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Animate a Picture: How to Make Still Images Move Online

Last Updated: Jul. 12, 2021
This post is also available in:Chinese(Traditional)
How to animate a picture online? You've come to the right place. This post will show you the easiest way to create moving images online for free. Follow us and learn how to animate a picture in a few clicks.

Want to animate a still picture to make it move or even add movements or animations to a still photo to create more dynamic moving images in a video?

FlexClip makes it pretty easy to add this feature to your pictures in a few clicks. And you won't need any design experience or download any software and pay for it to animate your pictures. With the free online tool, FlexClip, you can create your own moving pictures with great ease.

FlexClip - Easiest Way to Animate a Picture

  • Easy & free to use: no video editing experience required!
  • No download: do not need to download or install any app.
  • Incredible features: add text & music, animate photos, etc.
  • Abundant resources: photos, clips, music, animations, etc.
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Also, FlexClip online video maker offers beautiful pre-made video templates inspiring you to easily make a stunning video from your pictures:

Romantic Proposal
Romantic Proposal
Use This Template
Pet Slideshow
Pet Slideshow
Use This Template

How to Animate a Picture Online Free

FlexClip provides two ways for you to animate a picture online free: make a still picture moving with animation feature or rely on its Picture-in-Picture motion option.

Method 1 Make Still Picture Moving via Simple Animation

Step 1
Visit FlexClip Homepage and then you can choose to start with a template or from scratch. Or you can also click one of the buttons below to get started directly.
Step 2
Go to the Media to upload your pictures from a local folder, then add them to the storyboard. You can also find stunning images in FlexClip's extensive stock media and use them for free in your video.

Image Board: Upload Your Images

Step 3
Once you've added your pictures into the storyboard, you can quickly animate them with the Animation feature on the top of the screen.
Animated the Picture

Image Board: Animated the Still Picture

Here you can choose various animation effects for your photo: zoom in/out, move to left/right, etc. You can either choose to click the Apply to All the Storyboards button to animate other pictures in one click or pick another effect for other photos one by one.

Method 2 Animated a Picture via Picture-in-Picture Motion Option

Besides using the simple animation to make your still picture moving, you can also animate your photos rely on FlexClip's PIP motion feature.

Step 1
Also go to the Media section upload your photos to the media library first.
Add Photos

Image Board: Add Photos

Step 2
Click on the Picture In Picture icon in the lower left corner of the photo thumbnail to add it as a overlay on a new storyboard. You can change the background color to make it fits your picture.
Add Picture to Storyboard

Image Board: Add Picture to Storyboard with PIP

Step 3
Click the Motion button to add stunning animation to the photo to make it moving as you wish. Here you can also access option to customize the photo - add filters, adjust brightness, flip and resize it, etc.
Animated the Still Picture

Image Board: Animated the Still Picture

Making Your Moving Picture More Dynamic - Killer Tips

Now, you've mastered the way to animate a photo, here we want to show you how to level up your moving picture to make it more dynamic and appealing.

Tip 1: Add Dynamic Text to The Moving Picture

A moving picture with dynamic text is far more appealing than a still photo. With FlexClip, you can easily add the dynamic text to the moving photo in a few clicks.

Simply go to the sidebar and focus on the text section, scroll down to pick your desired text effect, add it to your picture, then you can enter your content and customize it in the font, color, position, and duration.

Add Animated Text to the Moving Picture

Image Board: Add Animated Text to the Moving Picture

Tip 2: Add Animated Effects to the Moving Picture

FlexClip also provides various stunning elements - emoji stickers, speech bubbles, and more shapes - you can add to your moving pictures to make them more dynamic and attractive.

It is pretty easy to and the animated effects to your images. Just go to the sidebar and switch to the Elements option, here you will see a lot of elements, both the dynamic element and other simple elements. You can either choose to pick a ready-made dynamic element or choose a simple element then add animation to them manually.

Add Animated Element to the Moving Picture

Image Board: Add Animated Element o the Moving Picture

Tip 3: Go along with a Rhythmic Music Track

You might already know the importance of the music, and you'll not surprise that different background music of a video can convey different feelings to viewers. If you want to make your moving picture more dynamic, rhythmic music must be the best choice.

Final Words

That's all for how to animate a still picture in a video. Hopefully, with the tool, instructions, and tips we shared here, everyone can make the still photo move and create appealing moving pictures in a video with great ease.

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