How to Add CTA Overlay to YouTube/Instagram Video

Posted on: Oct. 09, 2021
Want to add CTA overlay to YouTube/Instagram video? Check this post to get the easiest way to create YouTube call to action videos. Let's get started.

If you are still looking for a way to inspire your YouTube audience, encourage them to take action, move to the next level where they can learn more, then you will be needing the CTA overlay. These overlays work on both websites and social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and more. Before we proceed to how this works, let's have a comprehensive explanation of what a YouTube/Instagram CTA overlay is.


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Part 1 What is Video CTA?

CTA stands for Call To Action, it is a term used by marketers to describe immediate response performed by website users. It is also used to encourage potential customers to take action by clicking on a button. Video CTA can also come as a word or phrase which is incorporated into a sales page, ad messages, or sales scripts.

Now, how can a CTA be relevant in your YouTube/Instagram channel? YouTube CTA overlays allow your audience to take action on web content. The presence of a CTA as an overplay on either YouTube or Instagram creates an interactive concept that comes up at the ad section of a video, and can also help in driving traffic on the outbound link embedded in the channel’s overlay. A typical video CTA usually appears 3 seconds after a video starts, and collapses turn into a thumbnail image 15 seconds later. A YouTube CTA overlay on a mobile device has a way of expanding when viewed, then turns into a perfect thumbnail image when tapped on.

Part 2 How to Add CTA Overlay to YouTube/Instagram Videos

This article won't be complete if we don't mention FlexClip: the world's finest video CTA adding tool.

FlexClip is originally designed as a video editing tool that has already gotten thousands of positive reviews from online digital marketers worldwide, and the addition of a CTA overlay tool is a plus. Some of the advantages of using this tool include:

  • Numerous button templates that help you get started in seconds.
  • Shapes that allow you to create any symbolic icons.
  • Numerous appealing fonts of all styles and designs.
  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use editing features that level up your video.

    Now, click the Create a Video button and follow the steps below to add CTA overlay to video.

    Step 1
    Drag and drop your video to the media section and apply your video to the storyboard.
    Add CTA Overlay to Video - Upload

    Add CTA Overlay to Video - Upload

    Step 2
    Go to the Elements to find the button or shape that best suits your video from over hundreds of carefully designed shapes and buttons.
    Add CTA Overlay to Video - Add Overlay

    Add CTA Overlay to Video - Add Overlay

    Step 3
    If necessary, enter your own CTA words to the button. Go to the Text, find the font that matches your video, then enter any words you like.
    Add CTA Overlay to Video - Add Text

    Add CTA Overlay to Video - Add Text

    Step 4
    Download. Share the video to your social media.

    Part 3 How to Write Excellent CTAs

    CTAs are the best sales gateway for marketers, how your audience reacts to it depends on how catchy it is; the catchier your CTA, the more attractive it becomes. Below, we have listed a few working methods you can use to come up with the best CTA.

    Be authoritative

    Use strong commanding verbs to start your CTA. We recommend using words like "Buy", "Shop", etc. By using such words, you are psychologically telling your audience that you are confident in what you sell.

    Be emotional

    Use words that can trigger emotions e.g. enthusiastic words, sympathetic words, etc. If possible, go with a story that ends with so much emotion. But be sure they are all linked to the product you are trying to sell.

    Be rational with your phrase

    Give your audience reasons why they should take action. Start with some interesting features of the product you are trying to sell them. Let's say you are selling a weight-loss gadget, give them a good reason to take action by stating some of the advantages or high points of the gadget.

    Leverage FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

    Make it look like they are going to lose something if they don't take action.

    Be extremely creative with your descriptions

    Don't be boring with those descriptions that will lead your audience to click the CTA button. Don’t Just say it, craft it, make it sound convincing; make them want to read to the end.

    Final Words

    For every active sales page, there is a good CTA overlay linked to it. But even as you go about doing the right thing, the kind of tool you use also plays a huge part in your success. This is why we will always recommend the use of the FlexClip CTA overlay tool, a tool that has been used and recommended by thousands of YouTubers and digital marketers in driving traffic to their sales page. Finally, don't forget to share this article if you’d find it useful. Thanks for your time.

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