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Best Way to Add Music to Photos Online

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Nowadays, most people tend to take various wonderful photos to record their great memories. But it seems boring if you just save all your pictures directly on your gadget. To this, you can choose to make your pictures movie along with a matching music or create a photo slideshow with music, which can make your pictures more dramatic and entertaining.

Adding music to your photos not only makes you feel the real essence and memory of the captured moment but also help to set the mood for your viewers.

How to put music to pictures is very easy with the right tool. In this article, we'll show you how to accompany your photos with music using a free online tool called FlexClip. Keep reading below for the detailed steps to add music to pictures.

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Part 1. Why Use FlexClip to Add Music to Pictures

Frankly speaking, there are various of tools you can use to put music on pictures, which one should you choose to accompany your own photos with music? Here we highly recommend FlexClip, it not only helps you easily compile your best photos, but provides music to accompany your memories as well.

✓ Ease of Use - FlexClip's intuitive interface makes it possible for everyone to add music to pictures easily and quickly, no video editing experience required!

✓ Free Online Customization - FlexClip allows you to add music to your pictures and make more edits online for free. No download or installation is required.

✓ Stunning Templates - FlexClip comes with awesome templates, whether you want to add music to pictures for birthday, wedding, family, travel, etc., you can find the perfect template to start with.

✓ Rich Music Resources - FlexClip comes with an extensive music library, and you can choose background music from the library or add your own songs. The audio tools help you easily tune the music to match your pictures.

Part 2. How to Add Music to Pictures

As you can see, FlexClip is such a powerful tool you can use to add music to photos online, let's turn to FlexClip to put music on the pictures right now:

Step 1 Upload Your Pictures

Go to FlexClip to upload your photos first, and rearrange them based on your needs, then click "Next".

 Upload Your Pictures

Upload Your Pictures

Step 2 Select a Template

Select a template coming with default music and transition effects that suits your topic. (Or you can start from scratch if you don't like any one of them.)

Select a Template

Select a Template

Most of our templates come with preset music, text, and transition effect, and you can replace them according to your preference in a few click if you not satisfied with them.

Step 3 Add Music to Pictures

Start customizing to add music to the pictures. Here you can pick one from our music library or add your own song from the computer.

Add Music to Pictures

Add Music to Pictures

Here, you can click the trim icon to change when the music starts or use just a portion of the music. Also, you can adjust the volume to make the music softer.

    Pro Tips: Pick the Right Music for Photos: FlexClip provides you with thousands of soundtracks to choose from. How can you find the right music for your pictures quickly? Just filter your options.

  • Filter by mood: whether it's inspiring or relaxing, happy or sad, playful or serious, FlexClip has got just the music to to suit your mood of photos.
  • Filter by genre: FlexClip has 20 genres of music to match your needs, from classical to folk, country to electronic, hip-hop to jazz, and more.
  • Filter by instrument: may you want to pick a piece music played by a specific instrument, here you can get various options, from brass to guitar, synth to orchestra, etc.
  • Pick the Music for Pictures

    Pick the Music for Pictures

While you're in the editor, you can use FlexClip's tools to make any other edits you'd like to your pictures:

Step 4 Preview and Download

Once you've edited your photos and music, click "Preview" in the top right corner of the interface to view your video. If you're satisfied with it, just export it in the resolution of 1080p, 720p, or 480p; if not, you continue editing.

Preview and Download

Preview and Download

Final Words

Ready to begin? Click here to create your photo slideshow video and have fun adding music to your photos. Help your pictures come to life with music using FlexClip right now!

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