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Cool Father’s Day Gift Idea – Make A Father’s Day Video as A Gift

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  • Cool Father’s Day Gift Idea – Make A Father’s Day Video as A Gift

Summary: Father’s Day is around the corner. Do you have any Father’s Day gift ideas? Here in this blog, we will show you how to make a Father’s Day video as a gift. Keep reading and get more.

"Daddies don’t just love their children every now and then, it is a love without end."

- George Straight

Daddies love us, no matter how they seem to be ineloquent or stuffy in daily life. And it is them who offered us protection from outside and shaped our way to view the world.

Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to honor them and celebrate fatherhood and parental bonds. This year, 2019, It is on June 16. As this important day is approaching, many of you might be thinking about creating a Father’s Day video as a gift, hoping to give dad a big surprise.

Undoubtlessly, this is a good Father’s Day gift idea. The problem is how to make a warm and touching Father’s Day video. Here in this blog, we will show you the detailed steps on making a Happy Father’s Day video and offer you some ideas on making Father’s Day videos. Follow us and get started.

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How to Make A Father’s Day Video

Here are things you will need to make a Happy Father’s Day video.

- Photos or video clips,

- Background music,

- A computer (PC/Mac),

- FlexClip.

FlexClip, the easiest-to-use online video making service, can help you make a Happy Father’s Day video with great ease. Here are a few reasons why you should choose FlexClip.

To begin with, FlexClip is equipped with rich professional editing tools, like video cutter, music trimmer. You can use them freely to make cool video edits. Moreover, FlexClip is easy-to-use. Within a few clicks, you can successfully finish editing. Even a green hand can make a video in a few minutes. Last but not least, FlexClip is a web-based software. You don’t have to download any software to start.

Below are detailed steps of making Father’s Day videos with FlexClip.

Step 1. Go to FlexClip main page with Chrome and sign up for free. Click Get Started –Free button to create a new project.

Step 2. Add photos or video clips to the storyboard by clicking the "+" button. You can also tap on the camera or photo icon as is shown in the picture to add materials to the storyboard.

Make a Father's Day Video - Step 2

Image board: Make a Father's Day Video - Step 2

Step 3. Click on the Text on the sidebar, here you can add text and logo to the video.

Make a Father's Day Video - Step 3

Image board: Make a Father's Day Video - Step 3

Step 4. Click on Music on the sidebar, then upload MP3 audio files from the computer. Trim it and then set it as background music. You can also tap the Record button then set the recorded voice as background music.

Make a Father's Day Video - Step 4

Image board: Make a Father's Day Video - Step 4

Step 5. Preview and save. Click the Preview button and do the real-time preview. Continue editing or save the video.


  • 1. Before getting started, please get all your photos and video clips organized. This would save you lots of work.
  • 2. We are working hard to develop a media library with music, photos and videos, which can help you touch up with your video with more elements. Please look forward.

Novel Ideas on Making Father’s Day Video

Idea 1. Interview

Interview all your siblings and ask them how they think of Dad or ask them to share the sweetest memory with Dad. This can be both fun and touching.

Idea 2. Far-away Scenery

Aparting from parents is painful, especially when it is a festival. For making videos, this could be an advantage. Shoot some scenes of the city you stay and show them to your Dad in the Father’s Day video.

Idea 3. A Flashback

Dig into the albums and see how many old photos you can get. Create a timeline with those photos and show your dad how you grow up. This is conventional but meaningful.

The Bottom Line

With FlexClip, you can make all your cool Father’s Day video ideas true. Go to and explore more. If you find this post helpful, please share this blog with others.

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