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What is your purpose with FlexClip?
What is your purpose with FlexClip?

Mute Video Guide: Remove Audio from a Video & Adjust Its Volume

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Summary: This blog tells you why you need to mute videos and shares the detailed steps to mute a video or change the volume in a video with a handy and free online video editor, FlexClip. Follow us, and you will find removing audio from video can't be easier.

Video editing full of a variety of ticks, usually you need to trim your video, add text, background music, and various special effects to your video, but sometimes you just want to get rid of the sound in a video or change its volume.

How to mute or adjust video sound with ease for free instead of taking much time and money to learn how to use those professional video editors? Here in this blog, we'll show you how to deal with your videos quickly and easily for free.

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Part 1 Possible Reasons Why You Need to Mute a Video

Silence is golden. It's true that sometimes, silence is more powerful than words. This rule also applies to video editing - sometimes you need to mute your video or remove audio from it to get a better effect.

Maybe you want to mute videos or remove sound from it in one of the following situations:


  • You just accidentally recorded a fantastic scene and want to share with others, but you suddenly realize that video is also recording your voice. You don't want others to hear your voice. How to remove audio from the video?
  • When you are making your video, you want a dramatic effect that the video is going mute for a couple of seconds straight after a particularly emotional moment.
  • You want to embed background music or record voice over to your video, but there is a lot of original sound in your video. Is there any way that can mute the original sound in a video?

Above all, the situation varies, but the problem needs to be solved the same: how to mute a video?

Here's the way to mute audio in a video with a safe, handy, and versatile video mute software - FlexClip. Follow the simple guide below to mute a video.

Part 2 Mute Video Guide on How to Adjust Volume & Remove Audio

How do you mute video? How to adjust the volume of a video? With FlexClip, everyone can handle it in a few clicks. Follow us and work it out.

Step 1Go to FlexClip Homepage with Chrome. Click on Get Started - Free button. (A new screen will pop up asking you to choose a video template or start from scratch.)

Step 2Click the "+" icon > browse my file to upload your videos to the storyboard.

Add Your Video

Image Board: Add Your Video

Step 3 Tapping on the volume icon to increase or reduce the volume level. Dragging or setting it to zero will mute the video clip. You can also remove the audio from your video by clicking on the mute button.

Mute Video or Change Volume

Image Board: Mute Video or Change Volume

Step 4 (optional) Add background music with the music icon or record voice over by record button.

Add Background Music or Record Voiceover

Image Board: Add Background Music or Record Voiceover


  • Besides Muting Video, FlexClip Can Do More
  • FlexClip is a versatile video editor that can not only mute videos but also do a lot, such as change video aspect ratio, crop video, change background colors, add text to video and so on.

Part 3 Why Do People Choose FlexClip for Mute Videos

There are many online video mute services and other video editing software, but why people choose FlexClip for mute a video. Here are the reasons.

As general users or beginners, most people prefer to adopt a simple approach to achieve their goals. FlexClip is such a user-friendly software allowing you to mute your video in just a few clicks even if you have not edited videos before.

Although a lot of mute video online tools are available, they may cause some potential security issues to your PC like privacy leaks and virus, FlexClip is one of the most trusted options available, it is safe for use.

Some other online video muter may also have the usage limitation of their services, such as poor output quality or limited input file size. FlexClip supports input a variety of video formations, such as MOV, WEBM, M4V, MP4; it output videos without any quality loss, and their resolution options include 480P, 720P, and 1080P.

Incidentally, FlexClip is a multifunctional video editor that you can edit your video in different ways: like adding watermark, rotating video and so on. Besides that, FlexClip is also a powerful media library with various resources: millions of stock photos, video footage, and free music.

The Bottom Line

That's all for how to mute the video. FlexClip, with its powerful feature, is your best choice to remove audio from a video. Give it a try!

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