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How to Upload A Video to YouTube On App and PC

Last Updated: Jul. 30, 2021

Summary: This blog shows you how to upload a video to YouTube on Both PC and mobile device. You can follow the simple 7 steps to post your video on YouTube in both 2 ways.


Image board: How to upload a video to YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful world for video marketing. Uploading a video to YouTube is a good step for both individuals and businesses to disseminate their brand, latest products and marketing campaign.

YouTube, as the largest video social platform for both individuals and business, definitely is your best choice to get a positive impact on video marketing strategy.

To help you start your video marketing promotion, 2 ways are listed to show you how to upload videos to YouTube on mobile app and PC step by step.

Also read how to upload YouTube videos as higher speed.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube on PC

Before share your video to YouTube, you need a catchy and thrilling video first. Once you have this, choose the easiest-use video editing software to get started.

Try out fabulous video editors like FlexClip to add an animated text, a cool transition, a fair-sounding music, and zoom in some details to show your products with high quality, or you can also add a watermark by this video editing software to increase the brand awareness.


Image board: FlexClip Video Editing Software

Before you upload the edited video to YouTube, you may wanna do some basic setup of your account, like uploading your profile image, a YouTube Channel Art and YouTube Thumbnail.

7 Easy steps: Upload A Video to YouTube on PC with the New Upload Experience

Step 1 Create a YouTube Account.

The first step of uploading videos to YouTube is to create your own YouTube account or log in your existing one.

If you have a Goggle account for Gmail or Google Drive, you may find you've logged in automatically. 


Image board: Create an account or login your existing account

Step 2Tab ‘’ to create or post videos

YouTube makes video uploading steps very easily. Basically, tab the button of create or post a video and then there are two options you can choose: Go live or Upload video. Click “Upload”, you will be brought to the upload screen.


Image board: Upload videos

An additional button: Go live, which means except for posting video, you can live stream on YouTube and interact with viewers , too

One thing you need to notice is that YouTube will verify your account before you go live streaming. It will take you 24 hours to get access to this feature, so you can plan your live stream first.

Step 3 Drag and drop or select files to upload.

You can either choose to directly drag your video into the circle or select the video file you want to add. While, if you don’t like the new upload experience, you can tab the right top button to go back to the classic uploading interface.


Image board: Drag your video file or select a video file

Step 4Complete the detail information and essential settings of the video.

For the new upload experience, after you select your file, you will be brought to information interface. You need to fill in some basic details, such as title and description. Adding video information is quite simple and it’s beneficial to the video success.


Image board: Complete video details

Must-have information

1.Audience (required)

Recently, regardless of your location, according the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, YouTube has a must to check whether your videos are made for kids. For more advanced setting, you can restrict the age limitation of your videos.


Image board: Is this video made for kids?

2.Title and description

Give a catchy and pertinent title to attract more viewers and have a clear and accurate description including some tips or music source to give useful and relative information to avoid the video to be deleted by YouTube.


Do a brainstorming of your video’s keywords and adding relevant and descriptive tags helps users find your video easily.

4.YouTube Thumbnail

Human is a visual creature. A thumbnail combined a pertinent title encourage people to play your video.YouTube will give 3 still image cut from you video to you to be the choose of the video thumbnail.


Image board: Add a YouTube Thumbnail before you upload the video to YouTube.

But if you unsatisfied all of them, you can upload your own YouTube Thumbnail image.


Image board: templates of YouTube Thumbnail


Playlist can categorize your videos, putting the similar ones together, like music, game and travel. Playlist not only is used privately but also can highlights on your channel for public to absorb more attentions.


There are 18 different kinds of topics like game and travel for YouTube videos. Selecting the exact topic makes people search your video based on similar content.

7.Language and subtitles

Click More Options, you can choose your language for your subtitles and upload subtitles and CC directly here.


Image board: Choose your language and add a subtitles to your YouTube video.

Step 5Go to “Video element” to choose whether you wanna add a video card or end screen to your video.


Image board: video elements: Add end screen or video card to YouTUbe video

Interactive video hits the mainstream, and the traditional annotation is replaced by YouTube end screen and video card to engage with audience. With end screen and video card, viewers can interact with videos, you are engaging them with your business, too.

Video card usually appears in one moment of the video, you can add some survey to learn more viewers’ demands, or give a promotion of your products or brand.


Image board: video elements: Add video card to YouTUbe video

End screen appears the end of the video and promote your relative videos and your channels again to get more views and conversion.


Image board: video elements: Add end screen to YouTUbe video

Step 6Set your visibility (privacy and date)


Image board: Visibility

You will see the privacy and schedule options on the visibility page. You can change the settings between public, unlisted or private.

Public: once you upload our video, everyone can see your video.

Unlisted: Anyone with the video link can see your video

Private: only you and people you choose can see your video

You can also select a publishing date and time to publish your video. And video will be private before publishing.


Image board: Publishing time

Step 7Set your visibility (privacy and date)

Tab the button to directly publish your video. Or if you schedule the video publishing date and time, YouTube system will note when your video will be published to public or the people you choose to see.


Image board: Publish

7 Simple ways to Upload A video to YouTube On Mobile Device (Infographic)


Image board: Infographic: how to upload a video to YouTube on mobile

Bottom Line

Don’t be worried, YouTube makes upload a video quite easily. Just follow the 7 simple steps either for uploading a video on PC or on Mobile to YouTube, you can post your video as fast as possible!

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