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How To Create A Product Explainer Video Freely For Ecommerce(Alibaba, Amazon…)?

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Opening Words: Whether it's affiliate business or personal business, an effective explainer video is beneficial to grow sales, especially for ecommerce sales on platforms of Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, etc. Grab a right tool like, and make an explainer video to showcase your products & services in merely a few clicks!

R&D institutions confirm that online sales can increase by 200%-500% when shop owner uploads an explainer video. According to Shopify, online visitors are 64-85% more likely to place an order by watching an explainer video.

ecommerce product videos

Image: Ecommerce Product Explainer Video Examples.

Today, we'll introduce how to create an explainer video for business easily:

  • Part 1: What Is An Explainer Video?
  • Part 2: How to Make An Explainer Video for Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, etc. Easily?
  • Part 3: Essential Tips for Making An Effective Explainer Video to Get More Clicks and Inquiries.

Part 1 - What Is Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are very different from other types of videos, they are usually short script videos with necessary pictures and shoots.

A professional explainer video needs to focus on demonstrating a product/service/company and help visitors understand how the product/service/company can help intuitively.

We often see explainer videos in company homepage or gallery of an online store. Explainer videos take the primary spots and make people more engaging.

Part 2 - How to Make An Explainer Video for Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, etc. Easily?

For average joes, it takes months to years to make an explainer video, especially when you try with professional tools like Blender video editor or Adobe Premium editor.

Here, we'll not take usual ways to present you how to make an explainer video. Instead, we share you an easy video editor - FlexClip to make an explainer video much more easily: FlexClip is template-rich and you can find stunning explainer video ideas for personalization. There are unlimited videos, photos and music that you can use in any storyboard creation.

In only 4 steps, you can create a compelling explainer video for your company or product/service! Before starting, open and register a free account.

  1. Step 1: After registering to be a member of, you can enter a keyword to search for explainer video templates. Or, you can go [Start From Scratch] and choose a ratio among "16:9" (computer and TV), "1:1" and "9:16" (smartphone).
  2. Step 2: Upload your own explainer shoots or pictures for company or product, by [+ Storyboard] > [Add Local Media].
  3. Add your product shooting video.

    Image: Add your product shooting video.

  4. Step 3: Add explaining scripts or texts to make your explainer video informative & guided. If you prefer, you can add effect or music to any video storyboard.
  5. Step 4: Preview and download your explainer video by [Preview] and [Export Video]. When you choose a download plan to go among 480P, 720P and 1080P, you need to refer to video upload platform guideline.

Alibaba Upload Terms for Explainer Video

Alibaba platform offers a video bank for merchant, where you can upload a product video in resolution of 480P+, length of 45s-, and size of 100MB-. After uploading the video, it will be as stock footage, and then you can re-use the Alibaba video directly.

Upload product explainer video to Alibaba Video Bank

Image: Upload product explainer video to Alibaba Video Bank.

In FlexClip, you can effortlessly customize your explainer video to 45s or less. You'll want to download a 1080P video, as it ensures you a higher video quality (a greater user experience).

Amazon Upload Terms for Explainer Video

Different from Alibaba platform, the feature of adding an explainer video to Amazon product list does not opened for all Amazon merchants. It's a tested feature, but we can expect amazon product video open for a broader use.

Now, only A+ merchants are capable of uploading a product video to Amazon, which meets at least 720P in resolution and ratio of 16:9.

Part 3 - Essential Tips for Making An Effective Explainer Video to Get More Clicks and Inquiries

In this part, we'll dig deeper and find out essential tips for an effective explainer video.

When we upload an explainer video to an ecommerce platform, we hope it can help audiences and win more clicks simultaneously. More clicks will bring more inquiries.

1)Show Product Details.

Product explainer videos are very different from ad videos, marketing videos, or any other videos. The main purpose of an explainer video is to explain a product briefly. You shouldn't miss key details or product features in the videography.

2)Straight into The Product.

Make your explainer video brief and focus in feature introduction.

Image how people watch your explainer video: They click it in ecommerce product list, and hope to know how the product/service runs that pictures won't tell.

If you manage to do it well, you can expect a higher conversion: When people know some details and how it works and helps, they are more likely to make a purchase.

3) Keep Frame Neat & Simple, No Transitions.

Make your explainer video neat & simple. Typically, a white background will work perfectly.

Transitions will be unnecessary. It only makes your explainer video length. And explainer videos with transitions have a larger chance to get disapproved by ecommerce platforms.

4)Use Cheerful Background Music, Record Explanatory Soundtrack.

The last trick is to add helpful or cheerful soundtrack to your explainer video.

By doing this, you can set a good mood for your video. Audiences will feel relief when watching it.

Recording voiceovers to explain the product or service is beneficial. It will add conversion.

Examine your video with 4 points above. If it meets them all, your explainer video shall perform well in sale promotion.

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