How to Fade Image/Photo in Video Online for Free

Posted on: Dec. 29, 2021

The way that a scene ends and a new scene emerges on the screen can have quite a drastic impact on the audience or the viewers. The intensity with which a scene changes or how smoothly the transition takes the viewers to the next part of the video is extremely important to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

To create this dramatic effect, fade effects are used at various intervals of the video I.e. at the start, end, or whenever a scene changes. Fade-in and fade-out effects also look incredible when used in a short video or a promotional campaign that you have created by arranging several different pictures together.

The fading effects are also great:

  • To convey the end of one theme and the beginning of a new chapter
  • A shift in the turn of events
  • To shift between scenes and events
  • Or you can also use this fade image effect to make your pictures play in parallel to the background audio.

    Adding Fade Transitions - The Easiest Way

    Where numerous software are available to create fade image effect in your videos most like Adobe Premiere are either too complicated to be understood by novice editors or are quite expensive to be benefited by everyone.

    Therefore if you need something simpler but equally cool and awesome then you need to try FlexClip, the best video editor online. From being filled with versatile features and creative solutions to offering a natural intuitive interface, FlexClip is the name professionals trust for their quick on-the-go needs.

    What's New About Transitional Effects of FlexClip

    The Fade Effect by FlexClip is all about beautiful seamless transitions without any need to add layers and go through complicated procedures. FlexClip, a video editor online is embedded with amazing professional tools and functions to help you create exceptional quality content in no time. The variety of transitional effects including fades, blur, wipes are all extraordinary to create divine results. Moreover, there is a unique media stock available to break the boundaries of imagination and create remarkable masterpieces.

    Killer Features of FlexClip Transitional Effects

  • Rich media resources
  • Intuitive interface with simple procedures
  • No complicated, system-intensive downloads
  • Multiple ways to experiment with the fading effects
  • Produced high-quality results only
  • The software supports most of the video formats including MP4, MOV, M4V, WebM and many more.

    Quick Tutorial on How to Create Videos Online with FlexClip

    How to Add Fade Effect to Images in Video

    Let’s learn to use FlexClip to add a Fade pictures effect to a photo in your videos, the easiest way. Click on Create a Video to get started.

    Step 1
    Drag and drop your media or use the Browse Video option to bring your media to the editor. Then upload your pictures to the Media section using the PIP feature.

    Don’t have Media Assets? Try the existing resources in the editor or use the ready-to-use templates to kick start your editing projects.

    Upload Media Resources from Local Files

    Upload Media Resources from Local Files

    Step 2
    Now select your uploaded picture and go to the Motion button on the upper area of the editor page. Here click on the In & Out option and select the animation of your choice.
    Find Motion and Apply Fade Effect

    Find Motion and Apply Fade Effect

    Step 3
    You can control when you want the fade effects to appear and disappear. Just click on the clock icon to regulate your fade effects.
    Click on the Clock Icon to Regulate Your Fade Effects

    Click on the Clock Icon to Regulate Your Fade Effects

    Step 4
    You can add further edits to the video like adding stunning filters, smooth animations, or flipping the photos to match the aesthetic of your videos. The choices are unlimited and all fun to try.
    Make Further Adjustments to Video

    Make Further Adjustments to Video

    Step 5
    Once you are satisfied with your work click on the Export button to download the video on your desktop directly.

    The Bottom Line

    In the hustle-bustle of life, you do not need to spend hours and hours on understanding the complex working of video editors which are sure to leave you exhausted in the end. Try the simplest video editor to Fade images online to create flawless effects in your videos. The results created by FlexClip are awesome to leave anyone breathless.

    Since you have already learned how to Picture fade into another picture you are all ready to create flabbergasted videos for your social media audience. Try creating slideshows, TikTok videos, or Instagram-worthy content to create impactful results never experienced before.

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