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4 Great Options to Add Subtitles to Videos Online (free/paid)

Last Updated: Aug. 24, 2021

The benefits of adding subtitles to videos are immense. It makes your video accessible to broader viewers who may speak a foreign language or have hearing loss. As the watch time and engagement of your video increase, so is your video ranking on Google’s organic search.

So, in this post, we will be introducing you to 4 flexible ways to add subtitles to your videos online to meet your different needs.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Manually Add Subtitles to a Short Video

For short video clips like promo videos, birthday parties, or wedding celebrations, etc., using a versatile and easy-to-use online video editor to add subtitles and stickers can be your great choice.

In this respect, FlexClip, a feature-rich online video maker with tons of fully customizable text animations and two editing modes (storyboard & timeline), offers you great flexibility to manually add subtitles to your videos with eye-catching elements. It’s watermark-free, free of download, and no experience needed.

Use FlexClip online video editor to add subtitles to videos

Drag and drop your text in the media library and click on the "+" button to add it to the storyboard

Upload your video assets to Flexclip video editor

Upload your video assets to Flexclip video editor

Step 2
Manually Add Subtitles and Text Animations to the Video

Hit the "Text" tool on the left toolbar and add static subtitles or select from a variety of designer-made text animations like wedding, birthday, promo captions, etc. to your video. You can customize the color scheme, fonts, motion, size, and style of all subtitles or captions. To further capture viewers' attention, you may press "Elements" on the sidebar to add funky emojis, arrows, call-to-action stickers, etc.

Manually add subtitles to a short video by FlexClip video editor

Manually add subtitles to a short video by FlexClip video editor

Step 3
Preview, Export & Share

Hit the playback button to preview the video with subtitles and click on "Export" to down the MP4 file to the local computer. Or with one click, you can share your edited view to your YouTube channel or your Dropbox for storage.

Use Auto Subtitle Generator to Add Subtitles to Long Videos

If you are about to add subtitles to a long video interview, public speech, or a movie, manually adding subtitles to a video would be far time-consuming. A great solution is to use AI to automatically add subtitles to your video and then correct the inaccurate words. To that end, Kapwing's auto subtitle generator works like magic.

Add subtitles by Kapwing’s auto subtitles generator

Add subtitles by Kapwing’s auto subtitles generator

Step 1
Upload a Video to Kapwing

Interestingly, not only can you directly upload your clips from the local computer, but also paste a URL to add subtitles to an online video like your YouTube video.

Step 2
Select Auto Generate and Target Language for the Subtitle

Then Kapwing will use AI to automatically process the video and generate subtitles for different time slots.

Step 3
Preview Subtitles and Refine the Subtitles in Detail

Since auto-generated subtitles can't be 100% accurate when it comes to slang, accents or names, etc. So, you need to playback the video from beginning to the end and correct the wrong subtitles manually.

Step 4
Download the Edited Video

You can directly download the video with subtitles in MP4 format locally. However, if your video is more than 7 mins, you need to upgrade to Kapwing Pro subscription for the free download.

Add Subtitles to an Online YouTube Video

Apart from online video editors like FlexClip or Kapwing, if your videos have already been published to YouTube, you can use YouTube Studio to directly add subtitles to online YouTube videos, which is completely free.

Use YouTube Studio to add subtitles to an online YouTube video

Use YouTube Studio to add subtitles to an online YouTube video

Step 1
Go to YouTube Studio
Step 2
Click on "Subtitles" on the Left Sidebar and Select the Video and Hit "Add" Button
Step 3
Select How to Add Subtitles to a YouTube Video
  • Upload File: YouTube allows you to upload an SRT. file, a text-based file that contains the words of your subtitle and the exact timing when a subtitle is shown and disappeared. To do so, you have to prepare for it manually, which is time-consuming.
  • Auto-sync: You need to prepare all the transcripts of the video and the timing of the subtitles and then paste them into the auto-sync box. Then YouTube will automatically match the subtitles with the right timing in the video. However, the auto-sync feature can take quite a while.
  • Type Manually: Manually set the frames for the beginning and end of the captions and type the subtitles one after another.
  • Step 4
    Save the Subtitles to the Video

    Get Professional Help to Add Subtitles to Your Video

    If you are desperate to meet the deadline while preferring high accuracy for adding subtitles or captions to your videos, then asking professionals to manually add subtitles may also be a feasible solution.

    In this case, an affordable subtitle service is using Rev's speech-to-text service. So, you can get professionals to add subtitles, including foreign subtitles to your video around 24 hours after you submit your order, with 99% accuracy.

    Use Rev’s human service to add subtitles or captions to your videos

    Use Rev’s human service to add subtitles or captions to your videos

    Step 1
    Head to and Create an Account and Log into it
    Step 2
    On the Top Right Corner, Click "Place New Order” for Captions or Subtitles
    Step 3
    Upload Your Video Locally or Give a Video Link from YouTube or Vimeo to Rev's Staff
    Step 4
    Check Estimated Delivery Hours, Cost, and Pay for It ($1.25/min)

    After your caption/subtitle file is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and Rev will attempt to upload the SRT. file directly to your online video. Or you may log into your Rev's account and down the SRT file yourself.

    Final Thoughts

      Add Subtitles Cost Interface
    FlexClip Manual; tons of text animations; for short videos Free & watermark-free Storyboard, timeline
    Kapwing Manual; auto-generate, support multiple languages; for long videos Free, limited to less than 7 mins for free users Timeline
    YouTube Studio Manual; upload SRT file; prepare full transcripts for auto-sync Fee & watermark-free Timeline, subtitle box
    Rev Human Service Help you add subtitles to videos manually or prepare a SRT file $1.25/min; 24 hrs turnaround; 99% accuracy No subtitle editor

    To sum up, there are different pros and cons for these 4 options to add subtitles to a video. If you have short clips and need a variety of subtitles and text animations, FlexClip is a perfect choice. If your videos are long and you are pressed for time to add subtitles one after another, then Kapwing's auto-subtitle generator and Rev's affordable human service could also be a great alternative. Hopefully, you will find our post helpful and don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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