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8 Adobe Premiere/Kdenlive/OpenShot Alternatives in 2021 - Pros, Cons and Price

Last Updated: Sep. 09, 2021

Summary: Searching for an Adobe Premiere, Kdenlive or OpenShot alternative for comparing before purchasing? Here we'll show you 8 easy and effective alternatives to Adobe Premiere, Kdenlive and OpenShot.

Premiere Pro is an essential video editing tool for video editing enthusiasts and professionals. It is an easy to learn and efficient video editing tool which can enhance your creative ability and artistic freedomW. Premiere offers an entire set of processes for capturing, editing, coloring, beautifying audio, subtitles, output, DVD burning, and efficiently integrating with other Adobe software, enabling you to complete all the challenges of editing, production, and workflow. To meet your requirements for creating top quality work.

Premiere is fully functional and versatile. However, the operation is complicated for new beginners and amateurs. System configuration requirements are also high and the editing speed is very slow. That's why many users want to find an alternative to Adobe Premiere that's cheaper or easier to use. Now let's walk through this article and get some Adobe Premiere alternatives.

For the purposing of choose an alternative to Adobe Premiere, we selected 8 software including Kdenlive and OpenShot. If you are looking for Kdenlive alternative or OpenShot alternative, just check other video editing software in this article.

Adobe Premiere Alternatives

Image Board:Adobe Premiere Alternatives

8 Free & Paid Adobe Premiere/Kdenlive/OpenShot Alternatives

1. Apple iMovie

2.Windows Movie Maker





7.Final Cut Pro X


1.Apple iMovie

If you are looking for an easy and free Adobe Premiere alternative for Mac, Apple iMovie can give you everything you need. With intuitive features, Apple iMovie allows you to edit 4k videos, browse video library, import music, and add some simple effects. Though it does not offer many advanced functions, it's helpful to satisfy your basic needs.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Apple iMovie

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Apple iMovie

Price: Free

Platforms: Mac


1.Clean & simple UI

2.Abundant sound effects

3.Easy to use and create trailers


1.Song duration can't be changed

2.Limited format

3.No advanced features

2.Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is quite familiar to many Windows users cause it's relative easy to use compared to Adobe Premiere. Developed for Windows XP operating system, Windows Movie Maker has helped millions of users edit their videos in a simple way. You can edit your videos and audios, add some transactions and import music. What's more, you can export your videos to social media like YouTube.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Windows Movie Maker

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Windows Movie Maker

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows


1.Neat and simple user interface

2.Supports lots of export formats


1.Some designs are outdated

2.Only offers basic tools and features


When it comes to find an alternative to Adobe Premiere, many people would think of Shotcut first. Shotcut is an open source and free video editor, which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It supports hundreds of video and audio formats, music, text and effects.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Shotcut

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Shotcut

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux


1.It's fully compatible

Free to use

3.Easy to work with and stable


1.You can't select multiple clips at once

2.It does not have keyframe functionality


Openshot is an easy, quick to learn and powerful video editor, which is always regarded as one of the best Adobe Premiere alternative on all platforms. Based on the basic principle of making easy and free video editing software, Openshot has gain much reputation among users. It provides an amazing set of features like fully import options, video effects and 3D animation tools.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - OpenShot

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - OpenShot

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux


1.Free to use

2.Easy to learn

3.Covers all basic editing needs


1.Unstable and buggy

2.Outdated UI


FlexClip is an emerging video editing and video making tool, which can be a decent option when you need an Adobe Premiere alternative. It allows you to edit, trim, split, rotate, add music, add text and add watermarks to your videos. In addition, it offers all types of templates so you can create a video without any current video. Without downloading or installing any app, you can edit your videos online in a simple way.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - FlexClip

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - FlexClip

Price: Free with limited features

Platforms: Windows & Mac


1.Easy to learn and work with.

2.Offers video templates.

3.Supports exporting high quality videos.


1.Limited features for professionals.


As an excellent Adobe Premiere alternative, Kdenlive is a powerful and intuitive video editing tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. It offers tons of plugins, almost all formats, effects and editing tools for users. But it seems that Kdenlive does not suitable for those who have no video editing experience. But if you invest hours in it, you'll find out how wonderful it is.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Kdenlive

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Kdenlive

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows & Mac


1.It's totally free.

2.Offers loads of free plugins.


1.A little bit complex for new beginners.

2.UI is somewhat outdated.

7.Final Cut Pro X

Equipped with non-linear and non-destructive editing features, Final Cut Pro X is one of the best Adobe Premiere alternative for Mac users. You can edit your videos by cutting, cropping, adding motion graphics, color grading and compressing videos as you like. Compared to Premiere, it has an easier workflow, cleaner user interface and simpler process. Also, it's easy to learn for both novice and pros.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Final Cut Pro X

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - Final Cut Pro X

Price: $299.99 for download

Platforms: Mac


1.Fully features and tools

2.Lots of third-party app integrations


1.Only works on Mac

2.Works better on large screens


Known as Sony Vegas, VEGAS Pro is an impressive and comprehensive video editor and is regarded as an alternative to Adobe Premiere. It offers frame to frame editing, easier toolbar and simpler work flow. It supports all kinds of formats like DV, HDV, P2 MXF (DVCProHD), XDCAM and 2K. No matter you are a novice or pro, VEGAS Pro will be your best helper.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - VEGAS Pro

Image Board: Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives - VEGAS Pro

Price: VEGAS Pro 15 Edit – $199/VEGAS Pro Suite – $799

Platforms: Windows 7 +


1.Allows you to enlarge HD footage.

2.Supports all extensive file backups


1.Only supports Windows.

2.Not very stable.

Final Words

That's all about top 8 Adobe Premiere alternatives and you can choose one that suits you most. If you want to edit videos in an easy way like add text, add music, transition effects or photo animation, FlexClip is perfect for you. Also, it provides many templates for business and personal usage as well. Just give it a try!

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