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Create a Valentine Video for Beloved Ones (with Ideas & Templates)

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Last Updated: Apr. 21, 2020

Summary: No matter you just want to surprise your beloved ones or engage with frequent customers with a Valentine video on 14th Feb. 2020, this blog is what you need. It shows you several valentine video ideas and templates to help you create happy Valentine day video with great ease.

Valentine’s day is about celebrating love and showing affection. On this day, all people are immersed in romantic atmosphere. How to prepare for this sweet day?

Making a Valentine’s Day video is vital. No matter you want to send the Valentine video as a gift or make a happy Valentine day video to boost sale, this kind of video will help get what you want. In this blog, we will show you several Valentine video ideas and templates and detailed steps to make a valentine video. Follow us to get started.

Valentine Video Templates

Valentine’s Day Video

Show how much you love her/him with a heartfelt video. Simple, easy, efficient.

Valentine’s Business Video

Let your gifts spread love to all couples! A Valentine business video can help you boost sales both online and offline.

How to Make A Happy Valentine’s Day Video

Frankly, a lot of video editor can help you out. Our recommendation is FlexClip.

Though a late starter it is, FlexClip has won frame as the best video editor. First, it is easy to operate. All edits can be done in a few clicks. Regardless of your editing skills, you can make perfect outcoming. Besides, FlexClip offers beautiful Valentine's day video templates and rich resources to provide you endless inspirations. Last but not least, it has all professional tools that meet all your needs.

Here are detailed steps of how to make a Valentine’s Day Video.

Step 1 Go to and sign in. An account will be created so that you can store your video or make further edits after saving. Click Get Started – Free button to continue.

Step 2 Click the "+" button on the down left corner, choose Add Photo or Add Video to the storyboard. The videos or photos added to the storyboard will be played chronologically.

Make a Valentine Day Video - Step 2

Image board: Make a Valentine Day Video - Step 2

Step 3 On the sidebar, select Text, you can add text or logo to the storyboard you are in.

Make a Valentine Day Video - Step 3

Image board: Image board: Make a Valentine Day Video - Step 3

Step 4 Select Music, you can add background music, you can also click on the Record button to set the recorded audio as background music.

Make a Valentine Day Video - Step 4

Image board: Make a Valentine Day Video - Step 4

Step 5 Preview and save. Tap on the Preview button on the upper right corner, you can see the final outcoming. Save the video you edited.

Valentine Video Ideas for Your Beloved Ones

Below are several valentine video ideas for your beloved ones. With a little creativity and deep love, you can create the best one. However, before getting started, please get to know what your partner likes, for example, if he is emotional, then make a video that evokes the past. If he is humorous, then make a video that is fun and interesting.

Tell a Story

Each relationship contains a romantic story and making a story-telling valentine video is the easiest. All photos and videos of the past can be very good materials. Get them organized and then place them in chronological order, you have prepared your sweetheart a memory-evoking gift.

Enjoy Happy Moments Together

Whether you two have been together for a short or long time, you are bound to share happy and unforgettable moments together. If you are lucky enough to have photos and videos of these moments, you can bring them back easily.

"I Love You" Shape

For whose partners enjoy simple things, a simple “I Love You” is perfect. Add “I Love You”Shape to your own photos or videos and adjust it to the right font and color that match the valentine day.


Pets nowadays are an inseparable part of our life and they sometimes bring endless joy and fun to us. The sad thing is that they can’t express themselves. Why not say “I love you” in a valentine video for your pets?

Valentine Video Ideas for Your Business

If you are looking forward to boosting sale on this Valentine’s day, here are some ideas.

Show Your Customer Love

Several days before Valentine’s Day, you can start to play a warm and sweet video to remind people of the coming festival. The atmosphere makes people care about it and keeps your brand on customers’mind if they see it. This type of video takes any shape. Simple words with Valentine images will make a good video.

Videos for Social Media

Everyone wants to be popular on social media. Give customers something fun and interesting to share in the festival, your brand will be more famous.

The Bottom Line

With the above valentine video ideas and detailed steps, you can surely surprise your sweetheart and customer. Try FlexClip and you will never regret.

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