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Create a Warming eCard for Ones that You Care

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

It is tedious to run to the shop and get only a less satisfying card at the last minute, especially during the holiday season! Even though you have prepared the perfect card in advance, your paper card may not outstand from others. This year, let’s create a warming eCard for beloved ones and make holidays more special. Then how to create a nice ecard?

Lots of free eCard maker online are helpful and pretty easy to use. Yet, in recent years, people prefer receiving cards that are more elegant and dynamic and most eCard makers can create only classic still ones. So, we recommend you FlexClip, a free online eCard maker with numerous birthday, Christmas, New Year, Teacher’s day eCard templates and editing tools. Let's see how to make an eCard with it.

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Free eCard Templates for Birthday/Christmas

Happy Birthday Slideshow
Happy Birthday Slideshow
Use This Template
Christmas Wishes For Friends
Christmas Wishes For Friends
Use This Template

How to Create an eCard Online for Free

It only takes 4 steps to make an eCard on FlexClip with photos and music. Click the Create a Video button to get started. If you have no idea and want to start with an eCard template, click on View Templates button and select one that you like.

Step 1
Add to Storyboards

The background determines the eCard style. The first thing you need to add to your storyboard is a background. FlexClip has numerous eCard backgrounds in Stock Library. Search and find the best one fot you.

Make an eCard - Search for Background

Make an eCard - Search for Background

Also upload photos and videos to the media section if you want them on the eCard.

Make an eCard - Step 1

Make an eCard - Add Storyboard

Step 2
Add Text

Click the Text icon, choose a dynamic text animation you like and enter your sincere wishes.

Make an eCard - Add Text

Make an eCard - Add Text

Step 3
Add Music

Click the Music icon, add a piece of background music you like from the computer or the stock media.

Make an eCard - Add Music

Make an eCard - Add Music

Step 4
Preview, Download and Share

Preview the eCard you created. Make edits if necessary until you are satisfied with the work. Share it online to your beloved ones.

1. Besides these basic features mentioned above, FlexClip has other wonderful features to create eCards, like doing duets, muting video clips, changing the aspect ratio. Have a try!
2. Make sure you only use one background for one eCard and make sure the eCard background matches the theme.
3. Keep the music playing while the background and the text are moving.
4. The frequently used dimension for eCard is 600X450.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, FlexClip is indeed a great eCard maker. It also works as a video editor which helps you create great birthday video, Mother’s day video. Give it a try!

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