5 Minutes to Make a Same Day Slideshow to Surprise Everyone in the Wedding

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 05

There are lots of surprises at a wedding, but there can’t be enough surprises. Same day slideshow video is one of the surprises you can easily create for the new couple, their parents, and all the guests.

You don’t need to be a photographer to create a same day slideshow. With good plans and the right tools, you can always come up with a good same day slideshow. Check the following contents.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. What is a Same Day Slideshow

Creating a same day wedding slideshow means generating a slideshow with a bunch of photos (normally 15 to 20 photos) of the wedding and showing them to the new couple and all the guests at the wedding dinner.

Same day slideshow is not part of the traditional wedding. Most couples even don’t know about the same day slideshow. That’s why the same day slideshow never fails to surprise the bride and groom. Most guests will also be curious about how they look in the wedding photos.

Same Day Slideshow Templates

Wedding Collage
Wedding Collage
Use This Template
Wedding Love Memory Collage Slideshow
Wedding Love Memory Collage Slideshow
Use This Template
Pure Wedding Memory Collage Save The Date Slideshow
Pure Wedding Memory Collage Save The Date Slideshow
Use This Template

Part 2. How to Create a Same Day Slideshow

It seems a mission impossible to create a same day slideshow because, first, the time is quite limited; secondly, you don’t even have the space to edit the photos; and most importantly, you have to make sure no one knows you are creating a same day slideshow, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise. You have to make most of the time.

This is the plan most people find most effective and convenient.

Step 1
Time Arrangement

Most weddings follow the same routine, the bridal party comes first, the reception, the ceremony, then the cocktail hour, and the dinner. If that is the case for the wedding you are going to attend, then you should film the bridal party, the reception, the ceremony, maybe some photos of the cocktail hour, start editing during the cocktail hour, and finish editing before the dinner starts.

If the new couples have special plans, you might need to figure out when is convenient for you or your partner to leave a few minutes, and decide which part of the wedding to miss.

Step 2
Prepare the Right Tools You Need

To create a same day slideshow, you will need the following tools.

1 > A PC to work on wedding photos.

2 > An iPad where you can show people the same day slideshow.

3 > A equipment to film (phone or any equipment with a nice camera).

4 > A video editing software to edit.

Normally we don’t recommend using complicated video editing software to generate the same day wedding slideshow, because it is too time-consuming. Lots of great video editors, like FlexClip, can generate a same day slideshow quickly without compromising on video quality.

Step 3
Film, Film, Film

As we mentioned earlier, you only need probably 15 to 20 photos of the wedding to make a same day slideshow. However, it doesn’t mean you only shoot 15 to 20 photos.

The best thing to do is filming a lot of photos and selecting a certain amount of photos for each part of the wedding. You can make a detailed plan on film even before the wedding day. For example, we need 2 photos of the bride and groom, 4 photos for the bridal party, 4 photos at the cocktail hour, 1 photo of the first kiss, etc. This would save you lots of time selecting photos.

Step 4
Generate the Same Day Slideshow

You must finish editing before anyone realizes that you disappeared. That’s why a quick slideshow maker is pivotal. We recommend you try FlexClip.

To begin with, it has a bunch of wedding slideshow templates that you can quickly replace with the photos you took. Secondly, your photos will be automatically adjusted to meet the whole theme. You will no longer need to edit the photos. Moreover, it also provides you with powerful editing tools like animation, filters, and cropping in case you want to customize the slideshow.

Here is the detailed steps to create a same day slideshow quickly with FlexClip. Click the Create a Video button to get started.

Create a Video View Templates
  • 1
    A. Go to the Template section, search for Wedding. Pick a wedding video template you like most. Click on it and apply to the timeline.
  • Create a Same Day Slideshow - Pick a Template

    Create a Same Day Slideshow - Pick a Template

  • 1
    B. Drag and drop all your photos to the media section. Drag and drop the photos you took to replace them with the photos in the template.
  • Create a Same Day Slideshow - Replace

    Create a Same Day Slideshow - Replace

  • 1
    C. Customize the text. You need to change the name, add your personal wishes so the couple feels special and valued.
  • Create a Same Day Slideshow - Customize the Text

    Create a Same Day Slideshow - Customize the Text

  • 1
    D. Export. You only need a few minutes to finish exporting. Click on Generate a Short Link button to share the video via a short link.
  • Step 5
    Share with All Guests

    Open the video with the short link you generated and show it to the new couple and all the guests. Ready for wows and happy cries!

    1. Please do keep an eye on your iPad and know where your iPad is. Sometimes people will leave it on the table after finishing them while others are still waiting to see the slideshow.
    2. If necessary, do ban access to other apps like Facebook, in case of any security issues.

    The Bottom Line

    That’s all for how to create a same day wedding slideshow video! Now, get ready and surprise everyone at the wedding! If you find this post helpful, please do remember share others. Contact us via Facebook if you have any questions.

    By the way, FlexClip is an awesome video maker that enables you to create all sorts of videos like instagram videos, TikTok videos, birthday wishes videos. Do remember to give it a try!

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