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Blender Video Editing Beginner Tutorial - How to Edit Video with Blender & Find Free Alternative?

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Forewords: A beginner guidebook for Blender video editor: It's open source, free, powerful, and available for video editing. Unfortunately, a majority of new users find it quite confusing for its complex integrated interface. Now, we bring you a beginner tutorial - "How to use Blender video editing software steps by steps", and also find an easier online alternative to Blender - free FlexClip.

Nothing beats a freebie. When it comes to video editing, it's no exception - Blender, as a world top open source video editor, is always in priority choice without questions.

Tips: What is open source software? A short version: It's free software (free to download and use), in most cases. However, if you buy an open source software DVD from a physical shop, you will be charged by the shop owner.

Part 1: How to Edit Video with Blender Video Editing Software for Beginner?

1)Download and Install Blender Freeware:

There is not too much talk about Blender installation. Blender supports a variety of OS, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Steam, and all of these editions are available for free downloads.

Choose to install entire features.

Image board: Choose to install entire features.

Choose the right installer and install it on your computer. In the setup, it's best to choose to install entire features, once and for all.

2)How to Switch Blender Interface to Video Editing Workspace:

For starter, Blender is a renowned 3D animation creator. To edit a video with Blender, you are required to change default workspace to "Video Editing" manually. The switch button is hidden in a pull-down list (it's not obvious), and you can find it next to the main menu (right after "Help").

How to switch Blender interface to video editing workspace?

Image board: How to switch Blender interface to video editing workspace?

When the interface has been switched to "Video Editing", things will appear familiar and easier. If you had experiences with some video editing software before, and you may figure out how to use it after a dozen tries.

3)How to Use Blender Video Editing Interface:

Key buttons for video editing in Blender

Image board: Key buttons for video editing in Blender.

We've made a screenshot of Blender video editing interface. To edit with Blender video editor, you must know 2 marked icons:

-Marked 1 icon (feature icon): It's the feature button with access to a different workspace. For fresher, this icon will save you from accidentally switching an active windows to another, and take you back to a previous workspace.

-Marked 2 vertical green bar(beginning line): It's where your video clip will be added. If you haven't inserted any clips yet, it's where your video content starts.

4)How to Add Video Footage and Audios? [Step by Step]

Add footage and audios in Blender video editor

Image board: Add footage and audios in Blender video editor.

Step 1 Hit icon 1, go [File Browser] in the push-down list, and change the path to your footage folder.

Step 2 Switch the display mode to Thumbnails preview. – This step is important. Or you can barely drag and drop any footage to your current video timeline in step three. (Timeline is named "video sequence editor" in Blender).

Step 3 Add footage and audios to Blender "video sequence editor" with drag-and-drop.

Step 4 Download your editing video to MP4.

5)How to Navigate Blender Video Editing Software Easily?

Blender adopts completely different commands, which you may find it uneasy to navigate in your first try.

In the interface of Blender video sequence editor, mouse scrolling alone will bring you the effects of zooming-in and zooming-out. When you hold "Ctrl" and scroll the mouse at the same time, the timeline will move to the left and the right.

In additional, we've also compiled the most useful Blender commands for your reference:

    Tip 1

  • ->Blender Mouse Click Function:
  • Left click will place footage starting bar(vertical green bar). Right click will select a sequence/track.

    Tip 2

  • ->How to Insert a Video Clip in a Specific Spot in Blender?
  • Left click will place the green bar that's the beginning of a clip. You can put it at the time point of 0+00, or elsewhere. (Note: Grey section clips will not be shown in final video production.)

    Tip 3

  • ->How to Add Video Footage in Blender?
  • Drag and drop video footage from Thumbnails File Browser.

    Tip 4

  • ->How to Delete a Track in Blender?
  • To delete a track, you need to right click it, keystroke "X" and hit "Enter".

    Tip 5

  • ->How to Adjust or Move a Video Sequence/Track in Blender?
  • Re-organizing a sequence requires you to right click a sequence/track firstly; press "G" secondly; move the mouse to move the video track thirdly; and left click to finalize the position of your selected sequence finally.

    Tip 6

  • ->How to Split One Video Clip into Two Clips in Blender?
  • Left clip to place the green bar in the video track, Keystroke "K". After that, your selected clip will get split into 2 clips.

    Tip 7

  • ->How to Increase Video Length in Blender?
  • Move to the bottom of Blender interface, set "End:" parameter to a larger number.

    Tip 8

  • ->How to Preview Your Video Editing in Blender?
  • Keystroke Alt + "A", it will play your video automatically.
Preview video in Blender video editing software

Image board: Preview video in Blender video editing software.

    Tip 9

  • ->How to Output Your Editing Video to MP4 instead of PNGs in Blender?
  • Step 1: Switch feature icon to "Properties" feature.
  • Step 2: In "Display" pull-down list, change it from "Image Editor" to "Keep UI".
  • Step 3: In "Frame Rate", click "Custom (29.87fps)" in black and pick "24fps". (If you don't customize the frame rate, you'll get an error message - "Encoder timebase is not set blender".)
  • Step 4: In "Output", change the default path from "/tmp\" to "/tmp\myvideo.mp4". (You can change "myname" to any other word to rename the output video.)
  • Step 5: In "PNG" pull-down list, change its value to "FFmpeg video".
  • Step 6: Keystroke "Ctrl + F12" to render (download) the MP4 video file for download.
How to output your editing video to MP4 video in Blender

Image board: How to output your editing video to MP4 video in Blender?

For a beginner, to make standard video editing, you need to remember a couple of shortcuts & commands, and use them correctly. What if you dislike memorizing shortcuts? Or hate to repeat the steps according to a reference book?

For the moment, Blender studio hasn't offered users an easier solution (It's still a complex tool). That makes a more straightforward alternative very pleasing:

Part 2: How to Find An Easier Free Alternative to Blender Video Editor?

After nearly 1-year hardworking from 10 advanced SaaS developers, the project - FlexClip Video Editor for all level users - has been finished and released successfully.

From human test reports and real user data, all FlexClip users enjoy designing a video with an open mind. Its extensive resource library (1000,000+ footage and images) provides more possibilities and inspirations for users. Its streamlined interface makes video editing at your fingertips.

Blender video editing alternative - free online video editor

Image board: Blender Video Editing Alternative - FlexClip free online video editor.

Splitting(scissor icon) and merging footage are easier than Blender editor. And thanks to applying storyboard architecture, you don't have to set the video length, which is a must in Blender. FlexClip will automatically extend video length for you.

In FlexClip, what you preview is what you get. You can download the video production in the preview window, and it will be saved as MP4 video in 1080P, 720P, or 480P.

Another Highlight: FlexClip offers a ratio of 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16 for desktops, Facebook, and smartphones respectively.

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