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How to Make a Website Background Video Online for Free

Last Updated: 2021. 08. 26
This article introduces an online background video maker with free templates to guide you on making a beautiful website background video for free. Check out and learn how to make a free video background video for your website.

Designing a background video for your website can help you instantly sell the benefits of your product or highlight how your service will make a difference to your target customer without them needing to say a word. You might even make your video background the primary feature of your site!

Start making a website video background to grow your online presence and make your website highly engaging and immersive for your visitors.

Free Videos for Your Website Background

Travel Website Background Video
Travel Website Background Video
Use This Template
Fashion Website Background Video
Fashion Website Background Video
Use This Template

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How to Make a Website Background Video Online Free

Want a beautiful and free video for your website background? Just look for some free video templates that are suitable for your website. We suggest turning to FlexClip online video maker, and it comes with an amazing set of free video templates ideal for website background.

Ready to make a free video for your website background? Just click the button below:

Step 1
Start from a Free Template

Once you get into the FlexClip video editor, you can select from hundreds of customizable free templates designed for tons of different use cases to pick one suit for your website.

Start with a Template

Start with a Template

Step 2
Add Personal Video Footage or Stock Media

Then you can go to the Media section to upload your own footage for your background video or utilize our extensive stock library to access the high-quality video.

Add Media

Add Media

Step 3
Customize Your Website Background Video

FlexClip lets you add text, your own logo, and so much more. Simply trim your video to your ideal length, add any relevant shapes and stickers, and you're ready to go.

Customize the Website Background Video

Customize the Website Background Video

Step 4
Save and share Your Website Background Video

Once you're done the editing, you can preview your video in real time, if you're satisfied with it, you can simply save it directly to your device and share with others; if not, you can continue editing.

Quick Tips for Your Website Background Video

Here are some practical tips that can help you create the best video background for your website.

Use Short Video Clips that Loops

When using a video background in your site, the website loading speed is a big concern, so you’d better to keep the background video short and video file small to ensure your website loading speed.

Use Video without Audio

One of the most annoying things when it comes to the web experience is the audio that automatically plays once the page loads. So if your video clip comes with audio, remember to remove it or mute the audio directly.

Avoid the Video Compete with Your Content

If you have text or some kind of content on top of your video background, you should make sure the video does not hurt the readability of your content. A good website idea will be to add color or lighten/darken your video to ensure readability, or you can have your text in the color that contrasts against your video.

Final Words

Background videos can really set your website apart from the rest, just follow these simple steps and practical tips and you'll be well on your way to make a custom and beautiful website background video.

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