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How to Add Photo Transitions to Make a Great Slideshow

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 29

Slideshows and photo transitions have made the way we view our pictures look more fanciful. They have completely changed the way images and texts are presented; this is in relation to the artistic appearance it emerges with. A great slideshow is a good way to attract your audience's attention while trying to present data or ideas.

While leveraging the aura a good slideshow offers, it becomes even better when these transitions are added in between photos. Below, we have created a guide anyone can use to create a perfect photo transition that can send the perfect information to your audience. We encourage you to read it through.

How to Add Photo Transitions Online for Free

You have to understand that how good your photo transition comes out depends on the tool you use – this is why we must introduce a tool like FlexClip. FlexClip is the latest and the most innovative photo transition tool that is, considering its easy-to-use features, rich transition and texts, effects, elegant frames, and awesome filters to level up your slideshow. And to add photo transition using FlexClip, click on the Create a Video button and follow the steps below.

Step 1
Add your preferred photos to the storyboard using the "Upload" function.
Upload Media Resources from Local Files

Upload Media Resources from Local Files

Step 2
Click on the Transition icon, and select the transition you like.
Add Transition to Your Photo

Add Transition to Your Photo

Step 3
Adjust the photo duration to make the transition go naturally. You need to be careful because how long your audience watches your presentation depends on how well this stage goes.
Set Transition Duration

Set Transition Duration

Step 4
Make more edits, like adding text, background music, and widgets. And try not to overdo things here; keep it simple and natural.
Make Further Adjustments

Make Further Adjustments

Step 5
Click Download and export.

The Bottom Line

To add a transition between photos is a very easy process, but sometimes coming out with the best outcome can be challenging. This is because some users underestimate the power of its performance, making the transition duration appear either too fast or too slow. Finally, it is also important to hint at the need to embrace slideshows for your TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube needs: they really say a lot about their users. It can even be extremely useful in a seminar, workshop, or project presentation. Whatever purpose you wish to apply your slideshow, make it FlexClip all the way.

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