10 Best 4K Video Editors to Help Create Better Visual Stories

Last Updated: 2024. 04. 03

720P, 1080P, 4K, are all different video resolutions. 4K video, composed of over eight million pixels, (which is 3840 * 2160), is the most widely video resolution for TVs & digital cinema due to its sharper and clearer image quality. Now, most devices allow you to shoot 4K videos.

Stop using any video editors to edit your videos. They might only allow you to export videos up to 1080P, which is quite a waste of video resolution!

There are lots of options when it comes to editing 4K videos. To save you from endless searching and comparisons, we went through hundreds of tests and narrowed possible choices in the market down to the 10 best 4K video editors. Follow us and pick one that meets all your needs.

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Part 1. How to Choose a 4K Video Editor

There is nothing like the best 4K video editor for everyone. Each video editor has different video editing features, learning curves, compatibility, and performances. Yet, we did come up with some important factors you must keep in mind while selecting one 4K video editor to process all your projects. Let’s dive in!

  • Compatibility
  • Most 4K video editors are expensive. You have to make sure the software you decided to invest in is compatible with your device’s system. Also, it takes a large CPU, and storage space to run a 4K video editor. Check your device’s hardware and storage situation and see if they meet the minimal requirements.

  • Cost
  • Even though a 4K video editor is worth investing, you should really consider your budget. Some tools on this list are free, some tools are good for getting a lifetime license, while some are best for one-time users.

  • Complexity
  • Under any circumstances, an easier-to-use video editor is always preferred. Being able to process 4K videos doesn’t always mean complexity. You can choose a 4K video editor that’s relatively easier to use, equipped with AI tools to help speed up the video editing process.

  • Capability
  • You might need to create a cinematic visual work with 4K clips, which might involve loads of advanced editing tools like color grading, speed curve, freeze frame, keyframing. Also, there are times that you might want to make basic edits only, like trimming, merging. Do check if the 4K video editor you like has features you need.

    Universal Collage Slideshow Template
    Universal Collage Slideshow Template
    Use This Template
    Family Moment Slideshow Template
    Family Moment Slideshow Template
    Use This Template

    4K Video Editors for Desktop/Mobile/Online

    FlexClip - Online AI 4K Video Editor

    FlexClip 4K Video Editor

    FlexClip 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows/Linux that has a browser

    Beginner Friendly: 4.6/5

    Pricing: Free to $19.99 per month

    FlexClip offers the most flexible 4K video clip editing services. It accepts 4K videos in different formats (MP4, MOV, WebM, M4V), and different bitrates. Whether the 4K video is taken by phone, GoPro, DJI, or professional camera, you can always upload it to FlexClip and complete 4K video editing tasks, without format-related issues, or quality loss. Since it is an online video editor, you can just get started on any browser of any computer without downloading, or taking up too much CPU of the device.

    You will not be getting only basic 4K video editing tools at FlexClip. Besides trimming, merging, splitting, filters, you can change video speed or use speed curve to highlight important moments, mask the video so that they appear in different shapes, add animations, make color corrections. You might say, with so many tools, FlexClip must be hard to catch up with. But FlexClip always keeps its tools organized. Click on any element of the 4K video project, all available tools will appear above the preview window. This saves you from the trouble of finding the tools you need.

    FlexClip Video Editing Tools Overview

    You may not need it, but you will certainly love FlexClip's free stock library full of 4K videos, photos, and ear-pleasing music tracks from famous Storyblocks and Pexels. There is also a variety of stickers, widgets, GIFs, text titles waiting to level up your 4K video project.

    Integrated with top-notch AI tools, you can come up with a video in just several seconds. Get excellent video scripts from the AI video script generator, try AI text-to-speech to generate melodious voiceover, or get a slideshow from text with AI text-to-video generator. For more AI tools, watch the video below to get more information.

    FlexClip AI Tools Overview

    Pros of Using FlexClip

  • FlexClip is an online tool that doesn't take up physical storage room or CPU, even if you are handling big 4K videos.
  • Cool video editing tools, media resources, templates are all free to use.
  • Up to 100GB video cloud storage room and 1TB video hosting space for your 4K videos.
  • Various ways of sharing videos. You can share the 4K video via a short link, save the video to cloud services, or upload to social media platforms directly.
  • Cons of Using FlexClip

  • For each project, you can only upload and edit 1GB of 4K videos.

    VideoProc - 4K Video Editor with Full GPU Acceleration

    VideoProc 4K Video Editor

    VideoProc 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows

    Beginner Friendly: 4.2/5

    Pricing: Free to $24.95 per year

    VideoProc Vlogger is a free 4K video editing software that comes with all tools you need. You can use it to split, merge, add subtitles, filters, background music to 4K videos. Its advanced video editing tools include speed ramp, editing to the music beat, chroma key, PIP, color correction, etc.

    The paid VideoProc AI version offers better 4K experiences with enhancement tools, and fix tools. The advanced upscale tool allows you to turn low-res videos up to 4K, images to 8K quality, or boost frame rates from 30/60fps to 120/240/480fps for smooth motions of videos. You can also use the fix tool to repair the fisheye, denoise, deinterlace the video.

    No matter you feel like sticking to the free version or going for the upgrade, VideoProc provides full GPU acceleration from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD via editing tasks. This will significantly improve the 4K video editing speed.

    Pros of Using VideoProc

  • VideoProc has all tools you need to need to edit 4K videos.
  • AI tools that allow you to upscale photo/video for enhanced quality.
  • GPU acceleration that enables fast 4K video editing.
  • Cons of Using VideoProc

  • VideoProc sometimes causes minor lag and drop rates while you are rendering a video.
  • You don't have access to enough filters, effects, or even transitions.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - 4K Video Editor for Professional Edits

    Adobe Premiere Pro 4K Video Editor

    Adobe Premiere Pro 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows

    Beginner Friendly: 4.3/5

    Pricing: $28.13 per month

    Adobe Premiere Pro is the mainstream software for producing high-quality 4K videos among professionals. With a wide range of advanced editing tools like color correction, audio editing, you can always turn your brilliant ideas into reality. Most importantly, it can take advantage of GPU acceleration and graphics processing units to enhance rendering speed and overall performance. This is extremely useful if you are working on huge 4K videos.

    The seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications like After Effects, PhotoShop allows people to create a smooth workflow and move between different applications without hassle. By the way, Adobe After Effects has the collaboration feature. Multiple users can work on the same projects simultaneously.

    To boost 4K video editing efficiency, Adobe Premiere Pro leverages the power of AI. The most predominant AI features are AI smart cutout, AI text-based editing, speech to text, auto ducking. Embrace the future of 4K video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Pros of Using Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Loads of advanced video editing tools, even high-tech AI tools.
  • Integration with other apps under Adobe, helping you to achieve a more streamlined working experience.
  • Lots of tutorials and videos showing you how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Cons of Using Adobe Premiere Pro

  • It is difficult for video editing beginners to master.
  • To run Adobe Premiere Pro, you will need a computer at least with 32 GB of storage room or more.

    Davinci Resolve - Best 4K Video Editor Allows HDR Support

    Davinci Resolve 4K Video Editor

    Davinci Resolve 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows

    Beginner Friendly: 4.2/5

    Pricing: $295 for lifetime license

    Developed by Blackmagic Design, Davinci Resolve offers high-end editing capabilities that are being used by lots of professional filmmakers and TV producers. It now supports a resolution up to 8K. So, it is easy to edit 4K videos with Davinci Resolve.

    Davinci Resolve's multi-track timeline, advanced cutting tools, adjustable transitions with picture-in-picture effects, will help you further enhance your video. Also, Davinci Resolve is particularly praised for its superior Color Correction toolset that allows you to gain complete control over 4K video color schemes.

    Similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve has seamless integration with Visual Effects, Audio Post Production. Utilize all those tools without taking time to switch between all those tools.

    Pros of Using Davinci Resolve

  • Supports editing and exporting video up to 8K.
  • Powerful color correction toolset allowing you to gain complete control over 4K video colors.
  • Integration with tools like Visual Effects, Audio Post Production.
  • Cons of Using Davinci Resolve

  • Steep learning curve.
  • It has some problems while processing MOV videos, especially videos taken by iPhones.

    iMovie - Free 4K Video Editor for Apple Users

    iMovie Interface 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/iOS

    Beginner Friendly: 4.5/5

    Pricing: Free on Mac and iOS devices

    iMovie is developed by Apple to empower creators in their filmmaking process. One of its greatest features is the ability to edit and export 4K videos. It ensures your video clips maintain incredible resolution and throughout the editing process.

    You can find numerous tools specially designed for processing 4K videos, such as color correction, color grading, stabilizing video clips. Moreover, a variety of customizable designs and transitions allow you to get an enhanced professional-level 4K output.

    Another two advantages of using iMovie are, first, it runs extremely smooth without straining your computer; secondly, since iMovie is part of the Apple system, you can utilize iCloud to share 4K video outputs across devices without losing precious pixelation.

    Pros of Using iMovie

  • iMovie supports processing 4K videos extremely stably and effectively.
  • Seamlessly share across devices without losing pixelation via iCloud, iTunes.
  • Special 4K video editing tools like color correction, color grading.
  • Cons of Using iMovie

  • It only works on iOS/Mac devices.
  • The sound editing process may be tricky in iMovie.

    ClipChamp - Quick & Easy 4K Video Editor

    ClipChamp 4K Video Editor

    ClipChamp 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS

    Beginner Friendly: 4.6/5

    Pricing: $17.9 each month or $179 each year

    ClipChamp is now the default video editing software for Windows 10 and above. However, it also launched the mobile app and online version so that everyone on computer can access and use it to create 4K videos.

    ClipChamp can be used to create stunning 4K videos. It doesn’t only supports editing and exporting 4K videos with a premium plan, but also offers lots of tools to make edits. Besides very basic video edits, ClipChamp also offers AI-powered tools like speech couch, auto-caption, text-to-speech.

    In order to save storage space on your devices, you must have stored some of 4K videos on cloud services. Connect ClipChamp with Google Drive, One Drive, and editing 4K videos on cloud directly.

    Pros of Using ClipChamp

  • It is an app working across browsers, desktop, and mobile devices.
  • You have access to AI tools to speed up the video creation process.
  • Edit 4K videos from cloud services directly.
  • Cons of Using ClipChamp

  • Short of features like keyframing, color grading, 360-degree video.
  • No 4K video resources.

    Kozia - 4K Video Editor for Beginners

    Kozia 4K Video Editor

    Kozia 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows/Linux

    Beginner Friendly: 4.8/5

    Pricing: Only the business plan supports 4K videos, which costs $299.99.

    After going through lots of business changes, Kozia is finally coming back to users by popular demand, with exactly the same simple tools. In a market where nearly all 4K video editors are timeline-based, this online tool sticks to the storyboard mode, a mode that's more beginner-friendly, and gives a better overview of a video.

    4K video support is not new for Kozia. After nearly 5 years of development, Kozia has been more stable than ever! You can always finish creating a video without encountering issues like corruption, black screen. If you have subscribed to Kozia business plan, you even have the right to burn the video into DVD and sell them.

    Kozia has only very limited editing features, including adding audio, transitions, texts, creating collages. If you just feel like creating a slideshow with your 4K videos, then those tools are enough. Loads of slideshow templates are providing shortcut to a satisfying 4K video.

    Pros of Using Kozia

  • Storyboard mode that’s super beginner-friendly for anyone.
  • Loads of slideshow video templates help you get started quickly.
  • Work stably while processing 4K video clips.
  • Cons of Using Kozia

  • It can’t help you to make more advanced video edits.
  • Slow 4K video processing speed.

    Moviemakeronline - 4K Video Editor With Only Basic Editing Tools

    Movie Maker Online 4K Video Editor

    Movie Maker Online 4K Video Editor

    Compatibility: Mac/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android

    Beginner Friendly: 4.9/5

    Pricing: Free

    Use Moviemakeronline to edit your 4K videos with Moviemakeronline effortlessly without registration, and watermark! This software is a collection of free 4K video editing tools working across devices.

    Moviemakeronline is extremely easy to use. Find a relevant video editing tool, upload your 4K video, and you will get the video in just seconds. Its key features are video blur, reverse, chroma key, greyscale.

    We are quite impressed by Moviemakeronline’s uploading and exporting speed. Even if you are using it to process large 4K video, you can soon get the output. Also, all tools work quite stable.

    Pros of Using Moviemakeronline

  • It works across all devices.
  • No watermark, no downloading.
  • Works extremely fast and stably.
  • Cons of Using Moviemakeronline

  • Short of advanced editing tools.
  • Short of media resources or templates.

    4K Video Editor - Instant 4K Video Editor for Android

    4K Video Editor Android App

    4K Video Editor Android App

    Compatibility: Android

    Beginner Friendly: 4.9/5

    Pricing: Free

    4K Video Editor, as its name suggests, is a video editing application that supports importing and exporting 4K videos. You won't be capped at a certain export size, length, or quality.

    This Android application is a blessing for those who only need a gentle touch to their 4K video clips, for example, trimming, merging, rotating, adding music, text, filters, color pop. Since there are no fancy tools, even a beginner can use its features.

    The biggest reason why we recommend 4K Video Editor is that you can access all its features for free. Also, there won't be any ads on the interface.

    Pros of Using 4K Video Editor

  • Include practical basic features like trim, merge, adding music, text.
  • Free to access all its features, and there are no ads on the interface.
  • Able to repurpose the video for different social platforms.
  • Cons of Using 4K Video Editor

  • Short of other advanced video editing features.
  • It may get sluggish while exporting or unexpected errors may occur.

    LumaFusion - 4K Video Editor with Great User Experience

    LumaFusion Android/iOS/iPad App

    LumaFusion Android/iOS/iPad App

    Compatibility: Android/iOS/iPad

    Beginner Friendly: 4.6/5

    Pricing: $29.99

    LumaFusion stands out as a premier 4K video editing tool tailored for iPhone, Android, and iPad. Since it is specially designed for mobile devices, all edits you made are based on dragging and dropping. Moreover, LumaFusion offers you the freedom to change the layout. Whether you are a seasoned editor or just a beginner, you can find the perfect layout that perfectly matches your editing skills.

    As for features, LumaFusion has a series of editing tools, allowing everyone to craft cinematic masterpieces. Basic edits like trimming, cropping, adding transitions as well as advanced tools like color grading, audio ducking are all at your disposal.

    Pros of Using 4K Video Editor

  • Many practical and advanced video editing tools guarantee you a professional-level output.
  • Sleek and flexible interface for everyone.
  • Good responsiveness and processing speed for all editing tools.
  • Cons of Using 4K Video Editor

  • Short of AI tools to make 4K video creation faster.
  • Extra taps occasionally needed to guarantee smooth editing.

    FAQs About 4K Video Editors

    Is 16GB enough for 4K video editing?

    16GB is the minimum requirement for running a professional 4K video editor. However, your computer might struggle if you are launching a 4K video editing software and other apps together.

    Do I need a 4K monitor to edit 4K video?

    4K video means shaper image qualities. You can use a 4K monitor to edit 4K videos for more extended use, however, if you are pursuing more precise color correction, 4K monitor is worthwhile to invest in.

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