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Make 2021 Best Easter HD Videos Online for Free

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
Need an Easter video to deliver your best wishes or invite more people to the Easter party? Check this post out and get the easiest way to create easter videos. Let's get started!

In 2021, Easter falls on April 4th. Even though this festival is religious, it is now more a day of hope. Besides, traditions like egg hunting, Easter Bunny and Easter parades and varieties of conventional foods can always make children excited. Since it is doomed to be a festival full of happiness and joy, why not join the day, create an Easter video to deliver your wishes or invite more people to the Easter party?

Easter Wishes Video Templates

Easter Wishes
Easter Wishes
Use This Template
Happy Easter Wishes
Happy Easter Wishes
Use This Template

Easter Invitation Video Templates

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt
Use This Template
Community Easter Egg Hunt
Community Easter Egg Hunt
Use This Template

Many of you might have been frightened at the first thought of making an Easter video. In fact, as long as you have FlexClip and its Easter video templates, it is just a piece of cake.

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How to Personalize an Easter Video

Step 1
If you want to start an Easter video with empty storyboards, click on Create a Video button directly. For users who want to start with an Easter video template, click on the View Templates button to find the template you like most.
Step 2
Upload all your photos and videos to the Media section and apply them to the storyboard.
Make Funny Easter Videos - Step 2

Make Funny Easter Videos - Step 2

Step 3
Click on Text on the sidebar, you can add dynamic text animations to the video.
Make Funny Easter Videos - Step 3

Make Funny Easter Video - Step 3

Step 4
Set background music by uploading MP3 audio files after clicking the Music tab. You can also use the resources in music library or click the Record button and record your voice.
Make Funny Easter Videos - Step 4

Make Funny Easter Video - Step 4

Step 5
Make other edits. For instance, adding transitions, filters, picture-in-picture, changing video speed.
Step 6
Preview and save. Tap on Preview button to preview your videos while editing in real time. Continue editing or save your work.
1. Before starting, please get all materials organized. This would save you much time.
2. Videos saved to the server can be edited again. You don’t have to upload previously made video again when a re-edit is needed.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to make an Easter day video. With above introduction and detailed steps, you can surely make a nice Easter day video. Give FlexClip a free trial!

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