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Add Text to YouTube Video Easily And Quickly

Posted on: Feb. 24, 2020

Summary: This blog shows you 2 ways to add text to YouTube video to catch more views. Also it introduces you a terrific YouTube video editor to perfect your videos.

Add text to YouTube video makes your video more professional. If your video is rich in content, viewers probably will detract their attention, adding texts to YouTube video can catch their eyes again, especially some interesting keywords, point them out to emphasize the important parts or words on the screen. Besides, adding right text to YouTube video can make your viewers understand the video better.

But how to add text to YouTube video, where I can find catchy texts (or even animation text)? Come to check out FlexClip YouTube video editor offers you dozens of text and animation text templates, you can add a catchy text for every video clips without professional skills and software downloaded.

Part 1: How to Add Text to YouTube Video Before Uploading With FlexClip

Before uploading videos to YouTube, there are many free editing software to add simple text or subtitles to your video.

FlexClip not only supports adding simple text and subtitles to video, but also allows you to add animated text to your YouTube video. You can add multiple text box, and place the text to any position according to different demands. In addition, you are able to select different font, change the size and color of texts.

Follow the 4 steps to add stunning text to YouTube video:

Step 1: Upload YouTube video clips

The first step you need to do is to add your local video clips to FlexClip storyboard.


Image board: Upload your local video

Step 2: Select one of ‘simple texts’ or ‘dynamic texts’ to add into your video

You can add multiple text boxes to one video clip. Using the feature of ‘simple text’ to add subtitles and the feature of ‘dynamic text’ to bullet the keywords on video screen, which makes your video more stunning and attractive.


Image board: Add text to YouTube video (subtitles, text, animated text) by FlexClip YouTube video editor

Step 3: Adjust the added texts

You can place the texts in any position of the video timeline and place the texts in any position on video screen.


Image board: Adjust added text, subtitles or animated text.

Step 4: Export the new video

Preview your video clips first, make sure everything is all right and then export your video.


Image board: Export the new video with texts..

More Editing Features With FlexClip YouTube Video Editor

There are other excellent editing features you may be interested in. You can add trim video, add music / sound effects or remove background music. Also, FlexClip allows you to record voiceover, and make a terrific slideshow. Learn more editing features in FlexClip, come to try it for free!

Part 2: How to Add Text to YouTube Video With YouTube Tool (After Uploading)

After uploading your video to YouTube, wanna add subtitles or captions to video? Follow the 6 steps adding text to YouTube video with YouTube tool.

Step 1: Sign in to ‘YouTube Studio’.

Step 2: Enter the interface of ‘videos’, select the video you wanna add text or subtitles/caption.

Step 3: Go to Subtitles > Select language > Add > Create a New Subtitle or CC.

Step 4: Tab ‘+’ to add text to YouTube video, type the text / subtitles you want. Then, trim the length of text and drag the red bar to change the starting and ending points.

Depict video: Add subtitles to YouTube video

Step 5: Save all your changes

Bottom Line

Wanna get more followers on YouTube? Why not trying to add text to YouTube video, let more viewers understand and be attracted by your video content. Besides, you can add video card and end screen to YouTube video to encourage viewers to follow you.

  • Tips For Video Text/Subtitles
  • 1. Big & Bolder: your texts need to be bolder enough on the screen for emphatic use.
  • 2.Not Overuse: video text can make your viewers understand you better, but if you add too much text to YouTube videos will damage viewing experience, people will feel annoying and click away.
  • 3. Animated Text: add animated text to YouTube video, the effects of animation may make viewers stay longer and follow your YouTube account.

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