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FlexClip Outro Maker: Create Cool YouTube Outros with Free YouTube Outro Templates

Last Updated: Dec. 10, 2020

Your hard-made YouTube video shouldn't end with a plain outro.

In this post, we will teach you how to create cool YouTube outros using FlexClip--- a free and awesome YouTube outro template maker. So, you can easily edit your video with original and creative outros in minutes and get more likes and subscribers.


FlexClip Outro Maker

A creative and cool outro for YouTube Channel can help you draw more viewers and subscribers.

While there are plenty of outro makers offering various YouTube outro templates but none can truly please the eyes of the viewers.

Besides, nowadays with the boom of promo videos, your audience wanna see more creative and funny YouTube outro videos.

To that end, you can use FlexClip, a free and user-friendly online outro maker, to make your own set of YouTube outro templates and give your channel a creative and professional look!

A sample of Cool Floral YouTube Outro Template

How to Make Cool YouTube Outros with YouTube Outro Maker

With the versatile FlexClip YouTube outro maker, you can easily use YouTube outro templates or your video clips and photo to create stunning outros for your YouTube videos.

Please check the following 6 steps in detail.

Step 1 Create a New Project in FlexClip Outro Maker

Option 1: Use YouTube Outro Templates

You can begin by choosing a video template from FlexClip's media library. All the expertly-designed YouTube outro templates will greatly inspire you and save you lots of precious time for video making.

Choose a YouTube outro template in FlexClip outro maker

Choose a YouTube outro template in FlexClip outro maker

Option 2: Make Unique YouTube Outros from Scratch

Or you can click on ‘start from scratch’ button and upload your video clips first, such as your company video, product video, etc. to create a unique YouTube outro template from the very beginning.

Upload local media to FlexClip Outro maker

Upload local media to FlexClip Outro maker

Step 2 Add Animated Text

One of the most important roles of YouTube outro is to give credits, recap your video, or ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

So, adding eye-catching dynamic texts as a slogan or emphasis to highlight your brand's visibility, company's address, etc. will increase the click-through-rate and boost potential sales.

Add animated text and edit it by FlexClip outro maker

Add animated text and edit it by FlexClip outro maker

If you prefer, you can also use FlexClip outro maker to add funky widgets to add a touch of humor to end your YouTube video. Simply drag and drop, everything works perfectly. Check great YouTube outro making ideas.

Insider Tips:

As to what to say at the end of a YouTube video, you may either give credits to those who sponsor or inspire you for making this video.

Another strategic way is to use “call-to-actions”, suggesting viewers to subscribe to your channel for exciting upcoming videos or advise them to leave comments for higher engagements, etc.

Step 3 Add Outro, Overlay, and Business Logo

If you are pressed for time, simply use dozens of handy overlays, outro templates to display your company's details, such as an address, name, logo, watermark, and websites, etc. You can add them to your YouTube outro effortlessly.

Add the company’s detailed information to YouTube outro

Add the company’s detailed information to YouTube outro

Step 4 Add Background Music to YouTube Outro

If you wanna your YouTube outro to look special enough, matching your outro video with a soothing BGM will make a huge difference.

The more than 100,000 royalty-free music and sound effects will give your video the unique mood you need. Every time people listen to it will recall your business or products. In this way, your brand awareness can be increased.

Add special sound or music to engage audiences by FlexClip outro maker

Add special sound or music to engage audiences by FlexClip outro maker

Besides, you may also feel free to use the voice-over feature of FlexClip outro maker to record your voice and blend it in the outro. It will make your video feel more personal and let viewers identify themselves with you.

Record vocie for YouTube outro by FlexClip

Record vocie for YouTube outro by FlexClip

Step 5 Choose Right Aspect Ratio for YouTube Outro

For YouTube, the right aspect ratio is 16:9, even on Mobile devices, it defaults to play in 16:9. So, you need to make sure the aspect ratio of your YouTube outro video is 16:9.

With only two clicks, you can easily turn your YouTube outro template size into a 16:9 aspect ratio. Fantastic, isn't it?

Match the Youtube outro aspect ratio

Match the Youtube outro aspect ratio

Step 6 Export Your Customized YouTube Outro Template

Preview the customized video, and then export your own YouTube outro templates with high definition 1080p in a flash.

Export your customized YouTube outro template

Export your customized YouTube outro template

You can even share your YouTube outro directly to your YouTube channel, with a swift click. Super easy and time-saving.

Click on the ‘YouTube’ button for instant share to your YouTube channel.

Click on the ‘YouTube’ button for instant share to your YouTube channel.

Popular YouTube Outro Templates for You

We handpicked some of the popular YouTube outro Templates for you, along with the top 5 YouTube outro templates in FlexClip. Hopefully, you will find them useful.

So, without further ado, go and check the following outro templates and start creating your YouTube outro video now!

YouTube Outro Templates For Education

YouTube Outro Templates For Makeup Shop

YouTube Outro Templates For Financial Company

YouTube Outro Templates For Holiday Discount

YouTube Outro Templates For Camera Review

Best 5 YouTube Outro Templates From FlexClip Media Stock

Final Thoughts

To sum up, creating a unique and visually-appealing YouTube outro template and video is a great way to engage your audience and increase subscribers.

With the free and flexible FlexClip outro maker, creating eye-catching YouTube outro templates and videos will be like a breeze. So, no more waiting, just upload your video clips to customize our expertly-made YouTube outro templates now.

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