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How to Add the Like Button to a Video [YouTube, Facebook & Ins]

Last Updated: May. 18, 2021

Summary: Want to add a like button animation to your video and remand more views to hit the like button? This article will show you an easy way to put a like button on a video for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Like buttons, like the Facebook like button, YouTube like button, and Instagram like button, are a powerful way to prompt viewer action and increase engagement on social media platforms.

Did you know that you can add a like button animation to your video? Those like button overlays in your video can remind views to hide the like button when they are watching your videos.

FlexClip Video Editor makes it pretty easy to add this feature to your videos. It helps you enhance your videos with like buttons, subscribe buttons, and more to drive action and engagement on Your YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Like Button Animations

Image Board: Like Button Animations

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How to Add the Like Button to a Video for YouTube & Facebook

FlexClip proves to be an excellent tool for putting a like button overlay on a video for YouTube, Facebook, and more. Whether you want to customize a like button in this editor or upload your own one, FlexClip allows you to do so in a few clicks.

Here are some highlights of FlexClip helping you to know more about this powerful video editor:

  • Free & easy to easy: no video making/editing experience required! You can add the like button to a video for YouTube, Facebook, and more in a few clicks for free.
  • No download, no installation: the web-based program allows you to add a like button overlay to your video online.
  • Powerful features: besides adding like buttons, you can rely on its powerful features to make more edits for your video, including add text, set BGM, record voice-over, apply transition effects, add filters, etc.

  • Rich Animations: stunning animations are available to enhance your video: dynamic text, like buttons, subscribe buttons, speech bubbles, and more.
  • Real-Time Preview: you can view your video in real-time with the preview button before you export it.

Such a powerful video editor comes with rich editing tools and options, just click one of the buttons below to start adding a like button to your video right now!

Step 1Launch FlexClip and Get Started

Visit FlexClip Video Editor on your browser and click Make a Free Video button to start. Or you can turn to the editing/template page directly via the button above.

Get Started

Image Board: Get Started

Step 2Two Options to Start

Then you'll come to the video templates page, simply click the Start From Scratch button to upload your videos here. You can also choose a video template to customize it

FlexClip Template Page

Image Board: FlexClip Templates Page

Step 3 Customize It and Add Text

Once you upload your video clips, you can add a like button to your video, whether you're going to customize one or upload your own one directly.

# 1 Customize the like button for your YouTube or Facebook video

Just go to the sidebar and switch to the Elements option to add a like button animation to your video. Here are various elements, including like button animation, you can use on your video, pick the desired one by searching with keywords, and personalize it freely, including size, position, and color, etc.

Customize the Like Button

Image Board: Customize the Like Button

# 2: Upload a ready-made like button overlay to your video

Want to add your own like button overlay to the video? FlexClip video editor provides two options for you to upload your own like button to the video.

First, you can upload your like button overlay to the video with Watermark Feature. Go to the Setting > Watermark, and choose the Image to upload your like button file. Then you can customize it on the position, size, and opacity.

Upload Your Like Button Overlay

Image Board: Upload Your Like Button Overlay

Also, you can rely on the Logo/Intro/Outro feature of FlexClip to upload your like button to the video.

Turn to the toolbar and scroll down to the Logo option, then select a simple logo and you can either choose to delete the attached text or customize it to match your needs. Then double click the logo icon on the screen, upload the like button overlay to the video from a local folder.

Depict video: Upload Your Like Button Overlay

Now, you've got the like button on your video, and you can preview the final results and export it to your computer then share it with others via social media platforms.

Final Words

Now, you must have the video with the like button at hand. As you can see, add the like button to a video using FlexClip Video Editor is super simple. Remember to give it a try for more possibilities!

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