5 Best OBS Alternatives in 2021

Last Updated: 2020. 11. 23

Summary: Is there any OBS alternative for live streaming? If you are search for an OBS alternative to live streaming, let's read through this guide below.

For a long time, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) has been the number one application for content creators. It has perfect recording, real-time streaming media tool selection, and provides more control over the program than most other tools. However, just like any other type of program, users will find themselves looking for OBS alternatives.

There are several reasons why OBS alternatives may be required. OBS has not received many updates, the user interface is not attractive, and there are some errors. If you use it for the first time, it may be a little troublesome. Therefore, if you have been using OBS but are looking for changes, please try the following OBS alternative methods.

Best OBS Alternatives in 2021

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