YouTube Outro: How to Easily Make Outros for YouTube Using Free Templates

Last Updated: Jul. 13, 2021

YouTube outros or also known as YouTube end screen is a vital feature of YouTube that allows you to add call-to-action video elements to help you get more subscribers and longer watch time.

The more subscribers and the longer watch time you have, your YouTube channel looks more important to YouTube. As a result, your videos are more likely to be recommended on the right side of the video list or rank atop in the search result.

So, in this post, we will teach you how to easily and quickly make an engaging outro for YouTube using free and fully customizable YouTube outro templates, along with expert tips to take your YouTube outro-making skills to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Essentials for Making an Outro for YouTube

Having a full understanding of the essentials for making an outro for YouTube would spare you lots of wanted troubles, esp. to first-timers to make a YouTube outro.

How Long Should a YouTube Outro Be?

Well, first and foremost, to be able to add an outro for YouTube or a YouTube end screen, your video has to be at least 25 seconds long because a YouTube outro is often placed to the last 5-20 seconds of a video to help you promote other videos, encourage viewers to subscribe and more, according to YouTube.

Length of a YouTube outro

Length of a YouTube outro

We suggest that it's better to add the call-to-action YouTube Outro to the last entire 20 seconds of your video to maximize the chance to get a new subscriber or extend the watch time.

What Is the Best Aspect Ratio of a YouTube Outro?

The best aspect ratio of a YouTube outro is 1920px by 1080px.

The most ideal aspect ratio of YouTube outros

The most ideal aspect ratio of YouTube outros

Not only is it a standard HD dimension for YouTube videos, but also makes it easier for you to place the subscribe button or to add two YouTube end cards, i.e. two clickable links to another two related videos in your channel. Find out more for the best YouTube video size

What Elements Can Be Added to An YouTube Outro?

Overall, 4 elements can be added to a YouTube outro for YouTubers, the first two of which are most helpful to promote your own YouTube channel. Let's take a look.

Add video elements to the YouTube outro in YouTube Studio

Add video elements to the YouTube outro in YouTube Studio

  • Add Video or Playlist: Add a clickable link to redirect viewers to watch another video or a list of videos you recommend for them to keep watching. Normally, you can at most add two videos or two playlists.
  • Add Subscribe Icon: Add your YouTube profile logo as a clickable icon for viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Add Channel: Give a link to another YouTube channel for viewers to check out.
  • Add a Link: Offer an external link, in most cases, a YouTube-approved site, for viewers to check. Yet, this feature is only available if you have joined the YouTube partner program.
  • In most cases, to promote your channel or get more watch time, we only need to add a "video/playlist and subscribe button ", these two elements. So please bear in mind before you make an outro for YouTube. Check how to get more views on YouTube

    How to Easily Make an Outro for Youtube Using Free Template

    To easily and quickly make an outro for YouTube, one of the best options is to use a free and versatile online video editor.

    With hundreds of free and fully customizable YouTube intro and outro templates and dozens of useful video tools, FlexClip, a feature-packed in-browser video editor, stands ready to help you create thumb-stopping outros for YouTube in one place with clicks.

    Make an outro for YouTube by FlexClip

    Make an outro for YouTube by FlexClip

    Step 1
    Access FlexClip Online Video Editor

    Open FlexClip's website, and sign up for free and log into your account. Then hit "Start from Scratch" and select the storyboard mode for the YouTube outro making.

    Launch the FlexClip video editor

    Launch the FlexClip video editor

    Step 2
    Select a YouTube Outro Template

    Click on the "Template" icon and enter the keyword " YouTube Outro " and pick a free outro template with both the place for the video card and subscribe button. Then add it to the storyboard for editing.

    Select a free YouTube outro template

    Select a free YouTube outro template

    Step 3
    Customize the YouTube Outro Template

    Hover over any text and icon you want to personalize. Use the video tool above to change text, its color, and fonts, and movement, or add new dynamic elements, or upload your logo to highlight the branding. Just feel free to play with all the video tools needed.

    Customize the fonts, elements, etc. of a YouTube template

    Customize the fonts, elements, etc. of a YouTube template

    Step 4
    Upload Your Video and Make a Perfect Blending with the New YouTube Outro

    You can add a smooth transition before the main content of your video and the freshly-made YouTube Outro.

    Step 5
    Save and Upload to Your YouTube Channel

    Done with the editing. Preview and download the video in MP4 (1080P) to your local drive or directly share it to your YouTube channel with one click. Then, you can add clickable videos, playlists, or the subscription button in YouTube studio.

    Bonus Tips: What Makes Great YouTube Outros

  • Keep It Short and Punchy
  • The purpose of a YouTube outro is to get more subscribers and generate longer watch time. So, make it short and write direct call-to-action words.

    For example: Watch our latest trailer and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

  • Make it Personal
  • An additional creator’s information could be involved in the YouTube outro. You can emphasize yourself like name, personality, hobby, lifestyle, etc. It’s an effective way to market yourself because the audience will have a deep impression of you once they heard your name. Maybe it can inspire them to know more about you.

  • Offer a Playlist VS a Video
  • As mentioned above, you can either add two clickable videos or playlists to your YouTube outro. If you want to boost the watch time, giving a link to a list of videos is more preferable.

  • Make Subscription and Share Easier
  • Another important method to make an outro is to add buttons with links like 'Subscription', 'Like', and 'Share'. It will lure people to promote your content to their social circle. Finally, your followers will increase.

  • Consider the Host of Your Video and Branding
  • If you are a personal channel showing your normal life, social media is the most practical way to get more close to you. You’d better upload the video to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other account/address on the screen. If you are a business user, you can add your company name, product information, and website to easily log in.

    Final Thoughts

    So, that's all we have for how to make quickly and easily make an outro for YouTube. Hopefully, you can create more eye-catching outros for YouTube using FlexClip YouTube outro maker and grow a wider audience. If you have better solutions for creating YouTube outros, don't hesitate to reach us on Facebook or Twitter. Your comment and feedback are always more than welcome.

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