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How to Add Subtitles And Translations to A Video

Summary:This blog shows you 3 different ways to add subtitles/captions to videos and why business should add subtitles and captions to video ad.

Why Business Need to Invest in Captions and Subtitles

Subtitles and Captions is indispensable tools for viewer engagement, content development. The improvement of SEO can’t leave with captions and subtitles, too.

Video with captions and subtitles experienced an 80% increase in viewing (source from cielo 24), and Facebook found that captioned video ads witnessed 12% increase in engagement.

Automatically Load

This shall be the easiest way and should work for all of common video file formats and subtitle file (TXT/SRT) formats.

As long as title subtitles files appropriately, most media player can automatically load your subtitle files to a video.

Step 1: At the fist beginning, what you need to do is copy the file name of the video and paste it as the name of the subtitle file.

Step 2: Then, make sure the video file and subtitle file are in the same location.

Step 3: Finally, open the video, the player should automatically load the subtitles.

However, if it doesn’t work it out. You may wanna try to use FlexClip video editor to insert subtitles manually to your downloaded videos with 5 easy steps:

Add Subtitles to Downloaded Video By FlexClip

Step 1: Add Your Footage

Upload the local videos/movies or pictures you want to add subtitles.


Image board: Add footage by FlexClip video editor

FlexClip Media Stock provides thousands of video clips and photos, too. Your video can be in richer content.


Image board: FlexClip Media Library: thousands of video clips and photos

Step 2: Add (Animated) Subtitle Text

Transcribe the text in each footage, and choose which animation you want to add in the subtitle text.


Image board: add subtitle text to video

Step 3: Edit and trim Your subtitles

There are many features you can use to change the font, size, placement and animation of subtitles. What's more, after editing, you can space your subtitles on the video timeline by FlexClip video editor.


Image board: Edit subtitle and trim it

Step 4: Share Your Video

Download your subtitled video and FlexClip offers directly ‘share button’ , so you can get higher engagement by share it on social media.


Image board: Share subtitled video to social media

Add Subtitles to Online Video

If your video is already online, you can use KAPWING to add subtitles to video.

Step 1:Paste a Link

Add subtitles to video by KAPWING, paste the URL of your online video.


Image board: kapwing

Step 2:Type and Time the subtitles

Type the subtitle text you want to upload, and trim the subtitles on the timeline.


Image board: Add subtitles by Kapwing (source from Kapwing)

Step 3:Download and Share

Export the subtitled video and share it to your friends.

Add Subtitles to YouTube Video

Basically, there are 3 easiest way to upload your subtitles or subtitle files to YouTube. The following one will show you How to Use YouTube Tool on Your video to add subtitles, if you wanna learn how to add subtitle files to YouTube, please check out:

How to Use YouTube Tool on Your video to add subtitles

Step 1: sign in to YouTube Studio Beta

Step 2: Go to video manage to select the video you wanna edit

Step 3: Advanced > Subtitles and CC > Select language > Edit on Classic Studio

Step 4: Type subtitle text, and tab “+” to add the subtitle. The subtitle will show on the video and the time line.


Image board: Add subtitles

Step 5: Trim the length of subtitles

First, trim the subtitle to the time when the subtitle should be played by dragging the red bar on either opening side or ending points to change the playing length of subtitles.

Step 6: save your changes and publish your subtitles by updating the video.

Bottom Line

Reaching new audience is the most significant part of business success. Adding subtitles and captions helps you reach a billion second or foreign language speakers. Therefore, check out these 3 easy ways to add subtitles to video to catch more viewers’ eyes!

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