3 Minutes to Make Animated Videos with AI & ChatGPT

Last Updated: 2023. 07. 04
AI and ChatGPT can be used to generate an animated video. Now, get all AI tools ready and follow to make an animated video.

Among all video types, animated video is the hardest to create. You need to not only draw cartoon characters, but also animate those characters with professional tools. The whole process takes months and a large sum of money.

AI changes the way we create animated videos. The latest AI chatbot, ChatGPT, can craft excellent stories, and AI tools like FlexClip, can help generate animation videos in just a few clicks.

None of us can afford to fall behind others. So, without further ado, let’s start learning how to use AI and ChatGPT to make an animated video.

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How to Create An Animated Video

Like mentioned above, to create an animated video with AI and ChatGPT, you should first ask ChatGPT to generate a story, and then ask an AI tool like FlexClip to make a cartoon video. You don’t even need any editing skills.

Step 1
Ask ChatGPT to generate a script

ChatGPT will generate all sorts of stories and scripts for you, as long as you know how to write good prompts.

A good story can’t go without a theme. If you have no idea on what story your video is going to tell, first, you should ask ChatGPT for some suggestions. You can input a query like what are the 10 stories children/teenagers/YouTubers love. Pick a story theme that interests you most.

Have a theme in your mind? Ask ChatGPT to generate a story directly. Instead of entering queries like generating a story about [story name], try entering queries like generating a story about [story name] in kid’s tone, or generating a story about [story name] in 200 words. Adding some requirements to your query will always increase the chance that you may love the story generated by ChatGPT.

You can also use role-play. For example, you are a mother who is going to tell a girl a bedtime story, generate an excellent story. The story generated by ChatGPT will be more loving and peaceful.

Generate a Story with ChatGPT

Generate a Story with ChatGPT

Step 2
Generate An AI Video

Lots of AI tools can help you generate videos directly from text, the problem is, AI text-to-video tools are pulling together pictures in the stock library that match the text, and all pictures are not animated. Yet, let’s leave this problem to the next a few steps.

To create an AI video, you will need FlexClip’s AI text-to-video tool. Click on the Create a Video button below to get started.

Create a Video View Templates

You are now on FlexClip’s editing page. Go to Tools > Text to Video. Paste the text. FlexClip will soon generate an AI video with subtitles.

Text to Video

Text to Video

Step 3
Generate AI Animated Photos

AI videos are generated from pictures in the stock media, that’s why we should animate them. It would be time-costly to turn all pictures into animation. The shortcut way is generating lots of AI cartoon images to replace.

FlexClip is also equipped with an AI image-generating tool. Enter any prompt, you will get a satisfying animated picture.

Again, go to Tools, this time, switch to AI image generator. Copy the sentence to the empty square, select Anime style, and hit Generate. You will soon get 2 animated pictures based on the prompt. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always regenerate.

The photos you selected will be saved in the Media section.

Generate Animated Images

Generate Animated Images

Step 4
Animate the Video

Now, it is time to replace the photos in the video. Drag and drop a photo to the timeline, and remove the original ones, then the photo will be replaced. Finish replacing and previewing.

Animate the Video

Animate the Video

Step 5
Further Editing

AI-generated videos are more like a slideshow. Photos are combined with simple animations and transitions. You can make further edits to the AI video, for example, adding overlays, narrations, changing the text fonts, color.

Step 6
Download & Share

Export your AI video to your computer desktop, or share your video to social media, or share via a short link.

The Bottom Line

The above method is the easiest to create an AI cartoon video. Follow and start now, hopefully you now have an AI cartoon video at hand.

As you can see, FlexClip is indeed a great AI tool to create a cartoon video. It has more AI tools like AI script generator, AI text meme generator, AI text-to-speech, waiting for you to explore. Do give them a try and look forward to more powerful FlexClip AI tools.

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