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How to Make an Attractive Outro for YouTube?

Summary:An incredible outro for your YouTube channel can help you attract more views and get more eye-catching. Check in this blog how to make an outro by Flexclip. Learn about what should be noticed during outro creating.

When you watch a popular video on YouTube, you’ll find that a complete video is divided into 3 parts: intro (an introduction of your video content), body (ideas sharing with your audience), and outro (conclusion or end screen).

A YouTube outro exists with scores of forms. A typical YouTube outro always contains the creator’s site, next/previous video, subscribe feature along with the share/like button. It can help YouTubers retain audience and traffic and promote benefits converting.

What's the Outro for YouTube?

How to Make an Outro for YouTube?

Every individuals’ ideal YouTube channel is that they have a large viewer number and a brilliant relationship with their audience. But in fact, many YouTubers realized that there’s no subscribe members growing, no channel traffic expanding.

In the rest parts, we are going to share how to make a perfect outro for your YouTube by a fabulous tool - Flexclip! It’s a free web-based outro maker which has templates for your choice and your desired elements can be added. Launch it, you can easily create your personalized outro.

Here are the steps of YouTube outro making:

★Visit on and sign up a free account.

★Click the “Add Stock Media” button, add videos or photos from the library, or click the “Add Local Media” to upload your preferred outro file (video, music, photo) downloaded online or made by yourself.

How to Add Local Media or Stock Media?

★Search “outro” or any other types of elements you need. Choose the most suitable one, trim it to the extent you satisfy.

Search Outro Templates from Library.

★If you want to customize an outro you can also use features of FlexClip. Add a background, add your logo or YouTube logo (all of the delicate logo styles can be selected), and then edit your information.

Add Logo and Text for Your YouTube Outro.

★Preview your video. If there’s no problem, export outro to your computer.

Preview Your Video and Export it After Editing.

What Makes YouTube Outro Good?

Keep length short.

The purpose of outro is to strengthen viewers’ impressions and to learn more about you. Just give the most important things. Keep outro time length within 10 seconds.

Give informative content.

An additional creator’s information could be involved in YouTube outro. You can emphasize yourself like name, personality, hobby, lifestyle, etc. It’s an effective way to market yourself because the audience will have a deep impression on you once they heard your name. Maybe it can inspire them to know more about you.

Show your related videos.

Aside from the personal information, another way that can help you make a unique outro is putting on relevant videos. Viewers can easier find the entrance to jump to other videos. No matter which video you want to recommend to your audience can be shown on the screen.

Set clickable link buttons.

Another important method to make an outro is to add buttons with links like 'Subscription', 'Like' and 'Share'. It will lure people to promote your content to their social circle. Finally, your followers will increase.

Put on your social media platform or website address.

If you are a personal channel showing your normal life, social media is the most practical way to get more close to you. You’d better add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other account/address on the screen. If you are a business user, you can add your company name, product information and website to easily log in.

The Bottom Line

In general, how the video ends depends on what your content is about. To sum up, the destination for outros is your site, another video and even other landing page benefits you. Try FlexClip, make a YouTube outro with few steps. Maybe it will be contributive to your channel’s popularity.

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