Top 4 OBS Editors to Help You Edit OBS Recordings

Last Updated: 2021. 11. 19
Wondering how to edit OBS recorded videos? You’ve just come to the right place. In this blog, you'll get the best OBS video editors and know how to edit videos recorded with OBS with them. Start to follow!

OBS, short for Open Broadcast Software, is a free open source screen recorder widely used for video recording and live streaming. It is now referred to as OBS Studio, and works on many popular platforms, including Windows, Macs, and Linux. With this powerful screen recording tool, you can capture video/audio in real-time and in high performance.

Can OBS edit videos? Can you edit videos in OBS? These are two questions lots of OBS users might ask. Although lots of users yearn for editing tools in OBS, the sad truth is, no, OBS doesn't have any built-in editing tools. You can't use OBS to edit recordings.

Don't be disheartened, there are loads of powerful OBS editing software. To save you from endless searchings and studying, here is a list of the best OBS editors. Check them out and learn how to edit OBS recordings.

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Part 1. The Best OBS Video Editor Online
Part 2. The Best OBS Video Editing Software

Part 1. The Best OBS Video Editor Online

The Best OBS Video Editor Online - FlexClip (No Software to Download)

Price: Free to download low-resolution video. Subscription plan starts from $5.99.

FlexClip is one of a kind amongest all OBS video editors. As an online OBS video editor, it doesn't require you to download any launcher or log in to edit OBS recordings. What's better, anyone has access to all FlexClip editing tools, like trimming, cutting, speeding up. There are no such things like premiere features. It is also fair to say these features are extremely easy to find use, thanks to the simple interface. Any edits can be done in clicks. Edit like a pro now.

Noticeable Features:

  • Powerful and professional.
    Free and easy to use.
    Various video and audio effects.
    Millions of royalty-free media resources.
    No download required.
    Security guaranteed.
  • Edit OBS Video - FlexClip Overview

    Edit a Video View Templates

    Quick Tools

    Quickly Trim a Video >

    Quickly Convert a Video >

    Quickly Compress a Video >

    How to Edit OBS Recorded Videos Using FlexClip

    Step 1
    Click the "Edit a Video" button below to open the OBS video editor.
    Edit a Video View Templates
    Step 2
    Upload your recorded videos to the OBS video editor.
    Step 3
    Trim and split your video clips according to your needs.
    Step 4
    Add music and text to make your video more engaging. (Either upload from your local computer or choose one from our free music library.)
    Step 5
    Add more video effects: add filters and transitions, adjust speed, do voiceovers, etc.
    Step 6
    Preview your video and export it in your desired resolution.
    FlexClip also allows you to add an intro to your video during your exporting process. Five video intro options are available now. For more information, please refer to the article: The Best Video Intro Maker Online for Free.

    The Best OBS Video Editor Online - Kapwing

    Price: Start from $16 per month.

    Kapwing is the second of the best OBS video editor list. Kapwing is also a timeline-based online video editor with all sorts of tools to help do edits from basic trimming, cutting to advanced feature like layers, generating subtitles. These tools are also easy to use. It is also worth to mention Kapwing's lovely templates. If you want to add some animations to your OBS recording, browse its templates!

    All descriptions sound too good to be true. However, you need to register first to use Kapwing. As for non-subscribers, only 10 minutes of watermarked videos can be exported from Kapwing.

    How to Edit OBS Video with Kapwing

    Step 1
    Upload your footage to the media section. Once you are ready, drag and drop all video clips to the timeline.
    Step 2
    Use the timeline, trim and split clips until you have highlighted the key parts of your footage. Add text, audio, animations and other elements to make your OBS video recordings outstanding.
    Step 3
    Hit the Export button and the video will be on your desktop in minutes.

    How to Edit OBS Videos with Kapwing

    Part 2. The Best OBS Video Editing Software


    Platform: All Mac and iOS Devices

    As is known to all, iMovie is a video editing software for all Mac and iOS users. Lots of professional video editing can be done via iMovie. It can even be compared with Premiere Pro or Davinci.

    iMovie could be hard to master for newbies due to its varies features and complicated interface. However, if you are just use it to edit OBS recording videos, lots of advanced tools will not be used. Please do give it a try!

    How to Edit OBS Video with iMovie

    Below is a video tutorial that shows you how to edit a video with iMovie. Please follow.

    How to Edit OBS Videos with iMovie

    Windows Movie Maker

    Platfrom: Windows

    Windows Movie Maker is just a really basic video editing equipped on Windows computers. Besides adding text, voiceover, titles, it also has over 130 effects to use.

    However, we must say using Windows Movie Maker is not easy, even though it only provides some basic editing tools. All tools are not user friendly. Moreover, Windows Movie Maker doesn't support VOB format, the format of most OBS recording videos. You need to convert video from VOB format to MP4.

    How to Edit OBS Video with Windows Movie Maker

    How to Edit OBS Videos with Windows Movie Maker

    Part 3. Tips for OBS Videos Editing

    1. Cut, Cut, Cut

    During the recording process, you will inevitably record some parts that you don't want. The first step in editing is to cut the extra or the wrong pieces so as to make your video more compact.

    2. Tell a Story

    Viewers tend to watch story-telling videos. Got plenty of footage in hand? Rearrange them according to a certain story-telling line.

    3. Add Annotations

    Annotations help you contact and engage with your audiences. Thus, don’t forget to add annotations to your videos: speech bubbles, arrows, subscribe buttons, titles, spotlights, etc. Keep in mind that your annotations should be simple and easy to understand.

    4. Export Videos in High Quality

    Researches show that a video in high resolution is more likely to stand out from the crowd. We strongly recommend you to export your videos in a higher resolution.

    The Bottom Line

    Now you have learned how to edit OBS videos with the best OBS video editors. It’s your turn to have a try now. By the way, FlexClip goes beyond video editing. It is a handy, powerful video maker that helps you make stunning business videos and social media videos in minutes. A large selection of fully customizable video templates is waiting for you. Go to have a try now. No skills are needed.

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