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How to Make a Merry Christmas Video For Ones You Care

Last Updated: Apr. 21, 2020

Christmas is around the corner. Even though it is never too conventional to make Christmas cards to celebrate this holiday, making a Christmas video is a better option. With a Merry Christmas video, you can,

  • Send Christmas wishes to your beloved ones.
  • Invite friends and families to the Christmas party.
  • Recap the unforgettable moments of the Christmas.
  • Say thank you and build emotional connections with all customers.

It is not hard to make a Christmas video like the one above. Check the Christmas video ideas and get started to make one.

Learning how to add sound to videos is an essential step to become a video making expert. Here in this blog, we will show you three ways to add voice-over or music to a video. Let’s get started.

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Depict video: Christmas Video Template

Part 1. Christmas Video Ideas

1. Kids' Christmas Video Ideas

> While parents are busy decorating the houses, a music video keeps children occupied. Never mind that the video is repetitive. How can kids sing a song without listening to it many times?

> Children always act interestingly. Use a camera or phone to record all their interesting moments, like how they react when they see the presents from the "Santa Clause" or how they eat an onion (they can't distinguish an onion and an apple if they are little enough).

2. Merry Christmas Wishes Video Ideas

The most crucial thing about a Merry Christmas wishes video is sincerity. Come up with all sweet words and add them to the video. Your beloved ones can feel it.

> Act

If you want to entertain your friends and families with a Christmas video, why not make a duet video. All you need to do is picking a song with your wishes and acting in a way that is exaggerating.

> Dance a little bit

Want to say Merry Christmas with your entire family? Gather all your kids and dance. It spreads joy and excitement to others.

> Vlog - 24 hours of your family

Your relatives far away from you would be curious about what you and your family have done at Christmas. Since Christmas is a festival for reunion, why not make your families feel that they are in part of your world.

3. Business Christmas Video Ideas

> Annual Review

This type of video focusing on your company's growth shows that your products are reliable and employees are working hard to serve the customers. Annual review Christmas video easily builds emotional bonds and trust.

> Christmas Sales

Hosting a Christmas sale? This video doesn't have to be different from any other promo videos you have made before. You have to add some Christmas elements to it.

> Donation

Christmas is also about giving. People would love to see a big company share their burden and make contributions to make the world a better place.

Part 2. How to Make a Christmas Video

To make a warm, touching or fun video, we recommend you a fantastic video editor FlexClip to help you out. Here are the reasons.

1. Ease of use. Any edits can be done in a few clicks. Even laymen would be confused.

2. Free resources. This program is equipped with a media library containing free music, photo, video resources. You don't even need to shoot videos to send your Merry Christmas wishes.

3. Powerful editing tools. FlexClip has all practical editing tools, like video trimmer, background music manager. You are able to make any edits you like to the Christmas video.

Now, go to, then choose a video template or start from scratch to get started.

Step 1 Add your own video clips or photos by clicking the "+" button.

How to Create a Christmas Video - Step 1

Image Board: How to Create a Christmas Video - Step 1

Step 2 On the sidebar, pick any dynamic text you like to add it to the storyboard.

How to Create a Christmas Video - Step 2

Image Board: How to Create a Christmas Video - Step 2

Step 3 Add background music from your computer or the music library by clicking the 'upload' icon under Music section.

How to Create a Christmas Video - Step 3

Image Board: How to Create a Christmas Video - Step 3

Step 4 Preview. If you come up with any ideas to upgrade the video, just get back to the editing page until you are satisfied with the Christmas video.

Final Words

Now, you have made a Christmas video. Share it to the ones that you care most. For any questions, please contact us via Facebook.

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