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The Best Video Intro Maker Online for Free

Last Updated: Sep. 28, 2020

Summary: Want to get a intro maker to make some stunning video intros? Let's walk through this article and learn how to make a vide intro with a free intro maker.

Vision is our most dominant sense, and now around 80% of businesses use video to promote their brands and products so that most information is transmitted to our brain by vision today. As you can see, this is why a business promo video is so important.

In fact, videos make some serious money for businesses. Treepodia team shows you that adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80% (source from


Image board: Increase in CVR Because of Video Promo

Part 1. Why Do We Need A Video Intro

A good way to promote your YouTube video is to add some video card to ask some queries or do a survey to interact with viewers, or add anYouTube end screen to encourage viewers to subscribe your account, or transfer them to your landing page to increase conversions.

How about others? You can use an online video intro maker to add a video intro to promote your brands. Also, a creative video intro, as one of the most important parts of the video content, can help you to get more subscribers

Therefore, this article will introduce a great video intro maker called FlexClip, a video intro maker as well as a video maker and editor. Let's check the details below.

Video intro Template by Flexclip

Image board: Video intro Template by Flexclip

Part 2. Full Guide of A Free Intro Maker - FlexClip

With 6 easy steps to make an unique and compelling video intro:

Step 1 Visit FlexClip websiteand click Make a Free Video to start. Then you can choose a video template to customize it or click Start From Scratch to upload your video here.


Image board: FlexClip - Video Intro Templates

Step 2 Add a intro by FlexClip intro maker

Add Intro to video intro by FlexClip video Maker

Image board: Add Intro to video intro by FlexClip video Maker

Step 3 Add a video intro to the video.

Add video intro by FlexClip Video Maker

Image board: Add video intro by FlexClip Video Maker

The Bottom Line

Useful video starts with a good video intro, hope you can make a satisfied video intro by FlexClip video maker with the 6 steps. Come to edit the video intro templates and make a killer video intro for your YouTube or vlog.

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