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How to Make Mother’s Day Videos as Gifts in A Few Steps

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Last Updated: Apr. 26, 2020

Summary: Want to send a unique Mother’s Day gift to your Mom? This blog offers you excellent ideas and detailed steps on making a Mother’s Day video. Follow us and make one Happy Mother’s Day video as a gift in a few steps.

Mother’s Day is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, this festival falls on May 10 and it is just around the corner. When this big day finally comes, please do let your mother knows how much you love her and make her feel special, cared and appreciated.

A simple but touching video is a unique Mother’s Day gift. If you are also running a business, a Mother’s day video can build emotional bonds between you and the customers, and increase profits. No matter you are an expert in video editing or a green hand who has no idea on video making, this blog is exactly what you need. Keep reading and get inspirations on creating Mother’s Day videos.

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Mother’s Day Video Ideas

It’s the first step that costs troublesome. You might have mouthful sweet words, photos or videos, but you just don’t know what the video is going to be. Here are some ideas on creating mother’s day video.

Idea 1. Mother’s Day Slideshow

This is one of the easiest kind of Mother’s Day video to create. You just need to put the photos in sequence, and then let them go with sweet background music. If necessary, read a poem or say something you are too shy to speak out aloud for the slideshow.

The past photos tell their own stories. They save you loads of work. Go and find as many photos as possible.

Idea 2. Past Memory

Photos do bring the past memory. When there are no enough pictures of different times, that’s where you need videos or photos of families on a vacation or activity, for instance, the photos and videos of your families on beach. Grasp only one single moment to say Thank You to mom and tell her these moments can’t be sweet without her.

Idea 3. Tell a Story of You and Her

When you have a child, what would you tell her about your mom? Families are part of us. Besides appearance, what did you get from mom? This requires you go deep inside and hear your voice.

Idea 4. Greeting

A simple Mother’s day greeting video may sound too old-school. However, it never fail to make mothers happy. You can add some fun activities to make it more interesting, such as holding up signs or singing.

Idea 5. Don’t Forget the Grandma

Grandma is also a mother and grandchildren always forget that. Remember to send your grandma a festival video!

They are actually quite easy to be pleased. However, do make sure they get your jokes and she has access to your gift. For these grandmothers who seldom use smartphones or computers, burning the video into a disc for them would be great.

Idea 6. Business

As for businessmen, our suggestion is that naming your discount directly. Many customers are more likely to be attracted by prices.

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How to Make A Happy Mother’s Day Video

To make a Happy Mother’s Day video, you will need some video clips, photos, music and most important of all, FlexClip – The most professional and easy-to-use video maker.

FlexClip never fails to help you create a great Mother’s day video with its elegant Mother’s day video templates, rich media resources, and easy-to-use tools. To begin with, all edits can be done in clicks. Even a green hand can make professional edits with no confusion. Moreover, it provides professionally designed video templates to inspire you. Besides, the free music, photos, and video resources level up your work.

Now, click on Create a Video button below or View Template button, and then follow us to start creating a Mother’s Day video.

Step 1. Add photos or videos to storyboard by clicking "+" button.

Make Mother's Day Video - Step 1

Image Board: Make Mother's Day Video - Step 1

Step 2. Add text or logo to the video or photo by clicking on Text button on the sidebar.

Make Mother's Day Video - Step 2

Image Board: Make Mother's Day Video - Step 2

Step 3. Click on the Music button, upload MP3 audio files on your computer and trim it, then set it as background music. You can also click on the Record button to record voice as background music.

Make Mother's Day Video - Step 3

Image Board: Make Mother's Day Video - Step 3

Step 4. Preview the video by clicking the Preview button on the upper-right corner, save it or continue editing.


  • 1. Before editing, please get everything organized. This would save you lots of time.
  • 2. Videos saved to the server can be edited again without uploading.


With the above ideas and detail steps, you can surely make a good Happy Mother’s Day video. Actually, any mom will love the present the children give to her, as long as it is from the bottom of the heart. Relax and get started with FlexClip. If you find this post helpful, we’d appreciate it if you can share it with others.

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