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5 Great Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Last Updated: Jul. 16, 2021

Summary:Looking for an alternative to Windows Movie Maker? There are a lot of Windows Movie Maker alternatives to choose from, but which one is really worth using? Now let's read through this article and find the best Windows Movie Maker alternative for you.

Windows Movie Maker is a video creation editing tool with all the basic functions. Users can create, edit, and share their own home movies on their PCs. It's very simple, just drag and drop, add effects, music, narration, you can make a complete family movie. Its function is relatively simple, you can combine the lens, sound, and add special effects of the lens switch, just drag the lens clip into it, suitable for some small-scale processing after home camera.

With Windows Movie Maker Live, you can easily and easily turn a bunch of home videos and photos into touching home movies, audio clips, or commercials. Crop the video, add soundtracks and some photos, and then add themes with just one click to add matching transitions and titles to your movie. The movies you make look so professional, it's hard to believe that they are free.

But Microsoft stopped to update this amazing software so it's no longer for download now. The websites that offer free download may contain virus, malware or costs. Thus, an alternative to Windows Movie Maker is exactly what you need.

 Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Image Board: Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

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5 Great Windows Movie Maker Alternatives


FlexClip is a free video editor and video maker, which has helped millions of users create videos with built-in templates. If you want to an easy-to-use alternative to Windows Movie Maker, FlexClip is an option to go.

With FlexClip, you can process your videos like trim, edit, add text, add music, record, add watermarks, spit, transitions, add stock or local media. Also, you can upload your photos to make a slide show or make a video with its templates. It's quite easy for novice and equipped with basic functions for pros.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - FlexClip

Image Board: Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - FlexClip


Regarded as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker by many users, Avidemux is a very powerful video editing and conversion software for processing video files, such as merging and editing DV shorts. Avidemux can also convert video file formats, extract subtitles from VOB files, embed srt subtitles into video files, and support multiple filters, so it's also great for suppressing animations and making PSP movies.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - Avidemux

Image Board: Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - Avidemux


If you want a more complex video editor with more functions than Windows Movie Maker, Shotcut may be perfect for you. It also provides Windows, Linux and MAC versions and supports for audio and video formats and codecs due to the huge amount of FFmpeg (or libav built) supports multiple image formats. Shotcut is suitable for experienced ones, and it does not offer any templates for user.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - Shotcut

Image Board: Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - Shotcut

4. DaVinci Resolve Studio

DaVinci Resolve Studio is another Windows Movie Maker for professionals, and it combines professional offline and online editing, color correction, audio post-production and Fusion visual effects! You get unlimited creative flexibility thanks to DaVinci Resolve 16 Make it easier for individual artists to explore different toolsets. It also allows you to collaborate and bring together people with different creative abilities. With a click, you can move between edits, colors, effects, and audio right away.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - DaVinci Resolve Studio

Image Board: Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - DaVinci Resolve Studio

5.VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is a professional and powerful video and audio editing tool that can meet the needs of post-processing users. Users can split, merge or adjust the video, and have built-in audio effects to adjust the audio. The parameters are compatible with the mainstream multimedia file format. After the production is completed, you can also export to the corresponding social network with one click and share with you.

Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - VSDC Video Editor

Image Board: Windows Movie Maker Alternatives - VSDC Video Editor

Final Words

That's all for 5 great Windows Movie Maker alternatives and you can choose one to have a try. If you want an easy as well as effective one, FlexClip is a good choice. It also offers templates to make all kinds of attractive videos. If you want a tool with more functions, Shotcut is right for you. Just get started now!

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