Best 5 AI TikTok Video Generators to Try in 2024

Last Updated: 2024. 04. 15
This article shows you 5 AI TikTok video generators to help you create TikTok videos in seconds. Get one AI TikTok video generator to create viral TikTok videos in seconds.

One of the tricks to gain TikTok popularity is constantly uploading high-quality and trendy videos. However, it is always easier to say than be done. Not everyone possesses the time, resources, and expertise to follow this trick. This is where AI TikTok generators kick in.

In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of top AI-driven TikTok video creators, along with their respective strengths and limitations. Additionally, you'll learn key criteria for selecting the most suitable AI TikTok video creator to meet your needs. Let's delve into the details!

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Secrets Revealed Behind AI TikTok Video Generators

In this part, we will see how AI TikTok video generators improve video editing efficiency.

AI TikTok video generators, as the name indicates, use AI algorithms to automate the process of TikTok video editing. The basic technology lies behind is the text-to-video tool. Once you input the video script, the text-to-video tool will analyze the text, search for the most relevant resources from their stock library, and then combine them with simple transitions.

However, a great TikTok video generator is not equal to a great text-to-video generator. It should be optimized for creating vertical videos, equipped with easy-to-use editing tools, and more AI tools to speed up TikTok video generation in many respects.

Family Times Slideshow
Family Times Slideshow
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Travel Slideshow
Travel Slideshow
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Hair Salon Promo
Hair Salon Promo
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1. FlexClip

Whether you feel like creating a vlog, a commercial video, or a fun video to amuse all TikTok audiences, FlexClip offers you fast and accurate generation with the ultimate freedom, as well as a direct way to upload to TikTok.

Create a Video View Templates

FlexClip Text-to-Video Generation

FlexClip offers two text-to-video generation modes, making TikTok video creation a breeze. Simply input a description of the TikTok video you want to make or paste the video script, and FlexClip will automatically curate the perfect combination of photos, video clips, and music to create your video. Additionally, you can easily transform an online blog into a captivating video with just a few clicks. Either mode will bring you fast and stable generation experiences.

Whenever you don't like the script, or the resources FlexClip used, you can easily change the script, replace the photos, videos, and change their duration before the generation is done.

FlexClip Text to TikTok Video
Create a TikTok Video View Templates

FlexClip's TikTok Video Editing Features

After the generation is done, you can freely customize the output with ultimate freedom. Do use the following tools to touch up your AI TikTok video.

  • Basic editing tools like trimming, splitting, adding transitions, filters, color grading.
  • Picture-in-Picture tool that overlays unlimited photos and videos into one scene to bring richer viewing experience.
  • Over 100 video masks, shapes to highlight key items on your videos or photos.
  • Animate your text, images, videos with the right direction, speed, and style.
  • Customizable speed curve to change the video play speed without distorting the video quality or make the video sync with the music beats.
  • FlexClip AI TikTok Video Generator Tool Overview
    Create a TikTok Video View Templates

    Other AI Tools To Speed Up TikTok Video Editing

  • AI Image generation helps you turn ideas into a 720P picture in different styles, like oil painting, vectors, inkpunk, etc, in case you don't have an ideal picture for your TikTok video.
  • AI background remover takes out the main object from the image background in just one click. You will then be able to incorporate it into other photos or images.
  • AI text-to-speech saves you from the trouble of manually doing voiceover. With over 160+ language support, 400 voices, and customizable speed options, style, you can always have the perfect AI narration.
  • AI translation tool makes your TikTok video go global. Effortlessly translate subtitles, or voices to over 60 languages instantly.
  • FlexClip AI Tools Overview


    FlexClip incorporates resources from Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay. You can never go with empty hands with those royalty-free resources!

    Meanwhile, FlexClip has tons of free customizable TikTok video templates that offer you endless inspirations and the shortcut to a satisfying output. Get started with a video template you love and make it yours.

    Daily Quotes
    Daily Quotes
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    Birthday Collage
    Birthday Collage
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    Fashion Promo
    Fashion Promo
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    As an AI TikTok video generator, FlexClip is your stable, effective companion on the journey of becoming TikTok famous. With a large sum of resources, templates, and AI tools that help you in all respects, it truly deserves the fame of the best AI TikTok video generator.

    2. CapCut

    CapCut is developed by ByteDance to encourage users to create videos and upload them to TikTok. Currently, CapCut has evolved itself as an almighty video editor for all purposes, thanks to bountiful AI tools, practical editors, and rich resources.

    CapCut Video Generation Tool

    Step into CapCut with just an idea and walk away with a stunning, eye-catching video masterpiece. Enter only a few keywords or descriptions, AI writer will greet you with top-notch video scripts in mere seconds, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

    We love the fact that CapCut puts all setups before generating a video from the script, including selecting the generation module, aspect ratio, and choosing voiceover. They together ensure all aspects of the video are tailored according to your preferences.

    CapCut's TikTok Video Editing Features

  • Diverse templates, transitions, animations, overlays being used by millions of TikTok users every day. If you are also using them, your video is likely to get more likes and views.
  • Chroma key that removes the pure video background. You can use this feature to create tons of interesting videos, for example, putting videos below the text, changing video background, etc.
  • Motion tracking tool can be used to cover part of a moving item with a blur effect, a sticker, an image, etc.
  • Match cut tool can automatically detect the beats of the music track so that it is easier for you to adjust the video length to the music beats.
  • CapCut AI Text to TikTok Video

    CapCut AI Text to TikTok Video

    Other AI Tools To Speed Up TikTok Video Editing

  • Clip to video that automatically transforms several video clips you uploaded to a whole video, based on prompts.
  • AI characters read out any text on the screen, with the right tone, right language.
  • Long video to shorts tool splits a long video into digestible short clips.
  • Auto caption tool that detects the audio track of your video, with up to 98% accuracy, in 26 languages.
  • Resources

    We must say CapCut has the best overlays, transitions, effects, filters, and even templates, because CapCut is intertwined with TikTok, a social media platform with lots of popular video editing elements. CapCut also offers generous stock photos, and video clips.

    Our Verdict

    CapCut is a versatile AI TikTok video editor working across all devices. All AI tools and editing tools are very practical and handy. Besides, you can use tons of resources that are popular on TikTok.

    The downsides of CapCut lie in language support. The text-to-video tool only supports English, while text-to-speech only supports 26 languages.

    3. Synthesia

    Synthesia is renowned as a platform for crafting AI avatar videos, a trend that has gained significant traction on YouTube. While AI avatar videos are relatively scarce on TikTok, seizing the opportunity to pioneer this content could position you as a trailblazer, especially if you are creating educational and business videos.

    Synthesia Text-to-Video Generation

    Instead of generating an ordinary slideshow with existing clips, Synthesia helps produce more engaging content with 160+ AI avatars in different nationalities and natural voiceover in 140 languages.

    To be the top of its kind, Synthesia uses real actors with their explicit content to train the avatars. No matter which one to go, their lip movements, body gestures will always be natural.

    Synthesia's TikTok Video Editing Features

  • Make very basic video edits like changing text, adding animations, elements.
  • Create videos in different aspect ratios for different video-sharing platforms and devices.
  • Collaboratively work with your colleagues for refined TikTok content.
  • Add body gestures to the avatar, add pauses to the voiceover to make the video look more natural.
  • AI TikTok Video Generator - Synthesia

    AI TikTok Video Generator - Synthesia

    Other AI Tools to Speed Up TikTok Video Editing

  • Create your own digital twins with your own video clips and voices! It is designed in the same style as Synthesia's stock avatars, but captures with your likeness.
  • Translate your video into 70 languages, whether it is audio, or any on-screen elements.
  • Create a video with multiple avatars to simulate realistic conversations.
  • Resources

    Synthesia's resources only include 160 avatars, a library with some elements, and 100+ templates for you to get started quickly. Since Synthesia emphasizes the avatar, those resources are enough.

    Our Verdict

    Synthesia offers unique and effective ways to generate eye-catching TikTok videos. With realistic AI avatars, natural-sounding voiceovers, handy editing tools, anyone can spread ideas easily.

    However, you probably won't feel like trying the voice clone and AI avatar builder. The output would be less satisfying than that of using default avatars.

    4. Pictory

    Pictory is a one-stop AI solution for content marketing. With Pictory, you can finish creating highly engaging content instantly, even without any video editing experiences.

    AI TikTok Video Generator - Pictory

    AI TikTok Video Generator - Pictory

    Pictory's Video Generation Tool

    Pictory wins a place on this list due to multiple generation methods it offered. You can use Pictory to convert a script to video, convert static images to a video, or transform long videos to short clips.

    Pictory's text-to-video tool matches resources from the stock library and makes them a video, while the image-to-video tool creates excellent slideshows with the right transitions and music. Transforming a long video into a short clip will automatically generate a highlight video from any conference recordings.

    Pictory's TikTok Video Editing Features

    Pictory doesn't offer you advanced tools. You can only split the scenes, add voiceover, music, elements, and change text or the subtitle style. It is extremely easy to get started.

    Other AI Tools to Speed Up TikTok Video Editing

  • Make natural sounding voiceover based on the text you've input in high accuracy.
  • Automatically transcribe your video in only several seconds, without worrying about the language support.
  • Editing a video with text. Remove redundant parts of the video by removing the script.
  • Resources

    Pictory only offers you a large stock library with millions of music tracks, photos and video clips, which you can use freely. The shortcoming is, you don't have access to video templates.

    Our Verdict

    Except for text-to-video, Pictory offers you more options to generate AI TikTok videos, including editing videos based on text, summarizing long videos, converting static images to a video. This is rare among all AI TikTok video creators.

    However, we must say the text-to-video output is less satisfying. You don't have the freedom to edit the script, or change the resources before the generation is done.

    5. Simplified

    Picture the magic that has everthing you need while creating a TikTok video, including AI write, AI design, AI edit, transcribe, and share, here comes simplified.

    Simplified's Video Generation Tool

    With a video script, or a simple video idea, Simplified can create a viral video clip instantly with the power of AI. Even though the technology behind is still the text-to-video tool, Simplified always uses the best-looking resources.

    Simplified has two advantages over other AI TikTok video creators. Firstly, Simplified supports 20 languages, while others may only support English. Secondly, you can remain brand consistency by adding logos, selecting brand colors, or choosing text styles.

    Simplified's TikTok Video Editing Features

    Again, Simplified doesn't provide advanced editing tools. The editing tools include trimming, changing text, adding animations, effects, drawing on the video etc. Simplified is extremely easy to catch up with.

    We love the fact that Simplified offers both timeline mode and storyboard mode for users with different skills.

    Other AI Tools to Speed Up TikTok Video Editing

  • Helps you write video scripts and or suggestions, ideas for the script you've written.
  • Excellent AI Image tool that generates images, removes image backgrounds, etc.
  • Convert an image to a video with a simple prompt to show how you want the key object to animate.
  • AI tools to help you generate thumbnails, hashtags, track performances, and respond to videos for all social media platforms.
  • AI TikTok Video Generator - Simplified

    AI TikTok Video Generator - Simplified


    Simplified has a library of millions of music tracks, video clips, and photos. Most importantly, it also comes with lots of icons, shapes, GIFs to make your video more appealing.

    Our Verdict

    With Simplified, you can not only generate a video with texts, add captions to the video, but also generate thumbnails, track performances to make TikTok video generation and upload easier than ever! It can be called a TikTok video generator, as well as a TikTok content management tool.

    FAQ About TikTok Video Generator

    Q1. Can you make TikTok videos with AI?

    Sure. AI can help you make TikTok videos. Take FlexClip as an example, FlexClip can help you generate the video script and turn a script to a video. It can also help you generate images from prompt, add voiceover with AI, automatically add captions.

    Q2. What is the best AI to generate TikTok videos?

    FlexClip is the best AI tool to generate TikTok videos. It provides one-stop service to generate AI videos from generating video script, generating a video from script, auto-captioning, adding voiceover. Give theose tools a try!

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