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Top 7 Video Background Changers to Make A Cool Video [Proven]

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Last Updated: Jun. 30, 2020

Forewords: By changing video background, you make it possible to create any video you want. We've rounded up 7 most renowned video background changers that are easy to use. Pick one, if you need to remove a video background or want to be more productive in video composing.

Without questions, video content is king. Grabbing a free simple video editor, anyone can painlessly create valuable video content in minutes.

While sometimes, we need to change video background to render a video we desire. Changing a plain background video is a practical way to level it up. It will make audiences more engaged. Especially, for those lack equipment (i.e., lights,) or people can't handle lights well, the skill of changing video background will fulfill the goal.

Let's move on! Let's say, you lack a video of you taking a scenic drive in Grand Canyon (USA), but you wish you had one. (Those breathtaking & cinematic moments can impress audiences much.) Is there any way to make it?

As you guess, it can be realized by changing video background with overlay trick. You'll need to meet 2 requirements:

1)Make the video background changeable - Shoot the video with a single, primary color background - Red, Green, or Blue.


  • Tip 1 - Pick a color from above 3 primary colors as your video background, and shoot your video. Only dealing with a primary color background can video background changer replace it without mistakes.
  • Tip 2 - Primary colors are the most solid colors, which makes them easier to subtract from video.
  • Tip 3 - Mixing 2 or 3 primary colors, you will get a secondary color or a tertiary color, such as, yellow(Red + Green), orange(Red + Red + Green)…

2)Select a video background changer and finish the rest works.

Below, we've compiled the best 7 video background changers for your reference. Also, they can be very handy to remove green/blue/red screen from video.

Part 1: Top 7 Proven Video Background Changers

#1 VSDC Free Video Editor

Link: Official URL

Platform: Windows x32 & x64

VSDC removes background from video

Image board: VSDC removes background from video.

On the very top of our recommended list, it's always THE BEST FREE CHOICE. So, when it comes to the best video background changer, it has to be VSDC!

VSDC leaves users an option of removing video background from one video track: Find and prepare a scenic video you like. Place it in a track under your own video track. By using its background remover on your own video, two video tracks together will create a vision of changing video background.

#2 Photoshop Premiere Pro

Link: Official URL

Platform: Windows & Mac

Whenever we talk about graphics processing or video editing, the brand - Adobe comes to mind. With the most authorized experts and developers, Adobe applications are doing the best in detail that no other brand can compete with.

#3 Camtasia Studio

Link: Official URL

Platform: Windows & Mac

Made by TechSmith – another big brand in video processing field, Camtasia Studio leaves users a section called "Visual Properties". Scroll it down, and you'll find the category of "Visual effects" with "Remove a color" option. Check it, and it will display the substantial background as you wish.

#4 KineMaster

Link: Official URL

Platform: iOS & Android

KineMaster is a very popular background remover for smartphones. To remove and replace video background is a piece of cake. With several trials and clicks, you can easily figure out the navigations.

#5 Movavi Green Screen Chroma

Link: Official URL

Platform: Windows & Mac

Movavi Green Screen Chroma is to replace a single color background with any motion video. Technically, Green Screen Chroma is algorithm that's designed to subtract a single color.

#6 Wondershare Filmora Composer

Link: Official URL

Platform: Windows & Mac

Wondershare Filmora makes it way simple to remove video background in a single color. Right-click video track, hit [Green Screen], then you can pick a color to remove. Put a background video underneath, and you've done the trick of overlaying videos - video background should be switched.

#7 Final Cut Pro X Background Changer

Link: Official URL

Platform: Mac

Final Cut Pro X allows users to use a replacement video clip as video background. Final Cut Pro X provides Effect browser with Keyer effect, which is to remove and replace original video background.

Part 2 - Final Words

Do any of the best 7 video background removers pique your interest? Share the one you like most with this post and help others like you. Let's make a more creative visual world together!

Besides, if you need to edit a video easily and don't want to spend much, remember to give a try on

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