How to Make a Mashup Video Online - Easy & Free

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 09
This post will show you the easiest way to make a mashup video online for free. Follow us and learn how to a video mashup in a few clicks.

Want to combine the music videos from YouTube, clips from TikTok, or scenes from your favorite show? A video mashup is a great way to go.

With mashups, you can mix and match the best prank clips for a funny video, piece together your favorite music videos for a perfect playlist, create a seamless sports highlight video or the ideal dance compilation, etc.

Want to make your own mashup? You've come to the right place. This article will show you how to make a mashup video online for free in the easiest way.

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What to Prepare for Making Mashup Videos

Decide on the Type of Mash-up Video to Create

A mashup video can be any number of different things. It can be humorous, informative, or inspiring, and they can focus on everything from your favorite songs or music to the latest movies, from the exciting gameplay to funny moments.

Select and Gather the Videos that Will be "Mashed" Together

Select the video clips for which you are going to create a mashup. Choose different enough videos based upon the type of your mashup, such as games, funny moments, music video mashup , etc. Remember to gather more than one video as you are going to make a mix of videos that stunning and sync after combination.

Find the Songs for Your Video Mashup

Besides, you need to find different songs and audio to sync with your mashup video. You can select an entire mashup song or create one song mashup of your own with a mix of your favorite songs.

Find the Best Mashup Video Maker

The right mashup video maker can make your video mashup creation more efficient with less effort. Most computers come with the editing software already installed. Examples are Windows Movie Maker or Mac's iMovie. But here, we'd like to share an online video maker - FlexClip - for you to make a video mashup more convenient.

FlexClip online mashup video maker comes with several inbuilt effects and transitions to make your video look fascinating. Using the FlexClip video maker to create your mashup video takes only a couple of minutes.

Let's move on to making a video mashup for you with the help of FlexClip online mashup video maker.

How to Make a Simple Mashup Video Online for Free

Step 1
Upload Your Media

Once you get all your materials ready, go to FlexClip video editor directly and upload your footage from the Media > Local Files.

Add the Mashup Footage

Add the Mashup Footage

Step 2
Apply Effects & Transitions to Your Video Mashup

Then, you can apply various Effects and Transitions to make your mashup video look more awesome and attractive.

Edit the Mashup Video

Edit the Mashup Video

Step 3
Add Music to Set the Tone of Your Mashup Video

Go to the Music option to add the background music to your video mashup. FlexClip allows you to upload your own song from your local file or pick one from its extensive music library.

Add Music to the Mashup Video

Add Music to the Mashup Video

Step 4
Preview and Export Your Video Mashup

When everything in your mashup video looks just the way you want, click the Preview button in the upper right corner to preview your video mashup in real-time, if you're satisfied with it, export it directly; if not, you can continue editing.

Final Words

That's all for how to make your own mashup videos. We hope this article helps you make your own video mashup easily and quickly. Just turn to FlexClip online mashup video maker to make amazing mashup videos using short and simple steps right now.

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