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What is your purpose with FlexClip?

5 Best GoPro Video Editors in 2019

Summary: Want to edit your GoPro videos but don't know which one is the best? In this article, we'll show you some simple GoPro video editors for both beginners and professionals.

GoPro's cameras are now widely used by extreme sports groups such as surfing, skiing, extreme cycling, and skydiving, making GoPro almost synonymous with Extreme Cameras. While travelling with families or attending outdoor sports with friends, GoPro cameras always help us capture some amazing moments, wonderful interaction and moving scenes.

Many users like to share videos to social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. But you may wonder why your videos seem less attractive than those you have spent hours scrolling through on YouTube or TikTok. Actually, the only difference between your GoPro videos and theirs is video editing. By cropping, re-sizing, adjusting the speed, adding subtitles and music, your GoPro videos will become an overwhelming artwork! Here in this quick tip, we tested and selected 5 fantastic GoPro video editors for both novice and professionals.

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Review on 5 Best GoPro Video Editors

1.GoPro Quik for Desktop

GoPro Quik is GoPro's official video editing tool, which claims to be the easiest way to access and enjoy your GoPro videos. It supports automatically importing your footage and creating awesome videos in minutes, and you can upload your videos to your phone so that you can edit them at any time. Also, it allows you to easily view and edit burst and time-lapse photos, and add gauges or graphs to your videos to show how fast, far and high you went.

GoPro Video Editor - GoPro Quik

Image Board:GoPro Video Editor - GoPro Quik


It's easy to connect with GoPro videos and edit GoPro videos.

It offers 26 different video styles with all kinds of transitions and graphic effects.

It allows you to share videos to social media platforms like What'sApp and Instagram.


You can only edit GoPro video in the Quik App.

You have 10 songs available for free and have to enroll in GoPro Plus.

You can't edit fonts.


Designed for Mac and iOS users, iMovie is capable of browsing your clips and creating Hollywood-style masterpiece and editing stunning GoPro videos. Whether you are using an iPhone/iPad or a Mac, iMovie can help you cut, crop, add music, subtitles and effects. You can start your editing process on an iPhone and then finish it on your Mac. And you can send your videos via iMessage, share to social media like Instagram and publish it to YouTube directly within clicks.

GoPro Video Editor - iMovie

Image Board: GoPro Video Editor - iMovie


It's super easy to combine clips of videos or audio by dragging and dropping.

The intuitive process is easy for newbies.

It produces high-quality videos in multiple resolutions.


It doesn't work for Windows.

It doesn't offer a built-in music library of background music to choose from.

It takes a long time to export video from iMovie.

3.Windows Movie Maker

If you are a Windows user, then Windows Movie Maker may be a decent option for you to edit your GoPro videos. This free video editing tool is all about simplicity: it's easy for everyone to edit, add titles, add music, and add effects, and you can publish your GoPro videos on OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr. Windows Movie Maker also offers video stabilization feature to fix your shaky GoPro videos. Though this software discontinue since 10 January 2017, it has won many favorable reviews from users all around the world.

GoPro Video Editor - Windows Movie Maker

Image Board: GoPro Video Editor - Windows Movie Maker


It's totally free to use.

It offers all necessary tools to make a good video.


It doesn't support Windows 10.

It won't work for Mac users.

It's not compatible with HEVC.

4.Final Cut Pro X

Regarded as a top tool similar to GoPro Quik for Desktop, Final Cut Pro X has helped many users edit their GoPro videos in an simple and smooth way. It's said to be Apple's signature professional video editing software, which is intuitive for new users and offers powerful features for professional video editors. It has a use-friendly interface and provides great features like VR Headset Playback, Multicam Editing, Motion Graphics Templates, Presets, Asset Management, Advanced Color Grading and more.

GoPro Video Editor - Final Cut Pro X

Image Board: GoPro Video Editor - Final Cut Pro X


It supports for 360-degree footage and HDR.

It's quite stable than many other tools.

It only requires short learning curve.


It has no stabilization tracking for 360-degree videos.

You can't import projects from previous versions without a third-party plug-in.


Want to edit your GoPro Videos in an easier way? FlexClip is exactly what you need. Developed as an intuitive and effective online video editor, FlexClip has helped millions of users edit GoPro videos for both business and professional usage. You can simply trim videos, add music, add text, add watermark, merge videos, adjust aspect ratio, zoom video, upload music, etc. Let's check some main features:

  • 1. Easy to use: FlexClip is an everybody tool so you can edit your GoPro videos within minutes;
  • 2. Powerful functions: It can help you trim videos, split videos, add titles, add watermark, add music, merge videos and more;
  • 3. Free Tool: This software offer a free version for all users;
  • 4. Various types: It allows you to upload your music and pictures to GoPro videos, including BMP, GIF, ICO, SVG, JPG, PNG, WEBP image and MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, OGG, AAC music files;
  • 5. 100% Secure: FlexClip is absolutely a safe tool and will never leak your info.

Now let's follow the detailed instructions to edit GoPro videos:

Step 1: Go to FlexClip website and sign up/log in your account.

Step 2. Click Create New > Start from Scratch > click on Storyboard > Add Local Media to add your GoPro video from your computer.

Best 5 GoPro Video Editor - FlexClip

Image Board: Best 5 GoPro Video Editor - FlexClip

Step 3. Then you can edit your GoPro videos as you like. You can trim video, split video, rotate video, mute video, add music, add text and more.

Best 5 GoPro Video Editor - FlexClip

Image Board: Best 5 GoPro Video Editor - FlexClip


That's all for best 5 GoPro video editors and their highlights as well as drawbacks. If you want a GoPro video editor on Mac, then iMovie is an option to go. If you want a more professional too on Mac, Final Cut Pro X is right for you. For Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, Windows Movie Maker is still a good choice. For those novice or amateurs who want to make their GoPro videos more attractive, FlexClip will make it as best as it can!

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