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How to Make Funny Thanksgiving Videos Online

Last Updated: Jan. 14, 2020

Summary: Want to say Thank You to your family or friends in a Thanksgiving video? Or want to send a video invitation to bring all your families together? Let's walk through this quick guide to get a free method to make funny Thanksgiving video.

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional American holiday, mainly spread in North American countries. Thanksgiving is designed to thank some people and things that are encountered in life. The United States is full of excitement and has many theater performances, costume parades, sports competitions, and so on. In addition to the United States has its own Thanksgiving Day, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Greece and other places also have their own Thanksgiving, different countries have different customs to celebrate Thanksgiving.

In terms of customs and habits, the United States and Canada are basically the same. The food habits are: eating roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry jam, sweet hawthorn, and jade; activities include: playing cranberry competition, corn game, pumpkin race; holding costumes Group activities such as parades, drama performances or sports competitions, and there are holidays for 2 days. People in the distance will go home and reunite with their loved ones.

If you want to send a touching or funny Thanksgiving video to others, FlexClip Video Maker is ready to help you out. With rich templates and advanced features, FlexClip will make it easily.

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How to Make A Thanksgiving Video

Image board: How to Make A Thanksgiving Video

How to Make A Funny Thanksgiving Video

Before the start, you may wonder why should we make a Thanksgiving video?

1.Say Thankful to others;

2.Invite families to Thanksgiving dinner;

3.Remind of the good times;

4.Show Thanksgiving recipes;

5.Photo slide show;

6.Share your Thanksgiving day.

Then we could rely on an impressive video maker called FlexClip to make a Thanksgiving video within simple steps. Let's follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open FlexClip and sign up or log in your account. Then click on Get Started-Free button.

How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 1

Image board: How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 1

Step 2. Then you can click + Start from Scratch to upload your video clips or you can choose a template to begin.

How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 2

Image board: How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 2

Step 3. Then you can make your own Thanksgiving video: edit, split, trim, add music, add text, add watermark, upload local media file and more.

How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 3

Image board: How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 3

Step 4. Then you can export your Thanksgiving videos.

How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 4

Image board: How to Make A Thanksgiving Video - Step 4

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The Bottom Line

Isn't that easy to make a Thanksgiving video with FlexClip? Also, you can make other types of video like traveling, food, fitness, marketing, real estate and more. Whether you have video materials or not, FlexClip will always help you make a great Thanksgiving video!

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