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What is your purpose with FlexClip?
What is your purpose with FlexClip?

5 Best Free Video Editing Software [2019 Updated]

The article introduces 5 excellent free video editors, ranging from the simplest to the most professional.

Low explanation videos are not helpful to explain a product.

OR, at least, they're not attractive.

Knowing how to level up an explanation video is a huge advantage in job seeking & promoting a product. And those best free video editing software can deliver a hand.

Part 1: Essential Video Editing Tricks [Lesson Learned from Google Explanation Video]

Just like Google shows in the video "The Making of Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant",

Advanced Video Editing Tricks That Are Used Include:

Google Video Editing Tricks

Image board: Google Video Editing Tricks.

Google, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo,..., and even individual Vloggers have the ability to make excellent explanation videos: They play nice with video editing tricks.

BUT, can we (the average Joes) take our videos to the next level? Is there any free video editing software that are more professional but ease of use?

YES! Let's check the list of best 5 free video editing software NOW!

Part 2: 5 Best Free Video Editing Software [2018 Updated]

No.1. FlexClip Chrome & for Windows (Watermark-Free)

Online editor:; Windows version:

Flexclip - Easy And Free Video Editing Software

Image board: Flexclip - Easy And Free Video Editing Software for Windows and Chrome online.

Flexclip is a 100% free video editing software available both on Microsoft app store and for Chrome users.

As the easiest free video editor & movie maker, FlexClip has the full capacities of:

FlexClip is an everybody video editing software for free. In its MUSIC section, it allows you to upload a piece of music / voiceover in the format of AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WAV. And its Text & Logo can help you enrich your video editing.

Sidenote: Find Free MP3 music by downloading MP3 music from YouTube online. OR, follow "Top 11 videography tips" to shoot your professional video footages easily.

FlexClip offers fine-tune options of trimming audio, changing volume and looping playback.

No.2. VSDC Free Video Editor (Watermark-Free)


VSDC Free Video Editor

Image board: VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is an HD video editing software using non-linear processing system.

You may like what it with:

Though VSDC Free Video Editor has a modern interface, it compiles almost all options on the navigation windows.

Its learning curve is steep. It's a little bit hard to figure out how to use it in the first time.

No.3. Adobe Spark Video Maker Online (Watermark)


Adobe Spark Video Maker with Watermark.

Image board: Adobe Spark Video Maker with Watermark.

Adobe Spark Video Maker is an easy video editor online, requiring no professional skill.

To access its features, you need to create an account with an email.

To begin video editing with Adobe Spark Video Maker, follow:

See What Adobe Spark Video Maker Get:

We would like to recommend Adobe Spark Video Editor as an easy video editing option with a higher rank. While thinking the watermark thing and slow processing speed, we've decided to give it the 3rd rank fairly.

No.4 DaVinci Resolve 15 - Cross-platform (Watermark-Free)


DaVinci Resolve 15 - Free Video Editor for PC

Image board: DaVinci Resolve 15 - Free Video Editor for PC.

DaVinci Resolve is not a traditional video editing software, but a feature-rich post-production video editor for Windows, Mac & Linux.

DaVinci Resolve is excel at:

It takes some time to learn the basic editing, since it uses different names and labels for similar functions and organizes them in different positions.

However, after you've been familiar with it, you will find it powerful.

No.5. Vegas Pro 16 Free Trial (Watermark-Free & Watermark)


Vegas Pro 16 Free Trial

Image board: Vegas Pro 16 Free Trial.

Unlike Adobe Spark Video Maker and other tools above, Vegas Pro is a real Pro video editor tool for ultra HD videos, especially for shot editing. We think it's the best video editing software for film producers but with easy approaches.

It's used and recommended by a large portion of Vloggers and YouTubers.

It has everything you need for video editing:

Sidenote: What's the video bitrate in the custom setting? - It is terminology for video quality: Decreasing the number of video bitrate will cause a teeny bit of video quality losing, while you will get a smaller size video.

Exclusively, regarding editing filming shots, you may find it useful to get rid of video motion blurs: Select all video footages > [Switches] > [Disable].

To work out a 15-min professional video, Vegas Pro takes 2hrs-3hrs. FYI: It costs 1hr+ in the video rendering.

For professionals, Vegas Pro is the handiest video editing software.

For the majority of PC users, Vegas Pro is the most intelligent & approachable video editing software with all features compiled.

Part 3: Wrapped Up

Above is the review of 5 best video editing software, and we'll categorize them into 3 groups and attach some useful parameters for your reference:

#Group 1: The easiest approaching software:

#Group 2: Not-that-easy but powerful free software with no watermark:

#Group 3: Not-that-easy but most professional Video Editor & Film Maker(Free Trial):

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