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Best Site to Find Fabulous YouTube Background Music

Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: Where I can find fabulous YouTube background music? Is it free or charged?

Why not try YouTube background music from FlexClip media stock which offers you free license and you can find and add music to videos once for all. This blogs shows you how to find the perfect YouTube background music with FlexClip.

Depict video: Video example with YouTube background music

Age of video marketing on social media is coming. Video helps you engage with audience and boosts information to get more chances to show your products and business. Besides, YouTube becomes the most popular video marketing platform.

Therefore, more and more businesses create more video on YouTube to increase their conversion and brand awareness, but how to stand out in numerous business videos?

Using a right background music for YouTube videos is definitely one of best ways to catch more eyes. A special music sound can help customers follow your video pace and make them stay longer for your YouTube videos.

Having your own style of YouTube background music can help customers recalls your business and products every time they listen to the kind of music.

So, let’s start to learn how to find perfect YouTube background music from FlexClip media stock and how to apply the music to your YouTube videos.

FlexClip: Best Place to Find YouTube Background Music

FlexClip video maker has a large and powerful media stock including thousands of music. What’s more, you can solve your problem of finding and adding background music to YouTube videos once for all with 4 easy step, which helps you leave the bother of music downloading. Furthermore, all music and sounds are free-licensed here for you.

How to Find Perfect YouTube Background Music

Step 1: Upload Your Local Video

Tab ‘+’ on the storyboard Add your local video clips to FlexClip storyboard.

If you you want to find more stunning video clips, FlexClip media stock also offers you thousands of different kinds of free video clips to rich your video contents.

Depict video: How to upload local video to find and add YouTube Background music

Step 2Find and Add background music for YouTube video

1) Click the symbol of music to enter into background music library.

2)Then, type what kind of music and sounds you want such as upbeat happy music or YouTube background music.

3)Tab the button of ‘’ for listening test, if you think this tone and rhythm of the background music is appropriate for your video, click ‘Use’ to apply this background music to your YouTube videos.

Depict video: Find YouTube background music and add it to your video.

Step 3:Trim the Background Music

There is a ‘trim’ feature supporting you to do some adjustments of the music.


Image board: Trim YouTube background music by FlexClip video editor

Tab ‘ ’ to edit your background music and merge the beat of background music with YouTube video.

FlexClip ad maker also supports you to correct color and add a filter or transition to your video ad.

You can choose which period of time you want to use the music. Listen and watch the video preview, and do some adjustments until it achieved what you want.


Image board: Trim YouTube background music by FlexClip video editor

Step 4: Export

Save your changes and export your video with fabulous YouTube background music.

Bottom Line

FlexClip media stock offers you thousands of free-licensed background music for YouTube videos, and there are many powerful video editing tools, such as animated text generator, aspect ratio converter, video effects and logo/watermark adder, come to check out more!

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