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Vlog Intro Ideas: Make a Red-Hot Intro For Your Vlog

Last Updated: Sep. 16, 2020

Summary: In this article, we're going to share some best vlog intro ideas that will enable you with endless inspirations. Besides, we’ll also show you how to make a nice intro for your vlog.

A vlog intro is a short clip that precedes a vlog, making a brief introduction to the vlogger and topic he or she intends to cover.

Customize your own intro for your vlog to make a brilliant first impression while letting viewers know what experience they'll expect to continue watching your vlogs.

Here in this post, we'll show you the best vlog intro ideas that inspire you to customize the best vlog intro as you see with those top vloggers on YouTube. Besides, we’ll also share an easy way to help you make your vlog intro in minutes.


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Best Vlog Intro Ideas for Your Inspirations

Before you take a peek at our best examples for vlog intros, remember you have to make it relevant and keep it short and sweet, or you'll confuse your viewers. Besides, your vlog intro should tell the story and be branded so viewers can recognize and remember it.

Pro Tip: All the backgrounds of the vlog intro below are coming from FlexClip. If you lack some ideas for your vlog intro background. The extensive media library of FlexClip is ready to help, try it free now.

Vlog Intro Ideas 1: Play Button Intro for Vlog

Play Button Intro for Vlog

Image Board: Play Button Intro for Vlog

Sometimes, an intro for vlog just needs a little play button on your screen. If you want to force the viewer to step into your vlog content, you want to begin using the "Play Button" as your vlog intro.

Vlog Intro Ideas 2: Hand-drawing Style Intro for Vlog

Hand-drawing Style Intro for Vlog

Image Board: Hand-drawing Style Intro for Vlog

Wow your viewers with a hand-writing style intro. The black background of this vlog intro sets the mood, while the animated hand drawing will pierce the viewer's eyes.

Vlog Intro Ideas 3: Artistic Style Intro for Vlog

Artistic Style Intro for Vlog

Image Board: Artistic Style Intro for Vlog

If you happen to make a vlog that talks about art, like painting, you should try customizing an artistic style intro for your vlog like the one above. It can really capture the viewer's imagination with beautiful color and send something in their direction.

Vlog Intro Ideas 4: Count Down Intro for Vlog

Count Down Intro for Vlog

Image Board: Count Down Intro for Vlog

This cool Count Down volg intro is undeniably a classic style for video intros, and it looks fantastic and works great for various niches and genres.

This kind of vlog intro will excite your viewers and let them know immediately that something great is about to happen.

Vlog Intro Ideas 5: Modern Intro for Vlog

Modern Intro for Vlog

Image Board: Modern Intro for Vlog

A modern vlog intro is relatively simplistic but surprisingly effective. The dynamic blue background works perfectly to capture the viewer's attention.

Vlog Intro Ideas 6: Firework Bloom Intro for Vlog

Firework Bloom Intro for Vlog

Image Board: Firework Bloom Intro for Vlog

Have you ever wanted to make an intro that explodes with fireworks?

This kind of vlog intros expands and explodes most dramatically. Then, it shows your name in a centralized location forcing the viewer to take notice.

Vlog Intro Ideas 7: Vlog Intro for Specific Content

As we said before, you should make an intro relevant to your video content so that you can customize specific intro for different vlog content.

Here are some great examples:

Vlog Intro for Festival

Vlog Intro for Festival

Image Board: Vlog Intro for Festival

No denying that you always make some vlogs in the holiday seasons to celebrate those special days! Why not try to customize an intro got your festival vlogs to level up your videos.

Vlog Intro for Beauty

Vlog Intro for Beauty

Image Board: Vlog Intro for Beauty

Yuya, a Spanish language beauty vlogger, is one of the highest subscribed beauty vloggers in the world. She always post her vlog on YouTube with a custom intro,ans it serves her well in the beauty vlog world.

You can also make your own intro for your beauty vlog to stand out the crowd.

Vlog Intro for Charity

Vlog Intro for Charity

Image Board: Vlog Intro for Charity

You may make a vlog when you volunteered at a charity to record your day and spared the charity awareness. Try to customize a unique intro for your charity vlog to catch people's eyes and get higher views

How to Make an Intro for Your Vlog

Don't feel like struggling to customize your own vlog intros. Turn to our online easy-to-use intro maker, FlexClip, now.

FlexClip allows users to create stunning intro videos for their vlogs using beautifully-designed templates and the extensive media library. Also, it has a user-friendly interface that lets users use the tool without professional design skills required.

Have no ideas for your vlog intro? Try a video template to customize your own vlog intro.

Intro Video Templates

Intro Video with Shiny Fireworks

Intro Video with Colorful Lip

It is all in mind to create your own unique intro for your vlog! Just start the design by yourself from scratch.

FlexClip provides three options for you to make a vlog intro:

#1 Customize All by Yourself

Step 1 Set the Background for Your Vlog Intro

First, go to the "+" icon on the storyboard to select the background that you want to use for your vlog intro. You can either upload a video clip, an image from a local folder of your computer, or pick the desired footage from the extensive media library of FlexClip as your vlog intro background.

Set the Background for Vlog Intro

Image Board: Set the Background for Vlog Intro

Step 2Customize the Vlog Intro

Add animated texts to the background to stress the topic, name, and brand; add background music for vlog intro to make it more lively.


Image Board: Customize

# 2 Rely on the Logo/Intro/Outro Feature

FlexClip also offers stunning intro effects for you to make a custom vlog intro. Once you selected the background of the vlog intro, simply go to the sidebar and scroll down to the Logo/Intro/Outro option, then click All icon to see all intro effects. Choose the desired intro effect you want for your vlog and customize the font, color, and more details.

Intro Effects for Vlog

Image Board: Intro Effects for Vlog

# 3 Choose an Intro While Exporting Your Vlog

There are also some beautiful ready-made video intros you can use for your vlog intro directly.

Intro Video for Vlog

Image Board: Intro Video for Vlog

Final Words

Get inspired? Excited to make your own vlog intro? Just go to FlexClip and turn your great idea into killer intro for your vlog now

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