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Easily Create A Free Product Explainer Video For Ecommerce (Alibaba, Amazon…)!

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Foreword: It's painless to make a product video for hot ecommerce platforms, i.e., Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, etc. No matter it's affiliate business or your own business, nice product video can make online sales grow. Check simple steps and create your free product explainer video that users endorse in!

R&D institutions have confirmed it'll increase sales by 200%-500%, once you've implemented a decent explainer video in product showcase. Visitors are 64-85% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a standard video, according to Shopify.

ecommerce product videos

Image board: Ecommerce Product Explainer Video Examples.

If you haven't tried it, or found it troublesome, then this article will illuminate a pleasing path to create your product explainer video.

We break down the content of how to create a free visualized explainer video for ecommerce into parts:

  • Part 1: How to Make A Free Explainer Video for Alibaba, Amazon,…?
  • Part 2: Optimize A Product Explainer Video to Get More Clicks and Inquiries.
  • Part 3: Share Video on Social Networks to Promote Your Ecommerce Sales.

Stick with us!

Part 1: How to Make An Explainer Video Free for Alibaba, Amazon,…?

If some using professional video editor, it could take months or years to finish a product explainer video. However, you can turn to those "dummy" tools with great ease. FlexClip is one of them that allows you to produce an engaging video for ecommerce in a matter of minutes.

With FlexClip, it becomes super easy to create a product video out of pictures merely. Of course, you can choose the usual way to make an explainer video from product films.

Even if, you lack product shots for the video, its extensive media library can enrich your contents by providing millions of dedicated videos, soundtracks, and images.

Only 4 steps, you can create a compelling explainer product video!

Step 1, Open FlexClip in Chrome and register a free account, or you can install FlexClip on Windows 10 and open it.

Step 2, add product images and product shots as FlexClip storyboards: Go [+Storyboard] > [Add Video]/[Add Photo] > [Browse My File].

FlexClip adds videos.

Image board: FlexClip adds video footage to make product video.

Step 3, customize your product explainer video - switch the sequences of storyboards, add a logo, zoom in or zoom out a storyboard, mute or change storyboard volume.

If your explainer video lacks contents or looks plain, then take advantage of the media library to upgrade your product video, go [+Storyboard] > [Add Video]/[Add Photo] > [Video]/[Picture] and search it.

search videos or images in flexclip

Image board: Image board: Search videos or images in FlexClip.

Step 4, preview and download your product explainer video for ecommerce platform.

How to Free Download Your Product Video for Alibaba?

Alibaba platform offers a video bank for merchant, where you can upload a product video in resolution of 480P+, length of 45s-, and size of 100MB-. After uploading, it will be as stock footage, and you can re-use the Alibaba video directly.


Image board: Upload product video to Alibaba Video Bank.

In free FlexClip, there are 480P, 720P and 1080P for download, which meets Alibaba video standard.

Back to step 2, you can effortlessly customize your product video to 45s or less.

If you create a 45s explainer product video (Alibaba top video length) and download it at 1080P, it will be sized around 56MB. Turn out, there is no need to worry about Alibaba video size requirement.

In conclusion, to download a product video for Alibaba, you just need to make sure the video is in 45s in FlexClip, and press [EXPORT VIDEO]. (Hit [PREVIEW], you'll know the video length.)


Image board: Image board: Preview to know product video length in FlexClip.

How to Free Download Your Product Video for Amazon?

Different from Alibaba platform, adding video to Amazon product list is not open for standard sellers. It's a tested feature, but people highly expect amazon product video for broader use in years to come.

At present, only A+ merchants are capable of uploading a product video to Amazon, which must be at least 720P in resolution and ratio of 16:9.

These requirements can be easily checked in FlexClip. To make a product explainer video for Amazon, you just need to choose [EXPORT VIDEO] > [720P]/[1080P].


Image board: Image board: Download Product video for Ins Publish.

Part 2: Optimize A Product Explainer Video to Get More Clicks and Inquiries.

In part 1, we've shared how to make an explainer product video for ecommerce platforms. In the second part, we'll dig deeper and find out how to optimize a product explainer video.

When we upload a product explainer video to ecommerce, we hope it can help audiences and simultaneously get more clicks. Reasonably, more clicks bring more inquiries.

1)Show Product Details.

Product explainer videos are very different from ad videos, marketing videos, or any other videos. Product video is to explain a product. Therefore, you shouldn't miss details or any product features in the videography.

not miss product details

Image board: Image board: Do not miss product details.

2)Straight into The Product.

Image how people watch your product video: They click it in ecommerce product list, and they expect to know something more about the the item that pictures don't tell them.

Therefore, it would be inappropriate to introduce your company, or other products in this very product explainer video.

If you manage to do this well, you can expect the product to get a higher conversion:

People know its details, get satisfied with the product, and then, they make a purchase.

3) Keep Frame Neat & Simple, No Transitions.

Product video will be uploaded to ecommerce platform. It requires video frames to be neat and simple. Typically, a white background will work perfectly.

Ditch transitions, or your product explainer video will look wired in product display. Another factor is - product video with transition may fail to get approval by ecommerce platforms.

4)Use Cheerful Background Music, or Record Explanatory Soundtrack.

Last tricks to ensure a better UX is by adding helpful soundtrack to your product explainer video:

You can either set a good mood for product video by utilizing cheerful background music. Then audiences will feel relief when watching it.

Or, you can record voiceovers to explain the product features and its highlights. Then it helps audiences know the item. But simplify the voiceover, or it can fail you and audiences.

Examine your video with above 4 points, then your product explainer video will be the video to sell in ecommerce.

Part 3: Share Video on Social Networks to Promote Your Ecommerce Sales.

Build your business influences in social networks! Enjoy the benefits that social traffics bring!

Build Business Influence in Instagram:

Instagram is one of popular social networks for marketing professionals. Building an Instagram account for business is minutes work. After that, upload your product explainer video to your account.

Instagram requires video uploaded in a ratio of 9:16 and at least 720P.

If you've prepared your product explainer video in FlexClip previously, it's a lot faster to customize your product video to a vertical Instagram video:

Open FlexClip and find previous project for product explainer video, go [SETTINGS] > [Ratio] > [9:16]. To adjust the frame, you can drag and move the graphics until satisfied.

Lastly, download your video at 1080P or 720P for Instagram use.

Build Business Influence in YouTube:

Besides Instagram, YouTube is a must-plan social platform. Build your business channel in YouTube and upload your product explainer video in 1080P. Choose a few keywords as video tags.

YouTube will automatically analyze your product video, then feature/expose it in the recommended section of related videos. If you've done it great, you will see a lot of visits to your product.

Also, there is no need to concern the video resolution. As the largest video streaming platform, YouTube will prepare a few resolutions for your uploading video, and adjust it according to user end condition.

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Build Business Influence in Twitter:

Twitter is another social media platform that can help build your business influence.

To share a product video to Twitter is much easier: photo icon > select product video > add a few lines and post it. Include # Twitter tags in the post.

add product video to twitter

Image board: Image board: Add product video to Twitter.

Build Business Influence in Facebook:

Facebook, as the most significant social platform, will be an ideal social platform to build your business influence. Facebook recommends the ratios of 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1, and FlexClip supports them all for free.

Upload your product explainer video to Facebook, add 1-2 keyword-rich lines, and append # with highlighted keywords in the tail, which helps users find your product explainer video when they search for something related.

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