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Best Free Animal Video Maker, with Top 7 YouTube Animal Compilation Video Ideas

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Foreword: Ever want to make a better animal video for your adorable pet? This video has everything you need: You'll find the best free animal video maker for you, as well as YouTube best animal compilation video ideas. Make sure you've checked all the tips, and they will help you make a happy animal video fast. Enjoy your animal making trip!

Animal videos are viral contents that dominate YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many other places. Human enjoys living with animals, and people are crazy about furry & feathery "aliens".

If you own a pet, it would worth making your animal videos: Animal videos are the best media to keep the best moments you hang together. It's a good shot: when adorable and funny animal videos are streaming online, they can even make your animal famous overnight! (Garfield, Aarons Mr. Kitten, to name a few.)

For most who enjoy life in social community, sharing your animal video as Twitter video or Facebook video is sharing your happiness and your life. Via social networks, people like you can effortlessly befriend with you.

Part 1: The Best Free Animal Video Maker [No Design Experience Required]

Be it smartphone footage or digital camera footage, the free online video maker - can effortlessly do the work of footage uploading, editing, and upgrading.

Your free animal video maker

Image board: Your free animal video maker -

Navigation steps are quite simple:

Step 1 Land with free registration, and create a new video project with [Create New] > [+ Start From Scratch].

Step 2 Upload your animal footage by [+ Storyboard] > [Add Video] > [Browse My File].

How to make an animal video by yourself?

Image board: How to make an animal video by yourself?

Step 3 Edit and upgrade your animal footage.

Other than your own footage, FlexClip extensive library is a great platform to look for many professional animal videos and photos. You can either use one of them as your video intro, or compose a video story by intersecting them with your own footage.

Utilize extensive video and photo library

Image board: Utilize extensive video and photo library.

Also, you can come up with some funny doggy/kitten/animal words, and add them as video texts. It will help get your point and current feeling across.

And other videography tricks can also help make a better animal video:

Step 4 Choose a ratio for your target and download your animal video.

Set the ratio of your animal video and download it

Image board: Set the ratio of your animal video and download it.

Part 2: Top 7 Ideas for Viral Animal Compilation Videos

With the easy free animal video maker in hand, you will like to refer to the coolest or funniest animal video ideas. Now, we wrap up the best 7 animal videos that are under creative common license.

No.1 YouTube Animal Video Idea

The Channel "Tiger Productions" shares a funny compilation of animal videos and toddler videos: Titled "FORGET CATS! Funny KIDS vs ZOO ANIMALS are WAY FUNNIER! - TRY NOT TO LAUGH", this very animal video hits 154,351,455 views on YouTube since its debut. It is so hilarious that you can laugh with tears from the beginner to the end.

No.2 YouTube Funniest Dog Video Idea

Compiled by Funny Pet Videos channel, a cute puppy video - "Dog Days of Summer Coolest Dogs of 2018" – has already won 6,472,623 views since Aug 5th, 2018.

The funniest moments include barking, puppy acting like a human being; dog insisting on doing things meaningless, etc. By merging these fun puppy moments to an animal compilation video, the channel presents us a video full of fun.

No.3 YouTube Best Puppy Music Video Idea

MILLI'S WORLD channel composes a doggy music video – "SNOW DAY". The lyrics and melody are cheerful and lovely. Instead of compiling tens of doggies, MILLI'S WORLD features only 2 accompanied dog buddy and tells a story of doggy snow day.

It uses video editing tricks of muting the dog footage, playing some footage in a slow pace, and switching angles and scenes to keep audiences engaging.

No.4 YouTube Animal Jealous Video Compilation

Unlike other animal video compilations, Funny Pet Videos brings out streaming series of animals being jealous. Dogs, parrots, cats… they will become jealous and angry when they are left out, while other animals around get more endorsements.

No.5 YouTube Laziest Animal Video Compilation

Besides jealous moments, there are times that animals get lazy, or they play dead. And their owners can do nothing but laugh.

Funny Pet Videos channel has successfully gotten 751,761 views by joining these animal lazy and silly moments. Also, you can do that, either.

No.6 YouTube Funniest Dogs and Cats Video Compilation

Funny Animals' Life collects hilarious doggy and kitten moments. They react like real human beings. After watching them, you can't help laughing.

No.7 YouTube Awesome Pet Video Compilation

Again, it's Funny Animals' Life channel. This time, they share the most wired moments of indoor pets. Watching video like this, you can't help sharing it.

The Last Words

After watching the best YouTube animal video compilations, we find that the key to an animal video success is the true feeling of animals and their owners, but not video editing tricks.

By watching animal videos, audiences can always find balance, life fun, and inner peace. That's what animals makes us a better human, and that's the reason that humans adore animal videos. FlexClip video editor is the shortcut to make your animated animal video!

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