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FlexClip Outro Maker: Create Your Creative YouTube Outro Template

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Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: FlexClip ad maker offers thousands of YouTube outro templates and helps you to create stunning outro video for YouTube in minutes, come to try it for free!

Part 1: FlexClip Ourto Maker

While there are plenty of outro maker offering various default outro templates, but are you really satisfied with them. Nowadays, with the boom of promo videos, your audience wanna see more creative and funny YouTube outro videos. FlexClip now offer you chances to get your own set of YouTube outro template and give your channel a creative and professional look!

Depict video: Example: YouTube Outro Template

An fabulous outro for YouTube Channel can help you absorb more views and get more eye-catching. FlexClip also lists top 5 outro ideas to help you to make your attractive Youtube outro template.

Part 2: How to Create Your Own Creative YouTube Ourto Template?

Having an unique YouTube outro template enables you to apply it into any videos to thank you for watching and guide your audience to visit your website, shop, company. But how to make my own stunning YouTube outro template?

Step 1Upload local video / choose video templates from media library

① You can start with choosing a video template from FlexClip media library to. All the designs of templates will inspire your minds and transfer to your ideas, helping your to create your own outro video.


Image board: Upload local media or choose a outro template in FlexClip outro maker

② Or you can click ‘’ to upload your own video clips first, such as your company video, product video, etc. to create an unique YouTube Outro template from the very beginning.


Image board: Upload local media to FlexClip Outro maker

Step 2 Add animated text

A creative YouTube outro template includes a very attractive dynamic texts as a slogan or emphasis to highlight your brand name, shop location, and logo.

Depict video: Add animated text and trim the text by FlexClip ad maker

Step 3 Add outro, overlay or business logo

FlexClip outro maker offers many overlay, outro templates, which can include your company details, like location, name, logo, watermark and your slogan and websites. You can add them into your YouTube outro.

Depict video: Add company detail information to YouTube outro template by FlexClip outro maker

Step 4 Add YouTube background music if your outro need

If you wanna your YouTube outro is special enough, an unique music can help viewers remember you. It will become your special company sound, every time people listen to it will recall to your business or products. In this way, your brand awareness can be increased.

Depict video: Add special sound or music for brand-awareness increasing by FlexClip outro maker

Step 5 Choose right aspect ratio for perfect YouTube video size

For YouTube, the right aspect ratio is 16:9, even on Mobile devices, it’s default to play in 16:9. So, you need to make sure the aspect ratio of your YouTube outro video is 16:9.

Click the button of ‘setting wheel’ to change the aspect ratio of YouTube outro template.


Image board: Choose right aspect ratio

Step 6 Export your customized YouTube outro template

Save all your changes, and then export your own YouTube outro templates with high definition 1080p.


Image board: Export your customized YouTube outro template

Bottom Line

This is how to make you own stunning YouTube outro templates. Come to try it free, making your own ones stands out your YouTube channel!

Also, end screen is a dispensable part for YouTube video. Some people make a YouTube end screen as their YouTube outro, but also you can add a end screen on your outro video. If you are interested in, come to check out how to add a YouTube end screen!

Part 3: Different Types of YouTube Outro Templates

There are also some YouTube outro templates you may interest in, come to check out more YouTube outro templates or directly start to make one now!

YouTube Outro Templates For Education

YouTube Outro Templates For Makeup Shop

YouTube Outro Templates For Financial Company

YouTube Outro Templates For Holiday Discount

YouTube Outro Templates For Camera Review

Best 5 YouTube Outro Templates From FlexClip Media Stock

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