared our hand-picked top affiliate services and programs for choices. Anyway, with these platforms and services, you can choose better.

Whether you are running businesses or looking for business opportunities to work as side jobs, affiliate cooperation is very practical media to make extra money.

In this article, we break down the list of top affiliate platforms & programs into 3 parts:

  • Part One. Top Affiliate Platforms for Merchants
  • Part Two. Best Affiliate Platforms for Publishers, Affiliates and Commission Earners
  • Part Three. Best Affiliate Services & Programs for Fresh Affiliates & Commission Earners

Part One. Top Affiliate Platforms for Merchants or Business Owners

How Does Affiliate Work? How Can Merchants Benefit from Installing Affiliate Program?

If you are a producer who produces daily products, desktop software or SaaS services(online subscription services), finding an affiliate platform will bring you at least 2x profits than without it:

You don't have to pay wages to affiliate partners or renting fees of physical affiliate stores, but you'll have hardworking "salesmen" and more "chain stores" with the help of affiliate networks!

When an affiliate sale transaction happens, a portion of the sale amount will be automatically transferred to an affiliate as commission, also the affiliate platform will get transaction fee from this deal.

If you are interested in affiliate cooperation. You can build your affiliate network by registering in one of the top affiliate platforms below. Also be aware, you're required to deposit some money as the entrance fees and pre-deposited commissions:

#1. ShareASale Affiliate Network


Occasion: Physical & digital stores, online business affiliate cooperations.

shareasale affiliate platform

Image: ShareASale Affiliate Platform for Merchants & Affiliates.

ShareASale is one of the few comprehensive affiliate networks, endorsed by Reebok, DesignEvo logo maker, Picmonkey and many more brands with big reputations. It supports affiliate cooperations, including physical store affiliates and online store affiliates.

For merchants who want to promote brands and businesses of their own, ShareASale provides a button - [I WANT TO BE ONE OF THESE MERCHANTS].

ShareASale is an open affiliate platform that supports merchants searching potential partners for affiliate cooperations. Simultaneously, it allows registered affiliates to find brands and services to promote.

#2. CJ Affiliate Network


Occasion: Both online and offline affiliate cooperations.

CJ affiliate platform

Image: CJ Affiliate Platform for Merchants & Publishers.

CJ is another widely used affiliate network, which is endorsed by groups of SaaS Providers. Also, it's an old affiliate network with rigid restrictions on affiliates - commission earners. CJ suspends those affiliates who don't send traffics within 30 days. Because of that, CJ merchants have a better chance to expand brand.

To register to be a CJ merchant, you need to fill a form and wait for CJ letter for the next move. It's more complicated than other affiliate network registrations.

Just like ShareASale affiliate platform, CJ has great functions to search for various affiliate partners, and CJ merchants can easily contact potential affiliates for new cooperations.

#3. Avangate/2checkout Affiliate Network


Occasion: Online affiliate cooperations.

2checkout affiliate program

Image: Avangate/2checkout Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

Avangate/2checkout is another widely used affiliate program - Tons of Windows software producers have chosen Avangate/2checkout as their affiliate platform for nearly 10 years. They are Iobit defender, PearlMountain Collage, Winx DVD Ripper, EaseUs backup, Backupper, etc.

It's an efficient affiliate network. In 2checkout, affiliate partners can easily find coupons to promote their affiliate sales, or explore more affiliate opportunities to affiliate with and earn commission. It gives affiliates more freedom.

#4. Impact Radius


Occasion: Both online and offline affiliate cooperations.

Impact affiliate program

Image: Impact Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

Impact Radius is another affiliate platform that's chosen by great brands, like, Lenovo, Iobit, etc. It offers affiliate networks for Saas, Cloud, and Web services.

For merchants, they can manage their partners, influencers, and product publishers easily.

#5. ReferralCandy


Occasion: Ecommerce online, Integration of Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, MailChimp, etc.

referralcandy affiliate program

Image: ReferralCandy Affiliate Program for Merchants & Publishers.

ReferralCandy is a welcome affiliate network for ecommerce businesses online. Merchants can easily find partners here, which attracts thousands of ecommerce store founders to expand their businesses.

By integrating powerful services, for instance, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, MailChimp, etc., ReferralCandy lets you run online businesses with great ease.

Part Two. Best Affiliate Platforms for Publishers, Affiliates and Commission Earners

If you are a skilled writer or run some niche sites with great contents, then you can consider to be an affiliate publisher of related services, and earn extra money.

We've compiled 5 affiliate platforms in part 1. They are all active affiliate networks with millions of sale items for cooperation. For both merchants and affiliates, these 5 affiliate networks above turn out to be fatanstic options to find business partners.

But note that only ShareASale allows affiliates to sell products offline (like open a real chain store to sell affiliate goods). Other 4 affiliate networks only supports affiliate cooperation regarding digital products or ecommerce.

Other than 5 affiliate networks in part one, we've collected another 3 affiliate networks ideal for affiliate parnters or commission earners. On any of the platforms, you can easily collect real user reviews of different products, and better judge whether to affiliate with the services or not.



Occasion: Software affiliate.

mycommerce affiliate platform

Image: MyCommerce Affiliate Platform for Merchants & Publishers.

If you are a geek who shares tech tips, Mycommerce can be a wonderful place to find really cool digital products for affiliate cooperation to make your commission.

Mycommerce is an old affiliate platform, and have relatively a large number of software affiliate options. It's much easier to apply to be an affiliate, since most Mycommerce merchants set no limits on affiliate approval.



Occasion: Ecommerce affiliate.

clickbank affiliate platform

Image: ClickBank Affiliate Platform for Merchants & Publishers.

ClickBank affiliate network is one of the most popular affiliate platforms for many ecommerce partners.

Even without registration, you can easily search for services and products provided by merchants. It's fast to glance at the selections and make your decision.

#8. Amazon Associates


Occasion: Amazon affiliate.

amazon associates affiliate platform

Image: Amazon Associates Affiliate Platform for Merchants & Publishers.

Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace, and Amazon Associates is Amazon official affiliate network.

In Amazon Associates, you get a variety of items made by different merchants for affiliate promotion. If you've registered to be an Amazon affiliate, you can not only get commissions from the products you promote, but also get commissions from all deals of your traffic leads.

Part Three. Best Affiliate Services & Programs for Fresh Affiliates & Commission Earners

For fresh affiliates who don't know where to start or old affiliates looking for new programs to promote, we'll recommend 3 affiliate programs for your consideration:

  • DesignEvo Affiliate: DesignEvo is a super easy logo solution for all level users. Its online service provides 10,000+ professional logo designs as templates. Recommend it to those who need a logo, and you'll have at least 25% commission from their purchases.
  • DesignEvo logo service for affiliate.

    Image: DesignEvo logo service for affiliate.

  • FlexClip Affiliate: With YouTube becoming more and more popular, video creation has become the trend these years. is a simple solution for video making and editing. Now, you can make commissions by promoting this easy video editor.
  • FlexClip video creating program for affiliate.

    Image: FlexClip video creating program for affiliate.

  • Planet Express Affiliate: Delivery service is a daily service that we can't live without. Planet Express is a US-based package forwarding & fulfillment service company. Their package forwarding service provides clients with the US address (they offer addresses in California and Oregon which is completely sales tax-free). Using the US address, users can shop even in stores that don't offer international shipping (like Walmart, for example).

    The highlights of Planet Express affiliate program are simplicity (you just share the link) and transparency (you can see invited users, provisions, and everything on Planet Express Affiliate Dashboard). They also offer support and media pack for their affiliates.
  • Check revenues of Planet Express affiliate promotion.

    Image: Check revenues of Planet Express affiliate promotion.

  • 3dcart Affiliate: A complete solution for businesses to build their websites and sell products online, it's based out of Florida and has been in business since 1997.

    3dcart's affiliate program pays a generous 300% commission, keeps a 120 days cookie tracking from referral to sale, and works inside the Shareasale network for easy management and transparency. - The 300% commission is not promotional but a permanent commission, their plans go from $29 to $229, and they pay from $87 to $687 in commission, it's a one-time payment and their service is a monthly recurring service.
  • Check 3dcart affiliate program.

    Image: Check 3dcart affiliate program.

If you lack ideas about what to affiliate & promote, the 3 affiliate services can be great starting point: They are in sizable markets, plus they provide awesome services users enjoy.

Part Four. Conclusion

Hope you've found what you need for affiliate cooperation. Also, if you know other reliable affiliate platforms, you can recommend to us for review.

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